Is Giant Stance Worth Buying? [2022 Giant Stance Review]

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2022 Giant Stance Review

  • Price: $1800
  • Stroke: 130mm front, 120mm rear
  • Tires: 27.5″
  • Drivetrain: 1×10

What we like about it: It’s one of the best bikes in its price range, with excellent performance in terms of configuration and a comfortable riding experience.

What we don’t like about it: It doesn’t satisfy most people in terms of color.

Rating (4.7/5)

Giant Stance 29 1
Giant Stance

As a well-known bicycle brand manufacturer, Giant has always had its unique understanding of bicycle style. The 2022 Giant Stance full-suspension bike that we’re introducing today has outstanding performance. It’s aimed at new riders who like off-road light rail adventures, so it’s priced at just $1800.

You can have a Shimano Deore M4100 with a 1×10 drivetrain and a Giant Crest 34 RCL shock fork for only $1800. And there are Maxxis Recon Race tires to give you the ultimate in off-road fun.

Next, let me introduce you to this full-suspension bike in detail. We will start with its climbing, descending, main features, main components, and comparison with other versions.

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I have been using this bike for the past few weeks. I have to say it has given me a commendable experience on the climbs. Before setting off, I also booked accommodation through IHG Hotels & Resorts to give myself ample space to rest and prepare.

Our test location was Sedona, Arizona, and the roads were different from the wooded trails of old, with uneven surfaces and some exposed rocks to accompany them. But while the ride was more difficult, it was also more fun for me.

The Giant Stance is running on Maxxis Recon Race tires. The wider tread allows it to handle this gravel well and provide sufficient traction when driving.

And when climbing, due to the terrain, the friction generated is also greater, and this is when it is equipped with a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain to show its performance. Fast and precise, that’s what we all say. It shifted to the gear I wanted precisely when climbing, making my climbing easier.

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning its weight, 31.6 lbs aren’t exactly light compared to other high-end bikes though. But you should know that it was the lightest of the bikes in this review, and that did make it easier for me to get to the top of the mountain.


When I first got this bike, I was expecting it to perform on the drop. As I expected, this Giant Stance did not disappoint me.

The choice of terrain this time will make more vibration during the descent, which will test the performance of the bike very much. This Giant Stance is equipped with a Giant Crest 34 RCL shock fork, which has 130mm of travel to effectively absorb the vibrations brought about by the ride. Coupled with the 120mm Suntour Raidon R rear shock, it is even easier to cope with such gravel roads.

What I like most about this bike is its dropper design. 125mm of travel makes it more comfortable for me to ride and reduces vibration effectively.

On both sides of the road, there are many cacti and thick bushes, so I need to be extra careful when driving. If I wasn’t careful, the sharp thorns would sting me. But luckily I arrived safely every time, thanks to the Tektro HD M745’s hydraulic disc brakes, which provided a powerful braking response that brought me to an immediate stop. And the sight of my companion falling over because of a mistake became the talk of the day.

Main Features

Frame Group

Giant Stance

The all-black paint color gives it a very understated look, and with the lightweight and sturdy ALUXX aluminum frame, it is sturdy and beautiful while also being very durable.

At the same time, the design of the internal alignment makes it look cleaner and neater in appearance, and effectively protects the cable from damage. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning when riding in the rain.

Not only that but there are also water bottle mounting holes designed on its downtube, which is a great aspect when riding outdoors. Because it means that you can carry your water bottle and don’t have to worry about finding a water source.

It is worth mentioning that its top tube takes the design of a shaped tube, which further enhances its shock absorption effect.


The Giant Stance is very conservative in terms of geometric design, and Giant doesn’t seem to have any plans to update it, using the same style as in previous years. But for the price, the Giant Stance is still very good. What you need to know is that this bike is not aimed at riders who want to win endurance races, it is more suitable for newcomers to riding.

As you can see, the 67.5° head tube angle with a 74° seat tube angle makes it more comfortable to ride with sensitive steering while allowing you to maintain good pedaling efficiency.

