Is Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Worth Buying? [Reviews]

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Cycling is a much more enjoyable sport than jogging, which has become one of the most rewarding sports to participate in since the epidemic. If you are a student or a commuter looking for a commuter bike, a beautiful and functional Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike is a great model to consider.

Huffy Nel Lusso
Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike

Hello and welcome to the Best Bike Select blog. This is an in-depth examination of the Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike. If you are interested in this bike, please continue to follow us.

What are the characteristics of the Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike? What are the specifications and advantages and disadvantages of the Huffy Nel Lusso bike? Are there any other models that can be used in its place?

I’ll answer each of these questions one by one.

What are the features of Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike?

Beautiful appearance

Huffy 26 Nel Lusso women's cruiser bike
Huffy Nel Lusso Womens Cruiser Bike

Perhaps this is also a feature of many women’s bikes; after all, how can you have more charm if you don’t have a beautiful appearance?

Personally, I like the 26 Huffy Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike banana yellow, which is a more sophisticated banana yellow that is easier to match with travel clothing and accessories.

The frame of this classic women’s bike is also full of retro style, if you like retro style design, then Huffy Nel Lusso’s classic cruiser bike is in the right place.

Sturdy steel frame

Despite its low price of less than $300, the Huffy 26 Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike is equipped with a sturdy steel frame that will be very sturdy and durable during riding.

The steel frame is a strong material that is not easily damaged. Even if it lasts from your student days to your middle age, it can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years.

Single Speed

Huffy Nel Lusso women's cruiser bike

Despite the fact that this is not a multi-speed bike, there is no shift operation while riding. However, just as complex machines are prone to damage, simple machines can be kept for an extended period of time.

The advantage of a single-speed is that it is not easily damaged and is simple to master. The Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike has a BMX-style bike configuration that makes it extremely easy for women who don’t know how to ride a bike to learn.

Big Tires

Huffy Nel Lusso bike

The wide tires are not ideal for fast riding, but they are excellent for ensuring a stable ride. The pale yellow tires stand out against the usual black tires, but perhaps for aesthetic reasons. Of course, these details are a little exaggerated in comparison to the norm.

Swept-back handlebars for upright riding

As a comfort bike, there are many shapes of handlebars, but the Huffy Nel Lusso girls cruiser uses a dual-density handlebar and swept-back position to keep a slack back even when riding upright. Maybe slower is also a life, and safer.

Soft seat

Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser

The saddle’s shape is ergonomically designed, with a lower center of gravity, and the cloth seat is also very breathable, distributing body weight evenly and reasonably to the soft cushion.

The seat’s bottom is equipped with shock-absorbing springs to ensure that long rides are comfortable.

Fender and chain cover

Huffy Nel Lusso girls cruiser

Riding on any road, rain or shine. The Huffy 26 Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike comes with front and rear fenders and a plastic chain cover to keep the rain and dust away from you.

A wide range of accessories

Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike

In comparison to other brands of bikes that have front and rear blue storage racks. The Huffy 26 Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike then includes a smartphone holder and a drink cup holder in addition to these accessories.

A comfortable ride necessitates a more diverse entertainment life, and if I have the opportunity to meet the designer of this bike, I must emphasize these benefits.

The drink cup holder is located on the handlebars, making it simple to insert the drinking cup, and it is universal, not that special cup. The phone holder is useful for navigation, and you can connect your wireless headphones to listen to music while riding.

No brakes?

In fact, the Huffy 26 Nel Lusso has no alloy line brake, coaster brake is very easy to use, no need to think about adjusting the brake, and no overly complicated brake device, it is the type of brake designed for simplicity and practicality. The braking effect is also very good; however, when driving quickly, you must still pay attention to safety.

Pros and Cons of Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser Bike


  • Affordable price
  • Nice classic vintage style body design
  • Easy to master the ride
  • Steel frame, strong and durable
  • Plenty of accessories for daily riding


  • Heavy weight
  • The quality of the chain is average

Huffy Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike Specs

Bicycle TypeCruiser Bike
Frame materialSteel
Frame Typestep-thru frame
Speed Number1-speed
Brakescoaster brake
Recommended UsersFemale
Tire Size26-inch
ManufacturerHuffy Bicycle Co
Part Number56579P7
Riding StyleUpright
Suitable heightRiders over 5’0″
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)69.70 x 24.30 x 41.00 Inches
Load-bearing300 lbs
ColorBlue、Light Blue、Yellow

Related Questions

  • What is the Huffy Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike for?

