Is Trek Precaliber 20 Worth Buying? [Trek Precaliber 20 Kids Bike Review]

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Trek Precaliber 20

  • Price: $329.99
  • Category: Transitional / Casual
  • Age: 6-8
  • Tires: 20 x 2.5”

What we like about it: The lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum frame combines durability and fun into one kid’s bike. It will be one of your great tools for parent-child activities.

What we don’t like about it: The monotone solid color paint may not satisfy your child’s colorful childhood.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Trek Precaliber 20 / Purple Abyss


When we first saw the bike, our first thought was whether it would keep children safe on green grass, leafy trails, or park rides. We wanted the Trek Precaliber 20 to be a kid’s bike that could perform and keep children safe at the same time.

The frame of the Trek Precaliber 20 is Alpha Silver Aluminum, a practical and lightweight frame material for growing kids, and it’s not overwhelmingly expensive. Kids’ Satellite pedals make us feel safe enough to trust the Trek Precaliber 20 on flat roads or slightly bumpy park trails.

While some might think we’re unreliable as adults reviewing kids’ bikes, you might not think we’d get kids to volunteer as our little reviewers.

We conducted a three-month long review for the safety of children. The bike accompanied Jack (our little volunteer and my nephew) through a challenging hill ride for kids.

The smiles we saw on Jack’s face as he rode, and the determination in his eyes as he tried, made us feel the deep bond between Jack and the Trek Precaliber 20. Yes, the Trek Precaliber 20 brings Jack joy.

I think the Trek Precaliber 20 will not only bring the children a happy childhood, but also make the parents of the children feel happy.

Here’s our breakdown of the Trek Precaliber 20’s general riding performance, “adventure” rides, key features, components, and specifications. If you want to learn more about kids’ bikes, check out our review.

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General Riding Performance

Trek Precaliber 20 Crystal White

We know that one of the most important things most parents look for in a kid’s bike is its safety. When we did the actual ride, we reviewed all the data and its stress resistance.

According to the data, you can trust the Trek Precaliber 20’s lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum frame to resist stress. The performance of its Coaster brakes is also very responsive and interesting.

In addition, the Trek Precaliber 20’s tire data shows that its rolling speed and abrasion resistance are such that you can trust your child to go riding.

In order to get a better feel for the Trek Precaliber 20, I asked my sister’s family for permission and then talked to their son, Jack, about letting Jack go on a real-life ride while we followed up.

At first, to familiarize Jack with the Trek Precaliber 20, we took it for a ride on a road in a small town where there were no people. The road was flat, but there were two turns, which I was very worried about, but Jack was very confident in his attempt. After all, he is a skilled bike rider, but I gave Jack plenty of protection and encouragement.

In about 15 minutes, Jack rode the Trek Precaliber 20 fast to the destination. He was so excited that he even wanted me to give him the Trek Precaliber 20 as a gift for his next birthday. I gladly agreed.

Jack’s feelings

Jack happily told me that the Trek Precaliber 20 turns smoothly, the tires are nimble in their steering and the pedals feel comfortable on them. Not only that, but the Trek kid’s single-speed grip felt easy and fit him very well.

I kept up with him and I found that the steep seat tube angle (72°) and head tube angle (70°) of the Trek Precaliber 20 allowed Jack to stay comfortably upright for the ride. This is great for a child his age I think, and it is doing a great job of protecting his spine.

Not only that, but Jack told me that the brakes on the Trek Precaliber 20 are very interesting, with the ability to brake by just pressing back on the pedals. He found the brakes to be very stable and that he would not be unable to brake in time because he was not strong enough.

Both in terms of the numbers and Jack’s riding experience, the Trek Precaliber 20 is a great toy that will bring joy to childhood.

“Adventure” Riding

It is important to understand that children are very curious, and no one can curb children’s exploration of nature and life. My nephew Jack is also such an energetic and curious child.

