Is Magnum Pathfinder a Good Choice? – [Magnum Pathfinder Review]

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Magnum Pathfinder Review

  • Price: $1999
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: CST Big Boat, 20″ x 3″
  • Gear: 1×7

What we like about it: The extra-long 390mm seatpost and adjustable 0-90° angle of the handlebars provide the right level of comfort for all riders.

What we don’t like about it: The lack of shock forks and seatposts may cause some discomfort during relatively large vibrations.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Magnum Pathfinder
Magnum Pathfinder

People always want to do something with little effort, so e-bikes are replacing regular bikes for people’s commuting needs. The point is how to find a great e-bike at a low price. For that reason, I found this Magnum Pathfinder. Through testing, I think this e-bike is excellent and able to meet most people’s commuting needs.

Below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications as well as other versions of the Magnum Pathfinder. Also, at the end of the review, we will compare several best bike models. If you want to know more about bike reviews, don’t hesitate to follow us.

Riding Experience

Commuter Riding

I work in downtown Chicago. I used to ride my bike along Lake Michigan to work every day. Although the scenery was beautiful, the roads were too long, and I spent every morning in fatigue. However, after getting this Magnum Pathfinder, everything became different.

The 500W hub-drive motor replaced my feet, giving the bike constant and mighty power. I could feel the wind blowing from the lake, which made me feel relaxed and free.

I cranked the Shimano Altus drivetrain to its maximum gear ratio on a flat road and sped down the road.

Then, on the uphill ahead, I adjusted to the smallest gear ratio so that the LG Cells battery didn’t need to deliver at maximum power consistently.

The Magnum Pathfinder went smoothly up and then down the hill. I held the aluminum handlebars and controlled the whole bike, but I didn’t worry at all about having problems on the high-speed downhill.

The Nutt Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors stopped the bike in time for me from dangerous situations. I didn’t tip over or dump. Conversely, I feel very safe and don’t worry too much about other complicated road conditions.

On the way home at night, the Integrated Front And Rear Lights helped me light the way forward and helped the cars behind me see me.

This Magnum Pathfinder was equipped with front and rear fenders to keep the mud from splashing on me in the rain. The 20″ x 3″ tires kept the bike from slipping in the rain, thus guaranteeing my safety.

In addition, after a long ride and running out of power, I used a 48V/2A charger to charge at home. I found that this Magnum Pathfinder still charged quickly and was able to reduce some of the charging time.

Leisurely Outing

Outings are an activity I do every weekend. In this case, I rode this Magnum Pathfinder to the Chicago suburbs. The bike came with a Center-Mounted Single Side Adjustable Length Kickstand.

With the rear rack, I could carry a very large amount of luggage in total, which made my outing very easy to take all the essentials with me. It also had a water bottle holder, so I could hydrate in time.

In addition, the CST Big Boat, 20″ x 3″ tires could adapt to different road conditions from urban to suburban areas.

The wider tires were able to provide good support and friction even on soft sandy terrain that was difficult to ride. Throughout the ride, I felt the bike was more convenient than ever.


This is an excellent commuter e-bike, available in four colors for riders to choose from. It has 180mm hydraulic disc brakes to provide smooth and powerful braking.

Apart from that, it comes with a 48V/13Ah/624Wh Battery, which is perfectly integrated with the frame and has a very stylish appearance. Ideally, it can travel up to 80km.

In addition, its 20″x 3″ Fat tire absorbs shock and improves stability, providing extra traction, control and comfort on uneven surfaces.

Although the Magnum Pathfinder is only available in one frame size, the extra-long 390mm seatpost and adjustable 0-90° angle provide the rider with excellent comfort.

It is worth noting that this car is currently on sale and can save 500$.


What do we like about it?

  • The extra-long 390mm seat post and adjustable 0-90°angle handlebars provide the right level of comfort for a variety of riders.
  • Magnum Pathfinder’s high-current controller is assembled separately from the battery to reduce heat generation and lower the cost of battery pack replacement.
  • Magnum Pathfinder’s CST Big Boat tires have a very wide width for improved comfort, stability and off-road traction.
  • The exterior cables are nicely laid out and look very clean and fresh.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The lack of suspension forks and dropper seatposts may bring some discomfort in relatively large vibrations.


  • Is Magnum Pathfinder suitable for beginners?

Both beginners and experienced riders can handle it well.

  • What accessories are available for Magnum Pathfinder?

The Magnum Pathfinder has a Sate-Lite one-piece taillight and an unbranded one-piece headlight with aluminum fenders (80 mm wide), a translucent gray plastic chain cover, and a one-piece rear rack.

  • What is the maximum speed that Magnum Pathfinder can reach?

It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25mph.

  • How to choose the right size?

The e-bike sizing chart is as follows:

These sizes are only a general guide The true fit may vary from person to person, and the easiest way to find your size is to go for a test ride.

