Is Evil Chamois Hagar / – AXS Worth Buying? [2022 Evil Chamois Hagar / – AXS Review]

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Evil Chamois Hagar / – AXS

  • Price: $3094
  • Category: Off-road bicycle
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Gear: 1×12 Electronic
  • Tires: 700x50c

What we like about it: The aggressive WTB Venture tires help you go off-road without a hitch.

What we don’t like about it: The color is a bit monochromatic.

Rating (4.7/5 )


Evil Chamois Hagar / - AXS

Are you a follower of gravel pavement? If your answer is “yes”, then don’t miss our subject today – Evil Chamois Hagar.

The WTB Venture 700 x 50c based tires have a wide clearance to crush all the debris and dead branches, and the puncture protection system allows you to not worry about the risk of a blowout.

At the same time, the large tires of the Evil Chamois Hagar do not mean compromising on steering, as the shorter rear fork length (430mm) also gives it more responsive steering, compensating for oversized tires. 66.67°seat tube angle also has the most suitable angle for you to be at the right angle on the downhill. The 80mm BB center of gravity also keeps the center of gravity low, providing the ultimate stability for your body. I am sure the Evil Chamois Hagar will give you a great ride on both ascents and descents.

We have two months of measurement experience with the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS. To make the results more informative for you, we will elaborate below on the performance of the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS while riding, key features, components, and specifications, as well as other versions of the series. If you want to learn more about the Evil versions, please refer to our review.

Road Riding

“It’s crazy, Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is a giant rock-crushing machine.”

This is Mike’s most intuitive evaluation of the newly acquired Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS. It is the most suitable design for the general public in terms of reach. Its 440mm length meets the height of most people, but of course, there is a suitable size configuration for those riders with taller people.

As a conqueror on gravel roads, Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is equipped with the WTB Venture 700x50c TCS tires as its absolute climbing weapon.

It’s hard to believe that the WTB tanwall tire combines a retro look with modern technology to create an iconic look that has become synonymous with performance gravel.


Our initial test section was a stretch of gravel uphill mossy singletrack, and the WTB Venture 700x50c TCS broke through all the obstacles with a winner.

You may be desperate to know how well the full suspension model Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS dampens, and that 3km ascent answers.

First of all, the fork of the Evil Carbon Chamois Hagar is made of carbon, which is proprietary to Evil. This lighter material, combined with the 12x100mm barrel axle, compresses back and forth to maintain a more stable stance.

Not only that, but the little lightweight dropper SRAM AXS Reverb under the seat post also played a big role 150mm (different models, different number of strokes) played a huge role in dampening the shock between one up and one down. I didn’t have to worry about the usual accidents that happen on the way up.

In addition, the shorter front center set up by the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS avoids this hindrance. With a 66.8° head tube angle, I can turn the handlebars without hitting my feet, and I can enjoy the freedom to turn as if I were riding on a flat surface. I was impressed by this.

Cross-Country Competition Riding

Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS’s excellence is not only reflected in its unparalleled under-the-will performance but is also the object of many evil lovers sought after.

For our next CX course training, we chose a 30 km long race course. It included sidewalks, tree-lined trails, overgrown grass, and steep hills.

But the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS remains unyieldingly resilient, and the WTB Venture 7’s large tires are the source of its confidence.


We had to continue our descent test on the muddy grass as it was. Unfortunately, rained heavily the day before our test.

We were pleasantly surprised by the strong grip of the WTB Venture 29-inch tires, and I was well aware of the rustling sound that the rocks made against the tire surface. When I was facing a turn on the wet and muddy ground, the strong tire grip allowed me to pass peacefully while maintaining speed. However, there is always no way to avoid getting splashed with mud spots when driving on such surfaces. Of course, you can also install a mudguard at the rear as needed.

The SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 is arguably the most central piece of equipment on the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS. I have great confidence in the SRAM brand, it is the king of trail riding.

The 1×12’s drivetrain requires little complication to make quick shifts and find the right speed. As a result, I was able to adjust to the right speed quickly by coasting from a flat road to the asphalt.

Of course, the surprises don’t stop there. evil’s range of models has a detachable and interchangeable drivetrain, which means you can swap the GX to the X01 for the xx1. The electronic drivetrain system is also configured to avoid cable tangles, effectively improving my riding speed.

However, CX race city shuttles inevitably have to deal with slippery road conditions, an obstacle that often comes into our view in a flash. The rainy muddy ground mixed with numerous hard bumps of mud, thanks to the hydraulic discs fitted to the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS I was able to get emergency braking in the first place. I didn’t slide forward a few meters because of the slippery ground in the rain, thanks to the WTB Venture tires. That excellent rough surface, and the help of SRAM Force hydraulic disc brakes.