We were going to review the Trek Precaliber 20 step-by-step, but our Jack couldn’t wait to take on the small uphill slopes of the park. What we didn’t expect was how well the Trek Precaliber 20 performed on this little uphill incline of 4 or 5 degrees. It took Jack less than 2 minutes to ride up and he told me that he used to need his mom’s help when riding this trail, but this time he rode it alone and with ease.

This is thanks to the Trek Precaliber 20 with Bontrager XR1 kids MTB tires. 20×2.5” tires can be considered kid-sized mountain bike tires. fast to gain speed quickly and to maintain power in corners and uphill.

One might think that the Bontrager XR1 Kids MTB tire would be heavy, but it’s actually very light, due to the tread pattern that reduces its tire weight.

Not content with that challenge, little adventurer Jack asked to go on the park trails. The weeds were overgrown and there would be rocks on the trails. For Jack’s safety, we did a cleanup, and although it looked much cleaner, it was quite a challenge for both Jack and the Trek Precaliber 20.

Jack’s Challenge

This challenge was not as easy as it could have been. 8-year-old Jack is not as comfortable on the bike as he could have been. I saw Jack a few times as he turned downhill with some obstacles, but fortunately, Jack made it safely to his destination.

Although the challenge was a little tough, Jack’s perseverance in not giving up showed me that this little man is shining. Jack told me that the brakes on the Trek Precaliber 20 were not only fun, but also quick and stable. He doesn’t think he’s skilled enough to handle the bike, but both the tires and the brakes give him a great sense of security. This will become his favorite kid’s bike.

Yes, the Trek Precaliber 20 tells us it’s worth it, both in terms of riding experience and real data testing.

Key Features

Trek Precaliber 20 Frame

Trek Precaliber 20 Frame

The Trek Precaliber 20 safe paint material gives parents peace of mind. The solid paint colors are indelible colors of childhood. My nephew, Jack, thinks he would like it better if the car paint had more color mixes. I think this is a worthwhile suggestion for children with a head full of color.

The Alpha Silver Aluminum frame of the Trek Precaliber 20 is strong, rust-resistant, and long-lasting. In fact, I think Trek engineers have innovated Alpha Silver Aluminum so much that it could even take Alpha Silver Aluminum to the next level with carbon fiber. I think Jack will be able to leave this Trek Precaliber 20 (which will look like new when properly cared for) to his sister or brother when he grows up.

Not only that, but Trek is as sweet as ever, and like all Precaliber bikes, we can see that the Trek Precaliber 20 has a lower frame. This makes it easier for kids to stand up and get on and off the bike, and adds a layer of safety for them.

In addition, when we received the Trek Precaliber 20 we found that it came with a stand and a saddle with integrated handlebars. If you think that’s it, you may have underestimated the Trek Precaliber 20.

You can also replace the saddle’s integrated handle with an integrated light mount to improve visibility and keep you safe, even when you’re on a family adventure or solo hike.


The right bike geometry is not only for adults, but also for children. In this respect, we pay more attention to the geometry of children’s bikes, because it is important for their developing and growing bodies.

We can see that the geometry of the Trek Precaliber 20 is designed to fit the physiological characteristics of children. We notice the proper head tube angle (70°) and the steep seat tube angle (72°) of the Trek Precaliber 20 this allows kids to keep a comfortable upright ride without bending the spine and causing injury.

Also, I noticed the almost perfect reach (31.2cm) of the Trek Precaliber 20, which allows most kids to stretch their arms freely while riding. This not only reduces fatigue, but also effectively promotes the growth of the child.

The lower five-way height (23.8cm) can effectively lower the center of gravity, which makes it easier for kids to keep the lower plate stable when facing downhill.

In short, the most important performance of children’s bikes is not to hinder children’s growth as well as to ensure their happy growth. I can humbly say that the Trek Precaliber 20 is doing a good job.

Components and Specifications

Alloy linear-pull Brake and Coaster Brake

Braking is extremely important both for adult bikes and kids’ bikes. On a kid’s bike I would use 200% of my energy to see what the brakes can do.

