Is Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Worth Buying? [Cannondale Bad Boy Series Review]

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The Cannondale bad boy series is Cannondale’s line of hybrid bikes. This series includes Cannondale bad boy 1, Cannondale bad boy 2, Cannondale bad boy 3, and Cannondale bad boy 4. The Cannondale bad boy 4 has been discontinued in 2018.

Cannondale bad boy 1
cannondale badboy 1

The bad boy 1 was the subject of our review and our testers rode the Cannondale bad boy 1. Learn about the features of the Cannondale bad boy 1, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Because this series of bikes have a lot of similarities. We will also compare the Cannondale badboy 1 with other models in the Cannondale bad boy series. Of course, all this is to find out if the Cannondale bad boy 1 is worth buying.

If you want to know more about the Cannondale bad boy series. You can refer to the following content.

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Cannondale bad boy 1 features

SmartFormed Framework (4.5/5)

Cannondale bad boy, SmartFormed Framework

The SmartFormed frame is a technical frame that is at the heart of Cannondale’s competition. It keeps the thickness of the tubes that make up the frame uniform, concentrating material precisely where it is needed to maximize stiffness and strength, while removing every gram of excess weight from the structure.

Simply put, it allows the frame to be intelligently reinforced in locations that are prone to damage, keeping the entire frame strong while also reducing body weight. The Cannondale bad boy 1 uses the SmartForm C1 Alloy frame. The other uses the SmartForm C2 Alloy frame. What are the different features of the Cannondale bad boy 1 frame?

The first is that the whole series is made of matte black paint, full of mysterious black, which is also the favorite color of many boys. Of course, this includes “boys” over 40 years old.

It has a silicone bumper at the top tube on the left and right. As the name of the series, the random parking, so that male riders more casual. It can also be easily leaned against a wall or car without scratching the bike’s paint.

A glossy finish is made at the seat post, which can alert cars when you encounter a light source when riding at night, suggesting that you are a bike being ridden on the road. This improves the safety of riding at night.

Next are the two water bottle holder mounts, meaning you travel short distances without having to bring extra extra water in your backpack. With an aggressive 70° head tube angle, riders can be able to ride fast at 35 mph on flat roads.

Overall, the entire frame design is relatively traditional, with some comfort optimizations in some details that make it more suitable for city block riding.

Front Fork (4.5/5)

Cannondale bad boy 1, Front Fork

The highlight of the Cannondale bad boy series of bikes is the Lefty LightPipe rigid fork. This weird fork gives the bike a different look.

So, the Cannondale bad boy has a polarized opinion. Riders who like the fork feel that the design is lighter and has a maverick look that gives them more personality. Others who don’t like the lefty design say it’s just a gimmick and that the lefty design doesn’t do much good.

I won’t comment on either of these statements because those who like it can find a way to own the bike and those who don’t like it can choose another model.

Let’s start here with the features of the bad boy 1 equipped with this fork.

The Cannondale bad boy 1’s fork has an integrated SuperNova LED strip with a button on the top of the fork. The light is not particularly strong. Then there is the USB rechargeable battery, which can be easily removed. No specific tests have been done on how long the battery can be lit (sorry!).

Such a device can facilitate night riding. With the reflection of the frame, it is safer to ride at night.

Gates drivetrain (4.5/5)

Gates drivetrain

Such a drivetrain is very new. I wonder if it will become a popular trend.

The 1X8 drivetrain with Shimano Alfine Rapidfire Shifters provides plenty of gear range when riding in city neighborhoods.

Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal cog hub, a precision component with Gates belt drive that gives the rider a more artistic feel for city riding.

The Gates Carbon belt drive, when ridden, is virtually silent. This is much appreciated by riders who don’t like chain buzz.

Tires (4.1/5)

The Cannondale bad boy 1 is equipped with the WTB Byway, 650b x 40c. This 27.5 inch medium size tire makes it easier for riders of all heights to ride.

