Is Trek Precaliber 16 Worth Buying? [Trek Precaliber 16 Review]

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Trek Precaliber 16

  • Price: $299.99
  • Category: balance car
  • Suitable for age: 4-5 years old
  • Tires: 16×2.25”

What we like about it: The simple installation of auxiliary wheels and sturdy body allows you to accompany your child through the critical period of their growth.

What we don’t like about it: Some people think the tires are a bit bulky.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Trek Precaliber 16

Childhood is colorful and stumbles, and every child’s development is different. I think most children at the age of 4 to 5 are critical, both in thinking and physical development. This is when many parents pay attention and will find ways to develop their children’s abilities in all areas, and children’s bicycles play a significant role.

In order to reassure more parents and give more children the best possible development, we were rigorous to the point of harshness in our review of children’s bikes, and we conducted a three-month long review to test the performance and safety of the Trek Precaliber 16.

At first glance of the Precaliber 16, even our most serious friend exclaimed, “This is so cute and beautiful!” Yes, just from the looks of it, the Precaliber 16 is attractive enough for most little darlings.

Underneath its pretty exterior, the Precaliber 16 also has a sturdy heart. Its steep seat tube angle (70°) and head tube angle (70°), flexible Coaster brake, Trek’s comfortable child grip, and adjustable training wheels brought great comfort and security to children in our review.

Here is our breakdown of the Precaliber 16’s riding performance, riding performance, key features, component specifications, and previous versions of the Precaliber 16. If you want to know more about kids’ bikes, please stay tuned with us.

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Riding Performance

Trek Precaliber 16

Some people value speed, others like me value braking, and still, others value brand and material. I would have to say that most parents put more emphasis on safety when it comes to kids’ bikes. Therefore, we did a lot of reviews on the Trek Precaliber 16 regarding its safety.

Since the Precaliber 16 is a kid’s bike, it’s overall smaller and skewed towards children between the ages of 4 and 5. We hope that it will ensure that children can quickly master it while also bringing them a sense of joy and accomplishment, which will help them develop a better outlook on life and good habits.

The price of the Precaliber 16 is very affordable, which is a good price for growing children. In addition, we conducted a data test and the Precaliber 16 weighs only 17.95 Ibs, which is 3.03 Ibs lighter than the Precaliber 20.

The Bontrager XR1 kids mountain bike tires and the roller coaster brakes make us agree on its functionality and applicability.
Data is inanimate, and to get a more relevant and realistic ride, you still need to do a real ride. For this reason, I started teaching my 5-year-old daughter Dora to learn to ride a bike.

Dora’s Story

The Trek Precaliber 16 auxiliary wheel really helped us a lot. At first, Dora was a bit scared because I didn’t install the auxiliary wheel first, like most parents who have high expectations for their children and don’t consider the actual problems of their children, Trek equipped with the auxiliary wheel is easy to install, so I installed it alone easily.

After soothing and encouraging Dora afterwards, Dora settled into the first pedal, which made me happy. During the ride that lasted 10 minutes, Dora became more and more proficient and cheered happily on the bike.

I observed that the steep seat tube angle (70°) and head tube angle (70°) of the Trek Precaliber 16 kept Dora comfortably upright and made her pedaling more comfortable. the Pink Frosting paint color made Dora look like a butterfly in flight to me and the comfortable saddle made Dora reluctant to get off the saddle.

As a parent, I was happy to see Dora’s growth from the moment she started riding to the moment she became proficient. Through careful observation, I found that it is not so easy for children who just started to ride to keep their balance without auxiliary wheels, but the right angle of the seat tube will ensure the healthy development of the child, and a comfortable saddle will make the child enjoy it more.

If you want to see your child grow up, you can try the Trek Precaliber 16!

Riding Performance

After having Dora last for over a month with the help of the auxiliary wheel, Dora has become very proficient. I started to remove the auxiliary wheel, and I have to say that it was very easy to install and remove the auxiliary wheel.

The first ride was with my assistance Dora just barely started, after all, for a child of Dora’s age, balance is very difficult to grasp. When I slowly let go, Dora surprisingly maintained a smooth ride, but in the second half of the ride on a small incline, Dora fell, I was nervous to run over, but Dora got up by herself, she picked up the bike, no injuries, I also found the car almost no damage at all.

Dora got up on her own even when she fell down. She grew up very fast during the fall, and the Trek Precaliber 16 was always with her.

The crash and abrasion resistance of the Trek Precaliber 16 was very visually apparent to me, while the relatively large-looking tires provided a stable grip and helped children maintain their balance when facing small downhill slopes. The comfortable pedals also gave children plenty of confidence in pedaling.

My daughter Dora experienced the joy of riding, and she not only became more active and flexible, but also developed the habit of facing problems strongly and independently. Even though she is still so young, she has grown up without realizing it.

If you’re like me and want a kid’s bike that’s hard-wearing, you can try the Trek Precaliber 16.

