Is Trek Rail 7 Worth Buying? [Trek Rail 7 Review]

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Trek Rai l 7

  • Price: $6649
  • Category: Electric Mountain Bike
  • Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminum
  • Gear: 1 × 12
  • Tires: 29×2.50′

What we like about it: The new Bosch Performance Line CX 250-watt motor gives you plenty of power to face the challenges of the long haul off-road.

What we don’t like about it: The noisy roar from the motor.

Rating: (4.8/5)

2022 Trek Rail 7
Trek Rail 7


The Trek Rail 7 is an electric mountain bike designed to tackle rugged rip trails and is a powerful weapon made specifically for avid riders who seek the ultimate in crazy descents.

We can see that the sturdy aluminum alloy steel frame is the source of its confidence. The 1×12 Shimano SLX / XT drivetrain has silky smooth shifting for the ultimate off-road racing experience.

Even if you encounter some impassable roadblocks, you don’t need to worry too much. The powerful Shimano 4-piston brakes can cool down the manic body quickly.

We have two months of measurement experience with the Trek Rail 7. To make the results more informative, we’ll elaborate on the Trek Rail 7’s performance while riding, key features, components, and specifications, as well as other versions in the series. For more versions, please refer to our review.


The Trek Rail 7 bike is uniquely suited for intense steep descending terrain. It has the same high-end trail technology, upgraded forks, drivetrain, battery, and more that make mountain adventures so much fun.

Located in South Fulton County in the City of Chattahoochee Hills, Dirty Sheets is surrounded by the famous Silk Sheets Road bike path, a scenic gravel road in the countryside that was the object of our conquest. 625-watt-hour batteries played a vital role in The 625 watt-hour battery played an extremely important role in our gravel uphill.

The powerful new Bosch Performance Line CX 250-watt motor roared along and provided great traction. With a top speed of 20 mph, I was able to maintain a relatively smooth and fast ride even with some gravel and potholes in the road.

I wasn’t worried about the sharp bumps from the rough ride during the process. This is largely due to the RockShox Domain RC shocks. It has an extra 160mm of travel, and with the lighter DebonAir springs, it was able to eliminate most of the vibration.

Of course, like any other off-road vehicle, I was able to lock the forks in exchange for a faster ride. Of course, the thorny, gravelly sections are not something I would want to do.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of geometry, Trek Rail 7 takes a more daring design. That’s a slack head tube angle (64.5°), steep seat tube angle (75°) high-end battery, and motor. Even when descending on technical tracks, it can compete fiercely with professional riders, and I feel confident going into the next xc races with the Trek Rail 7.


The Trek Rail 7 is also capable of powerful short descents when faced with rough descents. The RockShox Domain fork gave me an intuitive and clear impression when we made a flying jump on a gravel descent road with a 40° slope.

The DebonAir springs have a lighter than average weight and maintain a steady medium stroke between the up and down squeeze, handling the bumps perfectly.

Of course, I can’t deny that the latest generation of Bontrager xr5 can maintain an extremely smooth body on our descents.

As the latest model of a lightweight off-road mountain bike tire with great braking and cornering traction, the TM-Grip rubber compound is more responsive to complex surfaces and has a stronger bite.

The double-shifted center tread with aggressive side knobs provides reliable cornering and braking traction. I could feel the rustle of the tires rubbing against the Yellowstone earth as they fought a fierce battle.

The Bonsch’s display features a real-time speedometer and a custom eMTB Lite mode that replaces the “Tour” mode. It gives you more natural power transfer and longer battery life. And with the backlit display, you can see your speed even under the hot sun.

The Shimano 4-piston hydraulic disc provides a calm and stable braking experience on this gravel-laden, abandoned mining single track. The banjo-type connections and internal hose routing allow for a 20% higher braking effect than the M8000, which is more than enough to handle any obstacle on the way down.

Main Features


Aluminum is still the best choice for mountain bikes. It is tough, tough and has an extremely high-performance experience. At the same time, Trek Rail 7’s alpha aluminum has a stronger and better surface compared to ordinary aluminum on the market, so you can boldly use it for cross-country sprinting.