This WTB Byway is a solid riding speed and traction tire. Not only does it provide enough traction when riding fast, but the tread pattern around the tire does a great job of keeping the ride stable. In fact, this tire configuration makes it comparable to some gravel road bikes.

Certainly the rest of the Cannondale bad boy 1’s configuration keeps its performance on gravel surfaces from being perfect. But it’s a novel riding experience.

Shimano MT400 hydraulic disc (4.3/5)

Cannondale bad boy 1

Shimano MT400 hydraulic disc is Shimano’s mid to high end hydraulic disc brake product. And it has features such as more accurate braking and less prone to damage.

It is a powerful brake that makes you feel the power of this brake for fast riding in bad conditions, or long downhill ground.

Handlebar, Seatpost (4.0/5)

Cannondale Handlebar, Seatpost

The Cannondale bad boy 1 has a long handlebar of 680 mm and a slightly adjustable design with 18 mm rise, 8° rearward, and 4° upward. This is ideal for riders with wide shoulders.

Although I’m not a fan of the Cannondale’s available mounts, the sandwich-style handlebar is compatible with a phone mount, but it’s easier to install.

The seat post also has an integrated USB rechargeable LED light. It makes it even cooler for night riding.

Cannondale bad boy 1 Specs


Bottom BracketThun Zumba
ChainGates Carbon Drive, CDX Centertrack, 113T
CrankGates S150, Gates Belt Drive CDX sprocket 46T
Rear CogsGates, CDX, 22T
ShiftersShimano Alfine Rapidfire, 8-speed


ForkLefty LightPipe rigid, integrated SuperNova LED lightstrip, USB rechargeable battery, 1-1/8″ steerer
FrameSmartForm C1 Alloy, integrated Urban Armor bumper, BSA, 1-1/8″ headtube, sliding dropout
HeadsetFSA Cartridge Bearing


Front HubLefty 50 front
Front TireWTB Byway, 650b x 40c
Rear HubShimano Alfine 8-speed internal rear
Rear TireWTB Byway, 650b x 40c
RimsCannondale, double wall w/eyelets, 32h
SpokesStainless Steel, 14g
Tire Size40
TiresWTB Byway, 650b x 40c
Wheel Size27.5


Brake LeversShimano MT401 hydraulic disc
BrakesShimano MT400 hydraulic disc, 160/160mm RT26/RT30 rotors


GripsFabric Silicone Cell
HandlebarCannondale Riser, 6061 Alloy, 18mm rise, 8° back, 4° up, 680mm
SaddleFabric Scoop Radius Elite, cro-mo rails
SeatpostLightSkin w/ integrated rear LED light, 31.6, USB Rechargeable
StemBad Boy Si, integrated sandwich stem, 65mm

Advantages of Cannondale bad boy 1

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Left-handed front fork
  • Comfortable medium-sized tires
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • LED lights for night riding
  • Virtually silent belt drive for more enjoyable adventure riding

What we don’t like about it

  • Hard seat

Cannondale bad boy 1 other versions

We have made a full comparison of Cannondale bad boy 1 2017, Cannondale bad boy 1 2018, Cannondale bad boy 1 2019, Cannondale bad boy 1 2020, Cannondale bad boy 1 2021.

In terms of components, not many upgrades have been made. But the selling price is gradually increasing in each year. This is not a thing to be happy about for our riders.

From our investment point of view, its early version of the used Cannondale bad boy 1 will sell for a much higher price point. When you want to replace your bike, this bike can fetch a good price.


  • What is the body weight of Cannondale bad boy 1?

26.8 lbs

Cannondale bad boy 1 frame Size Chart

Frame sizeSuitable height
  • What is the price of Cannondale bad boy 1?

The guide price as of press time is $2,300.