Main Features


2022 Evil Chamois Hagar / - AXS

Black Out Drunk may not be enough to meet my expectations for it, and upgrading the color assortment may become the focus of the next reform.

Another good news is that Evil Chamois Hagar / AXS where the transmission configuration eschews the traditional cable setup and it opts for electronic transmission for operation wake-up. Wireless operation is the most advanced configuration, and you only need to select Bluetooth transmission to securely control the body.

Why is the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS the evil goat? It also comes mainly from the construction of its exaggerated front end. The two side grips look like the horns of a goat, keeping the body balanced and the rider in a comfortably stretched position.


Geometry is also a part of Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS that had to be elaborated. I chose the m model (different models with different angles) reach was set to 440mm so that it is also suitable to be able to fit the body shape of most people.

Even for someone of my stature (5’9), I was able to get balance even when maintaining a standing position. Also, the fork offset of 57mm is honestly not that long, which allows the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS to have a more stable body position. Of course, I was also able to maintain responsive steering during sharp turns. This is also related to the 1126mm wheelbase set by the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS. In practice, I can easily control the head of the goat and move in my designated direction.

Of course, the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS also takes into account the balance between climbing and descending, and the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS does not have an extreme seat tube angle of 73°, perhaps because it wants to avoid too much forward-leaning on descents. With a 66.67°head tube angle, it can maintain a good performance both up and down hills.

Components and Specifications

Drivetrain: SRAM AXS X01 Eagle, 12sp

Evil Chamois Hagar / - AXS

I had high expectations for SRAM, and not surprisingly, I was pleasantly surprised by the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS.

First, the XO1’s drivetrain is designed to be best suited for enduro and aggressive trail riding to meet the balance of weight and durability.

Second, has almost the same structure as XX1 and is made of stainless steel alloy, a full alloy pulley cage (which improves durability), and steel pulley tire bearings. Therefore, if you have an extreme passion for endurance racing, perhaps this is the most suitable choice.

Of course, you can also choose the GX or the XX1 as your alternative. Since the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is interchangeable, you can choose the right drivetrain for the road you are facing.

Fork: Evil Carbon Chamois Hagar

I have to admit that the Evil Carbon Chamois Hagar fork that comes with the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is expensive, and at $995 it might be a wallet-buster type of existence for the bike. But trust me, there is no substitute for the riding experience it gives you. Unlike other forks made up of alloys, the Evil Carbon Chamois Hagar fork is made up of carbon material. Also, the 12x100mm Thru-Axle improves its forgiveness and greatly slows down the pounding of mountain rocks on you.

Some may still doubt the performance of the Evil Carbon Chamois Hagar’s damping capabilities but don’t forget that the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS is equipped with SRAM AXS Reverb droppers at the bottom of the bike. 150mm of super-high travel will greatly reduce the tingling sensation of the seat post shaking against you when you climb.

Tire: WTB Venture 700x50c TCS

WTB Venture tires provide traction and performance in a variety of conditions, whether you’re facing a winding flowing trail or a bumpy ascent, the tires turn fast while maintaining an extremely stable body.

Look closely and you’ll see a lot of protruding aramid beads spreading across the surface of the tire, which is its secret killer. 700x50c has a very strong grip on the rough and uneven surface of the tire, which not only clings to the ground but also provides the ultimate stability.

You may be concerned that the larger body may compromise on steering sensitivity. But in more than two months of testing, I can responsibly tell you that such concerns are unnecessary.

It can be noted that the short wheelbase of 1126mm may have a significant improvement on the steering. This is also due to Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS’s consideration for body performance.

Other versions of Evil

To give you more possibilities in your choice, we tested other Evil models in our range for a certain period objectively and fairly. These include the Evil Following / GX I9 Hydra and the Evil Insurgent X01 I9 Hydra.

SRAM system is our old friend’s 1×12 drivetrain power that can ensure you have a silky smooth shift operation in the mountain adventure.

Evil Following / GX I9

Evil Following / GX I9

The Evil Following / GX I9 may perhaps be inferior in shock absorption to these brothers. This is reflected in 130mm and 120mm front and rear travel may still have a distinct sense of difference for those professional veterans.

But the cheaper price might still be perhaps friendly for newbies, and the 1x system is a big selling point. You don’t have to do complicated shifting operations, just a gentle one-handed shift for butter-smooth shifting. I believe this is a very friendly presence for newbies.