Rider heightSIZE
3’11” +15″



FrameAluminum Alloy
ForkRigid Aluminum Alloy, Boost 110mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Threaded Axle with 15mm Nuts
HeadsetIntegrated, Sealed, Threadless, Straight 1-1/8″
StemAluminum Alloy, Adjustable Angle 0° to 90°, 90mm Length, 60mm Base Height, One 25mm Tapered Base Spacer, Two 10mm Spacers, One 5mm Spacer, 25.4mm Handlebar Clamp Diameter
HandlebarAluminum Alloy, Low Rise, 600mm Length
SaddleVelo Gel Comfort (Optional Upgrade Program)
SeatpostZoom, Aluminum Alloy, Single Bolt Clamp
PedalsVP-536, K1283 Wide Plastic Platform with Reflectors
GripsFlat Rubber, Pressure Fit, Half-Grip on Right for Twist Throttle


CrankForged Aluminum Alloy, 165mm Length Crank Arms, Square Tapered Spindle, 44 Tooth Steel Chainring with Plastic Cover
ShiftersShimano SIS Index Thumb Shifter on Right (Optional NuVinci Grip Twist on Right Bar)
Cassette7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Altus Derailleur, Shimano FWD-702 14-28 Tooth Freewheel
BrakesNutt Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Nutt Four-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors and Adjustable Length


RimsAluminum Alloy, Double Wall, 50mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black
SpokesStainless Steel, 12 Gauge, Black with Adjustable Nipples
TiresCST Big Boat, 20″ x 3″ (76-406)

Electric Components

MotorWeight: 7 lbs (3.17 kg), Brand: 48V Brushless Geared, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 500 watts
BatteryWeight: 9 lbs (4.08 kg), Brand: LG (Optional Panasonic), Voltage: 48 volts, Amp Hours: 13 ah, Watt Hours: 624 wh, Chemistry: Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (Li-NCM)

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick to viewTiresDrivelineFrame materialComponents
Canyon Precede:ON 5 step-throughClick ViewSchwalbe G-One Allround 57mm1×11AluminumShimano Deore
Kona EcocoClick ViewWTB Horizon Comp Puncture Protect 650x47c1×9AluminumShimano Alivio,Acera
Blix Packa GenieClick ViewCST C1381, 24″ x 2.4″1×7AluminumShimano
REID Urban+ eBikeClick ViewContact Speed 700 x 42C1×9AluminumShimano Altus,Acera

Magnum Pathfinder VS Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through

2023 Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through
Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through

The Magnum Pathfinder weighs a little more than the Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through. The heavier e-bike will give the rider some trouble during the ride after the power runs out.

In contrast, the Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through has a 1×11 Drivetrain with smoother gearing and a wider range of shifts, allowing the rider to choose different gear ratios and ride at different speeds in different situations.

Moreover, Magnum Pathfinder can reach up to 25 mph with Pedal Assist, 20 mph with Throttle, but Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through can reach up to 28mph.

So if you want to ride faster, Canyon Precede: ON 5 step-through can satisfy you. If you don’t have a big budget, the Magnum Pathfinder, which is $600 cheaper, is more suitable for you.

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Magnum Pathfinder vs Kona Ecoco

Kona Ecoco
Kona Ecoco

The Magnum Pathfinder has a 500W hub-drive motor, while the Kona Ecoco is equipped with a Shimano 250W 60Nm mid-drive.

A mid-drive motor balances the bike and improves efficiency, allowing for longer rides while being lighter in weight than a rear-drive motor. But it comes with a somewhat more expensive price tag.

Rear drive motors have less overall gear pressure and are cheaper. But spokes may break due to torque and are more difficult to climb due to heavier weight and uneven power output.

 The Kona Ecoco has a 1×9 drivetrain, so if you want more range and smoother shifts, the Kona Ecoco is perfect for you; if you want a lighter and more efficient motor, the Magnum Pathfinder is the way to go.

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Magnum Pathfinder vs Blix Packa Genie

Blix Packa Genie
Blix Packa Genie

Magnum Pathfinder has Panasonic 624Wh battery. Compared to the Blix Packa Genie equipped with Panasonic 614Wh battery, the former has a little more range.

In addition, the Blix Packa Genie is heavier than the Magnum Pathfinder. A heavier weight with a smaller battery capacity, which I don’t think is a very good design, can cause more trouble for the rider when the power runs out.

And Magnum Pathfinder has an aluminum fork, while Blix Packa Genie has a steel fork. The flexibility of the aluminum fork will be more robust. But Blix Packa Genie has a wheel size of 24″, which is larger than Magnum Pathfinder’s 20″, and this will bring better passability.

The Magnum Pathfinder is better if you want a more extended range. If you want better passability, I would recommend the Blix Packa Genie.

Magnum Pathfinder VS REID Urban+ eBike

REID Urban+ eBike
REID Urban+ eBike

The Magnum Pathfinder is equipped with a 500W hub-drive motor, while the REID Urban+ eBike is equipped with a Shimano 250W 40Nm mid-drive.

The former, with Panasonic 624Wh, is able to travel very long distances at very fast speeds.

However, the Magnum Pathfinder 1×7 drivetrain will limit the shifting mechanism of this bike, and the heavier weight will give the rider a bigger obstacle when there is no power.

 In addition, the REID Urban+ eBike has a lighter weight of 41.1 lbs. 418Wh does not provide a very long range, but it is enough for an e-bike of this weight.

In short, if you want a very long range, you’d be better off with the Magnum Pathfinder. Or, if you prefer a lighter bike, the REID Urban+ eBike will be more desirable.


These are our full reviews of the Magnum Pathfinder, a very good commuter e-bike that provides a very comfortable ride during one’s commute. All together we give it a high score of 4.7.

Of course, if you’re interested in exploring other commuter e-bikes, we have reviewed a variety of bikes at different price points that you might find interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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