Is Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Worth Buying? [Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Review]

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Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Review

  • Price: $2,290
  • Category: Fitness bikes
  • Tires: 700 x 32c
  • Drivetrain: 2X11

What we like about it: The excellent geometric design, more aerodynamic, with the application of high-end components makes the performance even better. There is also the application of a carbon frame to bring a lighter ride and feel the fun of fitness in the ride.

What we don’t like about it: The need to equip yourself with pedals.

Rating (4.7/5)

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1

As a well-known bike brand, Giant is always making new attempts. In the past few years, in addition to updates for mountain trail bikes, it has also launched some road bikes. And today we are going to talk about the main character a fitness bike.

The full carbon frame with a carbon fork makes the body weight only 9.8kg. In addition, the 700×32C size tires allow it to roll fast on the road. Moreover, the 2×11 drivetrain provides an effective boost in speed.

It effectively combines the speed of a high-performance road bike with the stability of a flat bike, giving you an unparalleled riding experience.

So let me introduce you to the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 in more detail, I’ll be looking at its fitness riding, city commuting, key features, main components, and other versions.

If you want to learn more about other aspects, welcome to follow us, we will keep updating.

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Fitness Cycling

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Fitness Cycling

I love cycling so much that I have made daily fitness rides a part of my life. When I got this Giant FastRoad Advanced 1, I was excited to see what it would do.

I have to say it is a great exercise bike. The carbon frame surprised me as soon as I was ready to start my ride. The extremely light weight made it feel lighter as soon as I got on the bike, making my ride more effortless. It also paved the way for me to be able to ride 50 miles.

And, I was even more impressed with the use of the D-Fuse composite seat post, which absorbs the full sensation of bumps on the road. Coupled with the Giant Approach saddle, I just want to say, “My friend, can you imagine sitting on a couch? This is it!” By the way, if you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, you can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts. It is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

The comfort of the ride allowed me to ride longer distances than ever before and the 2×11 drivetrain gave me a great experience in terms of speed. I rode along this sparsely populated trail and felt the breeze hit me. As the setting sun shone down on my body and sweat whipped off my back, I felt my whole being uplifted.

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Urban Commuting

As an exercise bike, it’s certainly not just for exercise, I’m also used to using it for my daily commute.

On city roads, the 700×32C size tires it comes with worked well. And, the smooth tread allows it to roll fast on the road, with enough traction to make my ride faster.

For the past few weeks, I have been riding it for my commute to work. This has reduced my commute time considerably, so in the morning I was able to sleep a little more.

Riding in the city, pedestrians are perhaps the biggest distraction, so I need to stay focused to avoid hitting them. That’s where its TRP TKD-84 hydraulic disc brakes showcase its performance. The powerful braking ability allows me to stop immediately, while the standing height of 741mm is just right for me. This makes it very convenient for me to stop without having to get off the bike.

In addition, the design of the straight handle makes my arms more open, so I feel very comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that I get a lot of stares on my way to work every day. Its beautiful appearance attracts the attention of passers-by, which makes me feel very satisfied.

Main Features

Frame Group

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1

As I mentioned above, the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 has a very nice exterior design. The black paint color gives it a very understated look, and the solid color design fits my aesthetic. But again, it’s only available in this style, which may not satisfy everyone’s needs.

At the same time, the cable is threaded through the head tube. This internal alignment design makes the bike look very clean and tidy overall, and it also protects the cable wires very well.

In addition, its frame is made of Giant’s premium composite material. The carbon frame is set up to give it a light, responsive character that makes your ride easier.

It is worth mentioning that the water bottle mounting holes are set at its down tube and seat tube. And I often worry about the lack of water sources when I ride in fitness, the design of two water bottle holders makes me very happy.


In addition to its superior performance, this Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 is equally good in terms of geometry design. The geometry of the frame has been specifically designed to give a balanced feel. And it combines stable flat bar positioning with speed and road acceleration.

The steep head tube angle (72°) gives you a more responsive steering ability, even in some corners, and can cope well and nicely. Meanwhile, the 73° seat tube angle makes your pedaling more efficient.

Also, the standing height of 741mm was just right for me and I was able to stand and park with ease.

All in all, great geometry for a more comfortable ride, and this bike certainly meets my requirements for an exercise bike.

Components and Specifications

TRP TKD-84 Brake

In terms of brake choice, Giant uses this TRP TKD-84 brake. There is no doubt that the powerful braking ability can fully guarantee your riding safety.

It is well known that hydraulic disc brakes have more responsiveness in the process of use. You only need a slight finger pressure, and it will respond quickly and swiftly.

In addition, it also has good heat dissipation performance. In this test, we specifically tested its braking performance. Even after repeated use on steep ramps, it responded quickly and brought the bike to a steady stop.

Giant Gavia Fondo 2 Tires

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Giant Gavia Fondo 2 Tires

Honestly, the application of the Gavia Fondo 2 tires is the highlight of this bike. Whether it’s a flat road or in wet conditions, it copes well and nicely.

With RR-E composite material and Race Shield puncture protection, it gives you the freedom to navigate through some complex terrain. And it also provides excellent grip and traction on some rough terrain, so you can ride faster.

Moreover, this tire also adopts the tubeless system, which can effectively reduce the air pressure, thus reducing the vibration generated during the ride and bringing a smoother ride.

Shimano 105 Drivetrain

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Shimano 105 Drivetrain

For fitness bikes, the demand for speed is still high, and the Shimano 105 derailleur is well-suited to meet your needs.