Main Features


Trek Precaliber 16 Frame

We measured the weight of the Trek Precaliber 16 and found that it is relatively light at 17.95 Ibs. The Alpha Silver Aluminum frame is not only light, but also strong and wear-resistant enough in the real world.

In addition, the two paint colors of Trek Precaliber 16, Pink Frosting and UltraViolet, pay great attention to safety in terms of paint materials, while the color match is relatively low in color saturation, which is a good aid to children’s developing eyesight, and the color is very warm.

Not only that, but the Trek Precaliber 16 is also equipped with a 16-inch child’s rearview mirror, which allows children to observe what’s behind them while riding to ensure safety.
Because of the roller coaster style brakes, the Trek Precaliber 16 has no extra alignment, which gives the overall body a clean and bright look.

All things considered, the Trek Precaliber 16’s Frame is wear-resistant and looks nice enough to cause kids to have fun riding.


The important point of a children’s bicycle is its geometric design. A geometric design that fits children’s growth not only fosters interest but also promotes healthy growth.

As we can see, we find that the Trek Precaliber 16 has a slightly curved top tube, which is very convenient for kids to get on and off the bike. We see that the steep seat tube angle (70°) and head tube angle (70°) of the Trek Precaliber 16 allow children to maintain a comfortable upright ride, which effectively protects the growing child’s spine from injury.

In addition, we pay attention to its proper Chainstay length (30.7cm), which not only keeps the sensitivity of Trek Precaliber 16, but also ensures the stability of Trek Precaliber 16.

As mentioned above, the scientifically thoughtful geometric design of the Trek Precaliber 16 gives me confidence in it.

Components and Specifications

Coaster Brake

We can clearly see that the whole Trek Precaliber 16 is without any extra cables, because it is only equipped with the Coaster brake. Compared to the cable pull brake, which requires the pull of your fingers to stop the car, the Coaster brake does not require a lot of effort and relies entirely on your own legs to pedal backwards to complete the braking, which is more suitable for children.

Why do I say this?

First of all, 4 to 5 years old children are not strong enough, if only by the strength of the fingers is to make me as a parent worries about the bicycle brake can not function in time.

Secondly, the Coaster brake brakes by backpedaling to complete the braking, which is not only fun, and the braking effect is not bad, but also can exercise the child’s reaction ability and leg strength.

Bontrager XR1 Tires

The Trek Precaliber 16 uses the Bontrager XR1, a kid’s size mountain bike tire. It will look slightly larger than a regular kid’s bike tire, but its weight doesn’t match its looks. The versatile tread reduces weight, but you don’t have to wonder about the tire’s safety and rolling ability.

The Bontrager XR1 tire has a soft tread pattern with soft lugs, so this gives it the same reliable grip as the adult version when facing the smoother ground.

In addition, the relatively wide 16×2.25” Bontrager XR1 can absorb some of the bumps when facing slightly bumpy roads and even maintain power in turns and uphill, which will give children a safe and fast riding experience.

Also, it must be said that the internal strength casing is made of lightweight nylon inserts, which not only provide strong, soft sidewall protection, but also increase the durability of the tire.

Trek Kids Single Speed Grip

Children’s bikes need to be comfortable in every way, like this Trek 107mm kids single-speed grip for the Trek Precaliber 16. If you want to change the color every day, you can do so, as it is available in a wide range of colors, depending on your preference.

Know that the grip is the key contact point between you and your bike. The Trek 107mm kids single-speed grip is designed for use on kids’ bikes without shifters, and is designed to fit the size of a child’s hand as well as their habits.


We also took note of the Trek Precaliber 16 one-piece saddle, which is designed to be very snug. If it’s your baby’s first time riding, you can install a one-piece handle behind the saddle so your child can have the first ride with your help.

After a while your baby has become very skilled, you can replace the one-piece handle of the saddle with a one-piece light socket. If you want to enjoy the evening sunset with your child, the light stand can be installed so that others can easily find it and ensure your safe distance.

Not only that, the middle of the saddle down concave, leaving a certain space, and the cushion is not only soft and has enough lifting power. Just like my Dora sitting on the saddle will not think about coming down, always riding, like a happy and free bird.

Previous Versions of the Trek Precaliber 16

Trek Precaliber 16 Pink Frosting

We conducted a rigorous and realistic review of the Trek Precaliber 16 to learn about the brakes, saddle, materials, and some other components of the Trek Precaliber 16. However, in order to get a more comprehensive understanding of the Trek Precaliber 16, we also investigated previous versions of the Trek Precaliber 16.

We learned that the Trek Precaliber 16 weighs 18.83Ibs, which is heavier than the version. the Trek Precaliber 16 uses frenos lineales, which is not as easy for my five-year-old daughter to grasp. In comparison, I think the Trek Precaliber 16 is not only less in weight, I think it has more intimate braking.

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What do we like about it?