Comparison Table

BicycleFrame materialWheel sizeSpeed NumberPrice
Cannondale bad boy 2SmartForm C2 Alloy650b x 40c18Click View
Cannondale bad boy 3SmartForm C2 Alloy650b x 40c16Click View
Cannondale bad boy 4SmartForm C2 Alloy650b x 35c27Click View
Trek Verve 3 DiscAluminum700x45c18Click View


Cannondale bad boy 2 vs Cannondale bad boy 1

Cannondale bad boy 2
Bad Boy 2

Except for some differences in drivetrain and frame material, Cannondale bad boy 2 and Cannondale bad boy 1 are the same configuration, including the detailed components.

Cannondale bad boy 2 uses a 2X9 traditional chain drive system, which includes Shimano MT210 Crank, 46/30, KMC Z9, 9-speed Chain, microSHIFT Dual Pull Compact Front Derailleur Front Derailleur Sunrace, 11-32, 9-speed Rear Cogs.

Each of these components is not as valuable as the Cannondale bad boy 1 Gates drivetrain. But it’s a relatively practical combination.

So if you don’t hate the hum of the chain when the bike rides, the Cannondale bad boy 2 is a very cost effective hybrid bike.

The Cannondale bad boy 1’s drivetrain configuration is designed to allow riders on a bigger budget to enjoy a fun and healthy experience on a casual city ride.

Cannondale bad boy 3 vs Cannondale bad boy 1

Cannondale bad boy 3
Bad Boy 3

This is a slightly inferior frame material and process than the SmartForm C1 alloy frame. However, it is also capable of accompanying the rider on the bike for more than 10 years.

The Cannondale bad boy 3 is one of the best deals in the Cannondale bad boy series currently on sale.

The drivetrain is a bit simpler than the Cannondale bad boy 2, with a 2X8 drivetrain. The fork and seat post LED lamps are also not included in the package.

Finally, there is a slight downgrade of some components, which does not affect the overall riding experience. But the price is $1000 less than the Cannondale bad boy 1.

One of the better choices for riders on a budget is the low-profile Cannondale bad boy 3.

Cannondale bad boy 4 vs Cannondale bad boy 1

Cannondale bad boy 4
Bad Boy 4

This is a low end Cannondale bad boy hybrid bike that was only produced in small numbers for 2017 and 2018. Maintains the same frame design as the Cannondale bad boy.

But with a full Shimano Altus 3X9 drivetrain. 2018 MSRP $759. Arguably the most cost effective bike in the series.

With its Schwalbe Kojak Performance 650x35c tires, it will be less comfortable to ride in the street than the Cannondale bad boy 1.

Trek Verve 3 Disc vs Cannondale bad boy 1

Trek Verve 3 Disc
Trek Verve 3 Disc

The Trek Verve 3 Disc is currently the strongest competitor to the Cannondale bad boy 1. Both are hybrid bikes that seek a high level of comfort and ride.

What has been done to optimize the Trek Verve 3 Disc? It comes with a suspension seatpost so that the small bumps of city riding don’t affect the rider’s mood. Then there’s the ability to ride in an upright position with 45c wider tires for added riding stability.

More expensive Cannondale bad boy 1 is the core drivetrain upgraded to a belt tradition. 1X8 drivetrain, so riders do not feel the gear range is not enough to use.

And then, for the youngsters’ favorite night riding, the innovative way of integrating the frame and LED lights.

Both the Trek Verve 3 Disc and Cannondale bad boy 1 have their own distinctive features. If you prefer a more comfortable casual ride, the Trek Verve 3 Disc is a bit more comfortable. But you prefer a more personalized model and a faster riding bike, the Cannondale bad boy 1 will satisfy your ideas.

Final Verdict (4.3/5)

A more youthful Cannondale bad boy hybrid bike. The Cannondale bad boy 1 has a light enough weight, a notably sturdy frame, and an innovative drivetrain.

Although the price range of the Cannondale bad boy series is very wide, it does not affect the rider who likes the left-handed fork shape.

We think the Cannondale bad boy 1/2/3 is the bike to buy after comparing the same series and various models. The final rating is 4.3.

Unleash your spirit of adventure with Bad Boy Bikes – where rebellion meets the road.

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