Brakes, brakes, tires, pedals, and other components make up a clean, simple body structure. Internal wiring is complete without excessive tangling. A common internal management system allows any combination of shift, brake, and locking to pass through the frame.

Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is very user-friendly. It hides the battery completely in the frame for protection, makes it easy to remove without tools, and allows you to install a water bottle cage.


I didn’t feel that there was a big breakthrough in the Trek Rail 7 in terms of the angle of the geometry. Today’s setup makes more people like to rely on it to conquer long gravel paths.

The Trek Rail 7’s steeper seat tube angle (75.4°) not only allows for more efficient pedaling but also maintains a comfortable upright ride. The looser head tube angle (64.5°) provides greater speed stability and compensates for the downhill, allowing for a fast downhill travel speed while maintaining a stable body.

Some people may worry that the overly large tires will cause steering problems for the bodywork. My long-riding experience tells me that such fears are unnecessary. The shorter wheelbase length (1196mm) is a better response to the wide tires.

Component And Specifications

Shimano Deore M6100 Shimano Deore M6100, 10-51, 12-speed Drivetrain

Trek Rail 7
Trek Rail 7

Shimano has its considerations for the drivetrain. The Shimano Deore M6100 has an extremely smooth shift structure that shines on both muddy trails and thorny flowing trails. With its BEAM SPIDER construction, the SLX M7100 12-speed cassette saves weight.

Meanwhile, Shimano’s new micro spline freehub body and HYPERGLIDE+ gear profile provide advanced shifting performance. You can make silky smooth shifts while pedaling continuously.

You don’t have to worry about inertia causing you to lose speed, and the cassette sprocket construction is lighter and stronger, saving you a lot of worries.

Bontrager XR5 Tires

Trek Rail 7
Trek Rail 7

The Bontrager XR5 is a perfect upgrade from the previous generation XR4. Made with lightweight nylon inserts that provide strong, soft sidewall protection for added durability, the 120 TPI off-road tire is made for those winding, flowing trails that turn fast while maintaining a soft feel and strong traction.

Tubeless Ready (TLR) delivers strength, traction, and fast-rolling efficiency in an off-road package. The powerful surface highlights clinging to wet, slick, demanding trails and provides you with more confident cornering ability.

Shimano 4-piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

The Shimano 4-piston brake setup is the top-of-the-line setup it brings to the table. Whether it’s wet, or dry moving trails, the Shimano BR-MT420 caliper delivers consistent braking performance and reliable braking power under any terrain.

It can quickly bring a speeding body to an emergency stop. Not only that, but it is not only very smooth when shifting gears, but also smooth. At the same time, the flywheel’s lightweight spider web structure is designed to be technically appealing while also providing a more easily cleanable surface.

You don’t have to worry about mud attacking the components even on muddy and rainy roads, just use a low-pressure water gun for quick cleaning.

RockShox Deluxe Select+ Shock Absorber

Trek Rail 7
Trek Rail 7

The biggest advantage of the RockShox Deluxe Select+ is its adjustability, allowing you to choose the right size for the surface you encounter. For rolling hills, the DebonAir+ air spring system offers greater shock absorption potential than ever before.

The ability to allow you to adjust negative and positive airflow to perfectly match the feel of the ride and the trail ahead of you that the bike needs. At the same time, 160mm of super high fork travel maintains an even better-cushioning capacity during high-speed impacts. The bumper mounted on the bottom of the dark box reduces excessive mountain impact, eliminating vibration and blocking the noise between the body and the mountain.

Bosch PowerTube 625 battery and Bosch Motor

Trek Rail 7
Trek Rail 7

I have to admit that the Bosch PowerTube 625 comes with a hefty price tag, which can be a real headache for after-sales maintenance. But trust me, the performance will give you absolute value for money.

With its 625Wh of power, the Bosch PowerTube 625 ensures efficient and long-lasting travel even on hilly or demanding terrain. It is also extremely easy to install. When you turn the numerous keys in the battery lock, the battery is removed from the frame.

