Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Under $500-[Updated December 2022]

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Initially, entry-level mountain bikes were expensive, but now the major brands in the field of entry-level mountain bikes can be described as fancy, technology continues to iterate, but you can buy entry-level mountain bikes that meet your needs at a reasonable price.

Today is also for everyone from the e-commerce platform selected some of the best budget mountain bikes under $500, including well-known brands and non-local mountain bikes.

Are all mountain bikes under $500 worthless?

If you separate mountain bikes by price and the minimum budget is under $500, a budget of less than $500 can buy a proper entry-level mountain bike!

The challenge of riding your beloved mountain bike through the mountains, crossing one gravel after another, sliding across the wet fallen leafy ground, the pulling shape, the exquisite riding process is captivating.

So, in the hopes of assisting more entry-level riders, I will review the following best mountain bikes under $500 for you today.

Best men’s hardtail mountain bikes under $500

1. Eurobike Bikes HYX1

Best personalized mountain bike

A small budget that appeals to young people’s sense of individuality. Incredible value for a mountain bike with personality!

There are up to four different sizes to choose from.

Eurobike Bikes HYX1

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  1. You will find cross-country mountain bikes with a weight of around 10.8kg or 24lbs. It is the lightest type in the market today. The frame of a cross-country mountain bike is extremely lightweight and made of aluminum or carbon fiber. The lightest type is made of carbon fiber bike frame but can be more expensive.

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