  • Easy to install and remove auxiliary wheels that can better assist children’s riding.
  • The low saturation color protects better eyesight.
  • The Alpha Silver Aluminum frame is wear-resistant and drop-resistant, and can be left to younger siblings if well preserved.
  • The coaster brake is interesting, can exercise the flexibility of the legs.
  • A comfortable seat saddle let you shed from the bike up.

What we don’t like about it?

  • Some people think the tires are a bit too big.
  • The vacuum tires are not ready.


  • What is the age range for Trek Precaliber 16?

The age range for the Trek Precaliber 16 is 4-5.

  • What is the frame material of the Trek Precaliber 16?

The frame material of the Trek Precaliber 16 is Alpha Silver Aluminum.

  • What is the tire size of the Trek Precaliber 16?

The tire size of the Trek Precaliber 16 is 16×2.25”.



FrameAlpha Silver Aluminum, 16” kids’ frame size
ForkSteel, 16”, threadless 1” steerer


Hub frontSteel, 100mm bolt-on
Hub rearCoaster brake, 19T, 120mm bolt-on
RimAlloy 16”, 28-hole, schrader valve
TireBontrager XR1, wire bead, 27 tpi., 16×2.25”


CrankAlloy, 26T, chainguard, 90mm length
Bottom bracketSquare taper, 68mm, sealed cartridge
ChainHV410, 1/2×1/8
PedalKids’ Satellite, 9/16 thread


SaddleKids’ padded, integrated seatpost, with handle
HandlebarKids’ steel, 25.4mm clamp, 80mm rise, 500mm width
GripsKids’ grip, 107mm width
StemBontrager Approved alloy, 25.4mm clamp, 15 degree rise, 50mm
Headset1” threadless


Training wheelTraining Wheel Trek Adjustable 12”-16”


Weight8.14 kg / 17.95 lbs
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 80 pounds (36 kg).

Comparison Table

Schwinn Koen 16″$199.99Coaster brake and Front Caliper Brake16’’Click View
woom NOW 4$749.00C-Star Hydraulic DiscFront 16”, Rear 20”Click View
Schwinn Krate EVO 16″$249.99Coaster Brake16’’Click View

Trek Precaliber 16 vs Schwinn Koen 16″

Schwinn Koen 16
Schwinn Koen 16″

The “Schwinn Koen 16″ is available in three paint colors, one more than the Trek Precaliber 16. If you like red, black, and blue, you can check out the Schwinn Koen 16”.

However, the Schwinn Koen 16″ uses Steel, so it weighs 2.66Ibs heavier than the Trek Precaliber 16. If you think this weight is insignificant, then I think you may not know much about kids, as heavier kids can make it difficult for them to keep their balance.

The Trek Precaliber 16 is not only lightweight, but the geometry is designed to fit the child’s body and grow better. If lightness and child growth are more important to you, you can experience some Trek Precaliber 16.

Trek Precaliber 16 vs Woom NOW 4

2022 woom NOW 4
woom NOW 4

The first time I saw the Woom NOW 4, I thought that this might not be suitable for 4 to 5-year-olds, and might be more suitable for 8 to 12-year-olds or so. Whether it is the design of the frame or its price, braking, and 1×8 transmission, I don’t think this would be suitable for a 4 to 5-year-old.

Also, the Woom NOW 4 at 23.6Ibs is not suitable for 4 to 5-year-olds. If your baby is old enough and has some riding experience and you want a more grown-up bike, you can choose the Woom NOW 4.

If your little one is still 4 to 5 years old, you can choose the lighter, simpler, and more cost-effective Trek Precaliber 16, which I think will appeal to you and your little one with its lightweight body and comfortable ride.

Trek Precaliber 16 vs Schwinn Krate EVO 16″

Schwinn Krate EVO 16
Schwinn Krate EVO 16″

I noticed that the frame of the Schwinn Krate EVO 16″ is a rigid frame, which is indeed very strong, but it is also relatively heavy. However, the Schwinn Krate EVO 16″ saddle has a thoughtful backrest design that allows parents to assist their children in learning to ride and allows them to lean on it when they are tired, not only for its ergonomic geometry, but also to allow your baby to ride comfortably.

In fact, when I saw the Schwinn Krate EVO 16″ saddle, I was afraid it would be uncomfortable, and indeed my Dora didn’t like the saddle very much.

If your little one is strong enough and likes this saddle you can buy it if you want.

Let’s take a look at the Trek Precaliber 16, with its lightweight aluminum body and comfortable saddle and grip, which my Dora loves. For her, the slightly larger tires are more suitable for her to go on “adventures”, and the price of the Trek Precaliber 16 makes it worthwhile for me, and I’m happy to pay for it.

If your little one likes a lightweight body and a comfortable saddle, and you like value for money, or if you have a new little angel on the way, I think you should go with the Trek Precaliber 16. Its sturdiness will allow your second little one to continue using it.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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