After complete measurement, when fully discharged, this will charge the battery to 50% in 1.5 hours at 6A charging current. Fully charging to 100% takes approximately 3.7 hours, which is important for longer trips.

Other Versions Of Trek Rail 7

To give you more options, we tested the other models of the Trek Rail 7 series for a certain period, including the Trek Rail 5, to be objective and fair.

Both have the same opinion on the choice of material, Alpha Platinum Aluminum, the aluminum body will have a relatively similar weight and tough appearance. You do not have to worry about irreversible damage to the body caused by too severe bumps.

But there is a slight difference in the choice of fork, Trek Rail 5 chose the more backward RockShox 35 Gold RL, while the latter chose the more advanced high-end RockShox Domain.

In the actual ride down, although it is on the same trip, the actual damping ability Trek Rail 5. to lose a chip. Therefore, if you have enough budget, I still recommend the Trek Rail 7, our main character today.


  • What is the price of Trek Rail 7?

Trek Rail 7 costs $6649.

  • What is the weight of Trek Rail 7?

The weight of Trek Rail 7 is 24kg.

  • What are the tire sizes for the Trek Rail 7?

The Trek Rail 7 has 29×2.6′ tires.


SizeRider Height
S153 – 167 cm 5’0″ – 5’6″
M161 – 175 cm 5’3″ – 5’9″  
L174 – 188 cm 5’9″ – 6’2″  
xl186 – 196 cm 6’1″ – 6’5″  



FrameAlpha Platinum Aluminum, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), tapered head tube, Control Freak internal routing, magnesium rocker link, Motor Armor, Mino Link, ABP, Boost148, 12mm thru axle, 150mm travel
ForkRockShox Domain RC, DebonAir spring, Motion Control damper, lockout, tapered steerer, 44mm offset, oversized crown for eMTB, Boost110, 15mm Maxle Stealth, 160mm travel
ShockRockShox Deluxe Select+, 230mm x 57.5mm
Max compatible fork travel170mm (580mm axle-to-crown)


Wheel frontBontrager Line Comp 30, Tubeless Ready, 6-bolt, Boost110, 15mm thru axle
Wheel rearBontrager Line Comp 30, Tubeless Ready, Rapid Drive 108, 6-bolt, Boost148, 12mm thru axle
Hub frontBontrager alloy, sealed bearing, alloy axle, 6-bolt, Boost110, 15mm thru axle
*Hub rearSize: S, M, L, XL
Bontrager alloy, sealed bearing, 6-bolt, Rapid Drive 108, Shimano MicroSpline freehub, Boost148, 12mm thru axle Size: S, M, L, XL
Bontrager alloy, sealed bearing, 6-bolt, Shimano MicroSpline freehub, Boost148, 12mm thru axle
Skewer rearBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
RimBontrager Line Comp 30, Tubeless Ready, 6-bolt, Boost110, 15mm thru axle
TireBontrager XR5 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, aramid bead, 120 tpi, 29×2.50”
Tire partBontrager TLR sealant, 6oz
Rim stripBontrager TLR
Max tire sizeFrame: 29×2.60″ Fork: See manufacturer


ShifterShimano SLX M7100, 12 speed
Rear derailleurShimano XT M8100, long cage
CrankE*thirteen E*spec Plus, 34T, 165mm length
CassetteShimano Deore M6100, 10-51, 12 speed
ChainShimano SLX M7100, 12 speed
PedalVP-536 nylon platform
Max chainring size34T


SaddleBontrager Arvada, steel rails, 138mm width
*SeatpostSize: S
TranzX JD-YSP18, 100mm travel, internal routing, 31.6mm, 361mm length
Size: M, L, XL
TranzX JD-YSP18, 150mm travel, internal routing, 31.6mm, 470mm length
HandlebarBontrager Rhythm Comp, alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 780mm width
GripsBontrager XR Trail Comp, nylon lock-on
StemBontrager Rhythm Comp, 31.8mm, Knock Block, 0 degree, 50mm length
HeadsetKnock Block Integrated, 58-degree radius, cartridge bearing, 1-1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
BrakeShimano 4-piston hydraulic disc, M6100 lever, M6120 caliper
Brake rotorShimano RT76, 6-bolt, 203mm


BatteryBosch PowerTube 625
ChargerBosch standard 4A (100-240V) charger
ControllerBosch Purion
MotorBosch Performance CX, magnesium motor body, 250 watt, 85 Nm, 20mph or 32km/h max assist


WeightM – 24.01 kg / 52.94 lbs (with TLR sealant, no tubes)
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

What do we like about it?