I have to say, Trek really lives up to its name in the bike industry. In this children’s bike, there are two kinds of brakes: 1, Alloy linear-pull brake; 2, Coaster brake. I would like to introduce this in points.

First, let’s take a look at the Alloy linear-pull brake. This brake is very simple, as long as you press the controller on the handlebar you can squeeze the bicycle tire to stop rotating. It requires enough force, which may be difficult for children who are not strong enough.

Next, we look at the Coaster brake. This brake usually requires less maintenance than other brakes. There are no cables on the handlebars, which makes the bodywork clean and simple. Whether it’s slowing down or braking, it doesn’t take much effort and can also exercise the flexibility of the kids’ legs.

Some people think that the Coaster brake may not be as sensitive in the rain, but we know that the Trek Precaliber 20 is a combination of Alloy linear-pull braking and Coaster brake braking. They complement each other and make up for each other, just like adding double protection, to a certain extent you can feel free to let your children to ride freely.


Trek Precaliber 20 Tires

On the bike, we also look at the tires. We looked at the Bontrager XR1 tire for the Trek Precaliber 20.

Not only is it kid-friendly, but it’s also more wear-resistant and even comparable to the adult version in terms of traction. In actual riding experience, we found that even on rougher trails, the XR1 tire provides enough grip because of its reliable tread pattern. At the same time, the reduced weight allows it to maintain power even in corners and uphill.

If you want enough traction and wear resistance, be sure to set your bike’s tire pressure correctly. This will ensure that your family’s baby is more comfortable and has easier handling while riding.

Do not miss out on the Trek Precaliber 20 if you are starting to get interested!

What do we like about it?

  • Alpha Silver Aluminum frame for durability, even for younger siblings
  • The combination of dual brakes for extra safety.
  • Comfortable grip to reduce fatigue.
  • The thoughtful geometric design can ensure the fun of children while riding, and also ensure the healthy growth of children.
  • With the design of the stand, you can always stop anywhere you want to stop.
  • The installation of lights can improve visibility.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The dazzling childhood wishes there could be more dazzling colors.
  • The vacuum tires are not ready.


  • What is the frame of the Trek Precaliber 20 made of?

The frame of the Trek Precaliber 20 is made of Alpha Silver Aluminum.

  • What is the age of the Trek Precaliber 20?

The age of the Trek Precaliber 20 is 6-8.

  • What is the tire size of the Trek Precaliber 20?

The tire size of the Trek Precaliber 20 is 20 x 2.5”.



FrameAlpha Silver Aluminum, 20” kids’ frame size
*ForkSize: S
Steel, 20”, threadless 1-1/8” steerer
Size: S
Kid’s steel fork


Hub frontSteel, 100mm bolt-on
Hub rearCoaster brake, 19T, 110mm bolt-on
RimAlloy 20”, 32-hole, schrader valve
TireBontrager XR1, wire bead, 27 tpi., 20×2.25”


*CrankSize: S
ProWheel alloy, 32T steel ring w/double guard, 127mm length
Size: S
Alloy, 32T, chainguard, 140mm length
Bottom bracketSquare taper, 68mm, sealed cartridge
ChainHV410, 1/2×1/8
PedalKids’ Satellite, 9/16 thread


*SaddleSize: S
Kids’ 24” size, padded
Size: S
Kids’ padded, integrated seatpost, with handle
SeatpostSteel, 27.2mm, 250mm length
HandlebarKids’ steel, 25.4mm clamp, 40mm rise, 560mm width
GripsKids’ grip, 107mm width
StemBontrager Approved alloy, 25.4mm clamp, 15 degree rise, 60mm
HeadsetAdjustable ball bearing, threadless
BrakeAlloy linear-pull
Brake leverKids’, alloy




Weight9.51 kg / 20.97 lbs
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 80 pounds (36 kg).