The Huffy Nel Lusso is best suited to female riders over the age of 13. Even though it has 26″ tires, it is easy to ride with 5’0″ because it requires a relatively low height. It is also appropriate for adults who have never ridden a bicycle before.

Although there are fewer users in this segment, BMX bikes are particularly difficult to ride and can be mastered very quickly with a light and fast ride with assistance.

For adults who need to commute, choosing public transportation for a 2-10 mile commute is not the best option, a bike that is comfortable to ride, both for exercise and for a comfortable ride during the commute.

  • Does the Huffy Nel Lusso women’s perfect fit frame cruiser really ride comfortably?

When I read all of the reviews, I found 1 and 2-star ratings, with almost no negative comments about not being able to ride comfortably. Of course, based on the appearance of the bike, the body color is even more beautiful than the picture, and the ride is simply very comfortable, followed by some accessories to ensure a comfortable ride, which is also discussed above.

Overall, the Huffy Nel Lusso is a bike that can be ridden comfortably.

  • What is the weight of Huffy Nel Lusso women’s cruiser bike?

52 lbs.

  • Are Huffy cruiser bikes good?

If you’re new to cycling, Huffy cruiser bikes would be a great choice.

Bicycle Comparison

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizeSpeed NumberPrice
Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s BikeSteel26-Inch7Click View
Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser BikeSteel26-Inch1/3/7/21Click View
Schwinn Perla Women’s Cruiser BikeSteel26-Inch7Click View
Kent, 26″ Ladies Seachange, Beach Cruiser BicycleSteel26-Inch1Click View


If you are looking for more comfortable bike options, we have made some simple comparisons of the bikes we are comparing and hope to be of more help when you are choosing.

Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike VS Huffy Nel Lusso classic cruiser bike

schwinn cabo cruiser women's bike
Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike

Both of these have a steel frame and a nice-looking, comfortable bike that can stay upright. The Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike, on the other hand, has seven speeds.

The tires are also the same beige color as the Huffy Nel Lusso, and I believe they are manufactured by the same company. The Nel Lusso does not have a bell as an accessory, whereas the Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike does.

Without overthinking these benefits, if you live in an area with a lot of up and down hills, choose the Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike for a more comfortable ride on hills. If you’re riding on flat city streets, the Huffy Nel Lusso’s low price will beat the Schwinn Cabo.

Learn more: Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike Review

Schwinn Perla Women’s Cruiser Bike VS Huffy Nel Lusso

Schwinn Perla Women's Cruiser Bike
Schwinn Perla Women’s Cruiser Bike

This bike’s comparison point is similar to the Schwinn Cabo comparison point. The key to comparing these two bikes when choosing them is whether you prefer a 7-speed bike or are content with a single-speed bike.

The Schwinn Perla comfort bike has fewer accessories and is well worth considering if you like the Huffy Nel Lusso with more accessories. However, the Schwinn Perla is available in a different colorway than the Huffy Nel Lusso and weighs approximately 15 pounds less.

Kent, 26″ Ladies Seachange VS Huffy Nel Lusso

Kent, 26" Ladies Seachange
Kent, 26″ Ladies Seachange

The Kent, 26″ Ladies Seachange is a single-speed, BMX-style cruiser bike as well. So in terms of design, the Kent 26″ Ladies Seachange seems to be more suitable for youth. The clean and crisp body mechanism, the easy-to-ride low straddle frame, the easy-to-ride seat, and the rear skimmer handlebars.

Consider the Kent 26″ Ladies Seachange if you’re looking for a rideable bike for your daughter or granddaughter. If you’re riding by yourself, the Huffy Nel Lusso is a good option because it comes in more colorways and has more accessories.


The Huffy Nel Lusso classic cruiser bike with a perfect fit frame makes riding an enjoyable experience, whether you’re riding to class, work, or spending time with family and friends. The upright and comfortable riding position can also reduce body fatigue and stretch out the sedentary body.

The exterior color is stunning, and the body, which lacks any alloy wire winding, has a simple aesthetic. The Huffy Nel Lusso classic cruiser bike is a great bike to consider if you are looking for an affordable bike that is easy to handle and can be used for holiday cruising.

For the latest pricing, you can check it out by clicking the link below.


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