Secondly, the standing height of 727mm is just right for me. And the 1151mm wheelbase gives you a more stable ride.

Components and Specifications

Giant Crest 34 RCL Shock Front Fork

As a custom fork made specifically for Giant, the Giant Crest 34 RCL is built with high-end technology. This gives it the right amount of stiffness and strength to help ride more comfortably and control the body more easily.

It is also equipped with Giant-exclusive tuned dampers to enhance its control ability. And the wide range of low-speed compression and rebound adjustment makes this fork achieve a very good damping effect.

Maxxis Recon Race Tires

Giant Stance 29 2

In terms of tire choice, the Giant Stance uses Maxxis Recon Race tires. This tire uses EXO technology, a dense weave fabric that is lightweight and flexible to ensure that the tire’s performance is not compromised. It also uses WT construction, which optimizes the tread layout and profiles to enhance its performance in use.

Meanwhile, vacuum tires can drive at lower air pressure and improve traction.

Tektro HD M745 Brake

The Giant Stance uses Tektro HD M745 brakes for its brake selection. These brakes are designed with 4-piston calipers, which are light enough in weight while having a more powerful braking ability.

No matter what the terrain is, it maintains its braking ability well and has the same good performance in heat dissipation. Even under high-intensity use, it can still brake stably.

Other versions of Giant Stance

In this review, we also tested other versions of the Giant Stance series to give you a clearer picture of this bike, which we hope will be helpful to you.

Giant Stance 29 2

Other versions of Giant Stance

As a full-suspension bike in the same series, the Giant Stance 29 2 is the same price as the Giant Stance and has the same configuration. The difference is that the Giant Stance 29 2 uses 29-inch tires, and the larger tires mean it rides relatively better.

The Giant Stance 29 2 has a higher standover height and a larger Stack/Reach ratio. This gives you a relatively higher riding position and a more comfortable ride.

As for deciding between the two bikes, it depends on whether you prefer a more aggressive ride. If you’re like me and are keen on descending, then the Giant Stance would be a good choice.

If you want to know more about other bikes in this series, welcome to follow us and we will keep updating.

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What we like about it

  • Powerful shock absorption effect brings a comfortable riding experience.
  • The use of a dropper design makes the ride more comfortable.
  • Tektro HD M745 hydraulic disc brake for your safety.
  • Maxxis Recon Race tires can adapt to a variety of terrains.
  • Handsome appearance, ride more cool.

What we don’t like about it

  • The choice of color is too single.


  • What are the tires of the 2022 Giant Stance?

The tires on the 2022 Giant Stance are Maxxis Recon Race tires.

  • What are the brakes on the 2022 Giant Stance?

The brakes on the 2022 Giant Stance are Tektro HD M745 hydraulic disc brakes.

  • What is the front fork of the 2022 Giant Stance?

The fork of the 2022 Giant Stance is the Giant Crest 34 RC fork.

  • Size chart of 2022 Giant Stance
Size  Rider height
XS 155 CM – 165 CM
SM 163 CM – 173 CM
MD 170 CM – 181 CM
LG 178 CM -189 CM
XL 186 CM – 198 CM

2022 Giant Stance Specs


Frame ALUXX-Grade Aluminum, 120mm FlexPoint suspension Colors: Gloss Gunmetal Black / Matte Black; Amber Glow
Fork Giant Crest 34 RCL, 130mm, Boost 15×110 QR, custom-tuned for Giant
Rear Shock Suntour Raidon R, 184.15/44.45
Bottom Bracket Praxis, press fit
Stem Giant Contact XS:40mm, S:50mm, M:50mm, L:60mm, XL:70mm
Handlebar Giant Connect Trail, 780×31.8mm
Saddle Giant Romero
Seatpost Giant Contact Switch dropper, remote XS: 100mm travel / 30.9 x 345mm S: 100mm travel / 30.9 x 345mm M: 125mm travel / 30.9 x 395mm L: 150mm travel / 30.9 x 440mm XL: 150mm travel / 30.9 x 440mm
Pedals N/A
Grips Giant Sole-O


Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore M5120
Front Derailleur N/A
Crank Praxis Cadet M24, 30t XS: 165mm, S:165mm, M:170mm, L:170mm, XL:170mm
Shifters Shimano Deore M4100, 1×10
Cassette Shimano Deore, 11-46
Chain KMC X10
Brakes Tektro HD M745
Brake Levers Tektro HD M745


Rims Giant AM 27.5 alloy, tubeless ready
Spokes Sapim
Front Hub [F] Giant Tracker Performance Boost 15×110, sealed bearing [R] Giant Tracker Giant Sport QR141, loose ball
Rear Hub [F] Giant Tracker Performance Boost 15×110, sealed bearing [R] Giant Tracker Giant Sport QR141, loose ball
Tires [F] Maxxis Recon Race 27.5×2.6 WT, wire, TLR, EXO, tubeless, [R] Maxxis Recon Race 27.5×2.6 WT, wire, TLR, EXO, tubeless


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Trek Roscoe 7 $1829 1×12 Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc  27.5×2.60” or 29×2.60” Click View
2023 Norco Fluid FS A4 $1999 1×11 Tektro HD-M535 hydraulic disc 29×2.4” Click View
2023 Marin Rift Zone 26″ $1799 1×11 Shimano BL-MT201 hydraulic disc 26×2.4″ Click View
Giant Stance 29 1 $2250 1×12 Tektro HRD-M285 Hydraulic Disc  29×2.35″ Click View

2022 Giant Stance vs 2022 Trek Roscoe 7

Trek Roscoe 7
Trek Roscoe 7

This Trek Roscoe 7 is a hardtail bike. The lack of a rear shock makes it less effective than the Giant Stance in terms of damping.

But it must be mentioned that the Trek Roscoe 7 is still excellent in damping performance. This is thanks to the RockShox Recon Silver RL fork it is equipped with, which, combined with the 140mm of travel, also absorbs a lot of vibration.

These two bikes are different types of bikes, so the choice depends specifically on your needs. If you prefer to ride down, then the Giant Stance with better shock absorption will be a good choice.

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2022 Giant Stance VS 2023 Norco Fluid FS A4

Norco Fluid FS A4
Norco Fluid FS A4

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the paint scheme on this Norco Fluid FS A4, even though the two bikes are similar in price. It’s worth mentioning that this bike has 140mm and 130mm front and rear fork travel, which gives it excellent shock absorption.

I took a closer look at the actual ride and felt that both bikes are equally good in terms of shock absorption with only a few minor differences. If you are not a very experienced rider, then there is not much difference in riding them.

It is worth noting that the Norco Fluid FS A4 has an additional water bottle holder than the Giant Stance. This also means that it can carry more water.

If you’re like me and like the look of the Giant Stance and don’t have very demanding requirements for damping, then you can try out this Giant Stance full shock bike.

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2022 Giant Stance VS 2023 Marin Rift Zone 26″

Marin Rift Zone 26"

Also a full shock bike, this 2023 Marin Rift Zone 26″ does not have a dropper design. I compared the two bikes on my actual ride and the Giant Stance felt more comfortable and allowed me to ride for longer periods.

And, in terms of tire size, the Marin Rift Zone 26″ uses 26-inch tires. To be honest, smaller tires mean a more aggressive ride, but again, less stable.

As a Giant fan, I prefer the Giant Stance for both its riding comfort and its shock absorption.

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2022 Giant Stance vs 2022 Giant Stance 29 1

Giant Stance 29 1

The 2022 Giant Stance 29 1 is a full-suspension bike in the same series as the Giant, with no major changes to the configuration. It simply uses 29-inch tires for the tire size and a 1×12 drivetrain for the gearing.

These minor changes then make it almost $500 more expensive than the Giant Stance. Frankly, it’s a bad deal. The Giant Stance 1×10 drivetrain is equally capable of handling a wide range of terrain, and there is little difference between the two when riding.

If your budget isn’t that big and you don’t have high drivetrain requirements, then this Giant Stance might be a better choice for you.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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