Primarily, the 2×11 shifting options give you the freedom to choose when riding, while enough gears allow you to tackle more terrain. You may be concerned that it’s a bit complicated to operate, but my actual riding tells me not to worry.

In addition, it has sensitive responsiveness and smooth shift speed to make you more comfortable while riding.

Other versions of Giant FastRoad

Other versions of Giant FastRoad

In this ride, we tested this Giant FastRoad, Advanced 1, in addition to its other versions.

This Giant FastRoad Advanced 2 has the same geometry as it, and that makes for the same comfortable position you have when riding.

In addition, and the choice of materials, the application of a carbon frame and fork, greatly reduces the weight of the body. At the same time, it also has a guarantee of quality and can face some rough terrain.

Of course, the components are slightly different. The first is the 2×10 drivetrain, which has fewer shifting options. And the brakes are Tektro HD-R210 hydraulic disc brakes, which fully protect your riding safety.

If you still want to know more about the Giant FastRoad series, you can follow us. We will keep updating, and your attention is our greatest motivation to update.

What we like about it

  • Aerodynamic geometry design to improve your riding speed.
  • The application of a carbon frame, more relaxed when riding.
  • D-Fuse composite seat post, effectively absorbing vibrations in the road.
  • 2×11 shifting options so you can tackle more terrain.
  • Giant Gavia Fondo 2 tires for a stable and fast ride.

What we don’t like about it

  • Need to configure your pedals.


  • What is the front fork of the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1?

The fork of Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 is Advanced-Grade Composite.

  • What are the tires on the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1?

The Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 has Giant Gavia Fondo 2 tires.

  • What are the brakes on the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1?

The Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 has TRP TKD-84 brakes.

  • Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 size chart
Size  Rider height
SM 160 – 171 CM
MD 169 – 180 CM
MD/LG 175 – 185 CM
LG 180 – 191 CM
XL 189 – 200 CM

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1Specs


Frame Advanced-Grade Composite, disc BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit Color: Carbon / Chrome
Fork Advanced-Grade Composite, alloy OverDrive steerer, disc
Rear Shock N/A
Bottom Bracket Shimano, press fit
Stem Giant Contact
Handlebar Giant Connect flat, 31.8
Saddle Giant Approach, UniClip accessory mount
Seatpost Giant D-Fuse, composite
Pedals Platform


Rear Derailleur Shimano 105
Front Derailleur Shimano 105
Crank Shimano RS510, 34/50
Shifters Shimano RS700
Cassette Shimano HG700, 11-speed, 11×34
Chain KMC X11EL-1
Brakes TRP TKD-84 hydraulic, 140mm
Brake Levers TRP TKD-84


Rims Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset
Spokes Sapim Race
Front Hub Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset, 12mm thru-axle
Rear Hub Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset, 12mm thru-axle
Tires Giant Gavia Fondo 2, tubeless, 700x32c


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Specialized Sirrus 4.0 $1,500 2×9 Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc 700×32C Click View
Canyon Roadlite CF 8 $1,999 2×11 Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc 700C/650b×30c Click View
Scott Metrix 10 £1,999 2×11 Shimano BR-RS405 hydraulic disc 700 x 40c Click View
Cannondale Quick 1 $1,625 2×11 Shimano MT201-UR300 hydraulic disc 700×32C Click View

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 vs Specialized Sirrus 4.0

Specialized Sirrus 4.0

As a fitness bike, the Specialized Sirrus 4.0 uses a 2×9 drivetrain for its gearing. While riding, you can feel it gives you a great experience on speed, whether on the road or in the wild trails, it can cope well and nicely.

However, it is still slightly inferior to Giant FastRoad Advanced 1. Because of the 2×11 drivetrain, it has more options for shifting. And the Giant Approach saddle offers great comfort on long rides, making your ride much easier.

To be honest, I prefer this Giant FastRoad Advanced 1, which gives me a much better riding experience.

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 vs Canyon Roadlite CF 8

Canyon Roadlite CF 8

Compared to the Giant FastRoad, Advanced 1, this Canyon Roadlite CF 8 is more aggressive in geometry. It has a higher seat tube length and stand-up height. If you’re not as tall, it may cause some inconvenience when riding.

At the same time, the longer forward reach makes it bend more when riding, enhancing its travel speed. However, it is still difficult to maintain a bent-over position when riding long distances.

If you want a fitness bike that you ride often and for a decent distance each time, then this Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 would be a great choice.

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Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 vs Scott Metrix 10

Scott Metrix 10

This Scott Metrix 10 comes with the same high-end components. I can honestly say that both bikes gave me a great riding experience when I was riding them.

The same carbon frame application is similar in weight. And the extremely light material makes your ride more effortless. Also, the same 2×11 drivetrain can cope with more terrain.

Of course, the brakes are not the same brakes used by both, but they are excellent in terms of performance.

But the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 offers a maximum of 34T gearing to better handle the climbs. The Scott Metrix 10, on the other hand, has only 32T.

Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 vs Quick 1

Cannondale Quick 1

If you asked me what I would look for when choosing a bike, I would answer that its choice of materials is important.

The application of a carbon frame will make the body lighter and more assured in quality, making your ride easier. This Cannondale Quick 1, on the other hand, is made of aluminum.

Of course, Cannondale has always had the title of the king of aluminum frames, and you can be completely assured of the quality.

When I compared the two bikes, I found that the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 was more able to absorb the vibrations from the road. This is due to its D-Fuse composite seat post, which makes my ride more comfortable.

If you’re like and I love carbon materials and are looking for a superior riding experience, then you should try this Giant FastRoad Advanced 1.

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