  • The 1.625Wh battery ensures long off-road driving.
  • 160mm RockShox Domain forks eliminate maximum vibration from your ride.
  • The new Bosch Performance Series CX 250W motor can assist up to 20 mph.
  • The 1×12 Shimano SLX / XT drivetrain ensures that you are always ready for a quick shift.

What do we don’t like about it?

  • More expensive price.
  • Rarer color choices.

Comparison Table

Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy$5,800SRAM SX Eagle, 12-speed29×2.6”Click View
Trek Rail 5  $5,649Shimano Deore M6100, long cage 12-speed29×2.6”Click View
Scott Ransom eRIDE 920  $6,499Shimano XT / 12 Speed29×2.6”Click View
Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy$7,500SRAM GX Eagle, 12-speed29×2.6”Click View

Trek Rail 7 vs Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy

2022 Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy
Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy

In many ways, the two have a great deal of similarity. The aluminum body surface has a tougher endurance performance, and you don’t have to worry about overly bumpy roads hindering the body.

As we can see, the Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy also has a 1×12 drivetrain, and it will have a relatively large speed range. But I don’t think the Trek Rail 7’s drivetrain will be much worse than it is. My actual riding tells me that the speed and shifting of both are just as excellent.

At the same time, the Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy is very selective in its choice of tires. You can choose more 27.5″ tires to adapt to different complex roads. Of course, if you’re a price-conscious person, the Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy might be worth a try.

Trek Rail 7 vs Trek Rail 5

2022 Trek Rail 5
Trek Rail 5

I have to admit that the Trek Rail 7 and the Trek Rail 5 are similar in many ways. The climbing skills displayed by both cars are amazing, especially when faced with some rough and uneven uphill routes. But at the same time, we also see different damping experiences for the two cars on different trails.

The RockShox 35 Gold RL may not have the same excellent damping capabilities as the RockShox Domain, even though they have the same amount of travel (160mm front and 150mm rear).

Not only that, but the selection of Groupset will be slightly different as well. Some may complain about the Deore, e*thirteen that comes with the Trek Rail 5. But in actual riding, it didn’t make that much of a difference to me. Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate ride, then the Trek Rail 7 is still a great choice for you.

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Trek Rail 7 vs Scott Ransom eRIDE 920

2022 Scott Ransom eRIDE 920
Scott Ransom eRIDE 920

At first glance, I noticed the Scott Ransom eRIDE 920′ tire and I was very pleased with its ability to climb on hills. In comparison, the Trek Rail 7′ tires would be better for climbing.

I also noticed that the Scott Ransom eRIDE 920 weighs 24.8kg, which is much lighter than the Trek Rail 7. So in terms of lightness, I’d pay for a lighter vehicle, which would make it less difficult for me to descend. If you prefer a lighter and more versatile e-bike, you can go for the Scott Ransom eRIDE 920.

Trek Rail 7 vs Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy
Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

The Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Allo is highly sought after by customers for its superb stability. 29″ tires make it possible to have a seat in larger vehicles as well.

Of course, you can also opt for a smaller tire, such as the 27.5″. No matter the terrain, the SRAMGX Eagle, 12speed will give you a butter-like shifting experience. 160mm of fork travel avoids a lot of unwanted impacts. But its huge size means it’s perhaps a little short on speed, with a steeper, looser headtube.

And the SRAM NX Eagle means it’s likely to have more traction uphill than the Trek Rail 7, with 27.5-inch wheels that give you the flexibility to navigate the hills. If you’ve got the cash to spare, the Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy is for you.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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