Compare Tables

Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″$449.99Coaster brake20’’Click View
Polygon Premier 20-inch Kids Ultralight Urban Bike$349.00Power VBR-207A Alloy V-Brake20’’Click View
Haro Flightline 20 Plus$429Promax TX-121 V-Brake20’’Click View
Kona Makena$439Tektro V-Brake20’’Click View

Trek Precaliber 20 vs Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″

Schwinn Sting-Ray 20"

In fact, I was attracted to the overall retro design of the Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″ as soon as I saw it. The red and blue paint colors are very attractive. Although they are also solid colors, I have to say that these two colors irritated me.

The paint color satisfied me, but I have to say that the brakes, the Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″ Coaster brake has the same fun. As I said before, these brakes are difficult to handle in the rain, and the Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″ is not equipped with Alloy linear-pull brakes, which greatly reduces the safety of the brakes.

I think the rigid frame of the Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″ is just as strong, but it’s also bulkier. Schwinn Sting-Ray 20″ is 31.96 lbs heavier than the Trek Precaliber 20 at 9.93Ibs. which may not be as easy for children to control. So this may not be as easy for children to control.

On the contrary, the Trek Precaliber 20 is $120 cheaper in terms of price, double braking, and more wear-resistant tires. If you’re looking for a good value for money, take a look at the Trek Precaliber 20.

Trek Precaliber 20 vs Polygon Premier 20-inch Kids Bike

Polygon Premier 20 inch Kids Bike

In terms of price, the Precaliber 20 is $20 cheaper than the Polygon Premier 20-inch Kids Ultralight Urban Bike. Kids Ultralight Urban Bike weighs 1.03Ibs, which is the same.

If you look at the Polygon Premier 20 inch you’ll see that it’s not really that different from the adult bikes. It has the same aluminum frame and is ready for jumps and breaks. Not only that, but it comes with a 1×7 drivetrain, which may not be enough for adults, but it’s enough for kids. It is equipped with a child-specific v-brake, set with a smaller brake lever that can fit smaller hands.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for its official description that the Polygon Premier 20 inch is suitable for children from 6 to 8 years old, I would have thought it was a youth bike and wouldn’t have thought of it as a kid-friendly bike.

While I’ve written enough about the Polygon Premier 20 inch, I’ll also talk about the Trek Precaliber 20. It doesn’t make me mistake it for a youth bike, and the actual experience in the previous article makes me not want to go over and over again praising it. I think the Precaliber 20 is a true kid’s bike, both in its design and in its geometry considerations, which have been made with the safety of children in mind.

If you want to spend less than $20, you should try the Trek Precaliber 20.

Trek Precaliber 20 vs Haro Flightline 20 Plus

2021 Haro Flightline 20 Plus

It’s hard to believe that the Haro Flightline 20 Plus uses the New Shimano Tourney MF-TZ510 7-spd for its drivetrain. To say that the Haro Flightline is a kid’s bike is an understatement, I think it should be called a youth bike. 2.6” wide tires can be used not only for flat roads but also for less technical trails.

Both are aluminum frames, and the Precaliber 20 is $100 cheaper than the Haro Flightline 20 Plus. In my actual review experience, I think the Precaliber 20 is more suitable for children from 6 to 8 years old, and the Precaliber 20 does a more comprehensive and safe job in terms of braking. Haro Flightline 20 Plus’s v-brake may not start smoothly for children with less strength.

Considering the suitability for 6 to 8-year-olds and the safety of the price, I think you can try the Precaliber 20.

Trek Precaliber 20 vs Kona Makena

2022 Kona Makena

The Kona Makena has only one paint color option, which I think is not enough. The Precaliber 20 has more paint color options.

The climbing ability of the Kona Makena is also relatively high, thanks to its 2.6” tires that have more grind and grip.

However, I noticed that the Kona Makena uses Tektro V-brakes. Although the braking force is not weak and it is easy to disassemble, I personally do not like the V-brake. For children’s riding, I am more concerned about safety and stability.

So, I prefer the Precaliber 20, because of course, the Precaliber 20 is $100 cheaper, not only for its braking and riding experience, but also for its thoughtful geometry.

For a cost-effective kid’s bike and a safer kid’s bike, you can really try the Trek Precaliber 20!

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