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Evil Insurgent X01 I9 Hydra

Evil Insurgent X01 I9 Hydra

The Evil Insurgent X01 I9 Hydra has more options than ever before. 27.5er and 29er tires are available to meet the expectations of a wider range of people. Since it doesn’t settle for 29er tires, you can even change to 27.5er tires to meet your agile body needs. If you’re a big fan of CX racing, I’d be inclined to swap the XO1 for the xx1. The lighter weight adjustment and smoother performance handling will keep you on track for the rest of the race.

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What we like about it

  1. UD carbon frame keeps the body extremely light.
  2. Super high fork travel is enough to deal with all kinds of explosive roads.
  3. Shock Absorber Deluxe Coil keeps the ultimate stable body against rough trails.
  4. Faster and more agile hydraulic discs enable braking even on muddy roads.
  5. The SRAM GX drivetrain increases traction while maintaining light weight.

 What we don’t like about it

  1. Relative to the more expensive price of components.
  2. Too sparse a selection of colors.


  • What is the price of the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS?

The price of Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is $3,094.

  • What is the body material of the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS?

The Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS is made of carbon.

  • What is the gear of the Evil Chamois Hagar/ – AXS?

The Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS gear is 1×12.

What height is Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS suitable for people who ride?

Size chart for Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS.

Component sizingSmallMediumLargex-large

Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS Specs

Bike 2022 Evil Chamois Hagar / – AXS
FrameEvil Chamois Hagar UD Carbon, Internal Routing, 142×12, Flat Mount Road, Braze-On AdapterBB Standard: BSA, 68mm, Threaded
ForkEvil Carbon Chamois Hagar Fork, 12x100mm Thru-Axle, Flat Mount Brakes
Rear ShockN/A
Bottom Bracket68mm Threaded
HeadsetCaneCreek 40-Series, Cups: ZS44/28.6 (Upper) and ZS62/40(Lower), Bearing: 36° x 45° – 41mm (Upper) and 36° x 45° – 52mm (Lower) ZN40 Zinc Coated(no race) w /compression preload plug
StemEvil Stem, Length:50mm, Clamp:31.8
HandlebarEASTON EA70 AX,Reach 80mm, Drop 120mm, Flare 16˚, S/M 44cm, L/XL 46cm
SaddleWTB Volt Medium (142mm) Width Chromoly Saddle
SeatpostSRAM AXS Reverb, 30.9, S: 125mm, M: 150mm, L/XL: 170mm
GripsEvil Gravel Tape w/Gel
Rear DerailleurSRAM AXS X01 Eagle, 12sp
Front DerailleurBraze On
CrankSRAM Force 1 Carbon, DUB, 38t ring, 172.5mm
ShiftersSRAM Force ETAP AXS HRD Shift-Brake
CassetteSRAM XG-1295 Eagle, 10-52T: 10,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32,36,42,52
ChainSRAM GX Eagle w/ Powerlock
BrakesSRAM Force, Flat Mount
TiresFront: WTB Venture 700x50c TCS, w/ Black Wall, Rear: WTB Venture 700x50c TCS, w/ Black Wall


Comparison Table

Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 $5200 SRAM RIVAL 12-SPeed700x40cClick view
2022 Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2 $4999 Shimano GRX Di2 RX815    22 spd650b/ 700cClick view
Framed Super Tuscan Carbon Gravel Bike Rival AXS $5000 Rival AXS 1×11 700x40cClick view
2023 Trek Checkpoint SL 7 eTap $6699 SRAM Force eTap AXS, 12 speed700x40cClick view

2022 Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS vs 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

If you have the budget, the 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 is a good choice in addition to the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS. The 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 is a great choice for sprinting on flat ground, and our measurements show that the 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 has a speed of 37mph, which is much faster than the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS.

Not only that but like the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS, it is also an electronic drivetrain. By doing away with the traditional cable drivetrain setup, it will be more agile, and faster and also avoid more visual tangles.

The Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 also comes in a 2x configuration for the drive. This may be good news for those who are looking for speed range. But personally, the 1x gives me more convenience in shifting than any other drivetrain configuration. So, if you prefer the simplicity of shifting, then I believe the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS is still the best choice for you.

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2022 Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS vs 2022 Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2

2022 Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2

I have to admit that the Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2 is considered a relatively lightweight presence in the whole mountain cross-country ranks. This may also be related to its election in materials. Not only the frame and even the choice of fork, but it also looks towards carbon.

It is worth mentioning that the Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2 has greater freedom in the choice of tires. Unlike the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS, which can only be equipped with 700c tires, the latter can be changed to 650b. This also means that you can have a lighter body and more flexible steering.

The geometry of the Canyon Grail CF SL 8 Di2 is bold and innovative enough, with an extremely steep seat tube and head tube angle, to give you a more efficient pedaling efficiency when climbing uphill. But perhaps in the downhill moments, you may feel that the design may not be particularly good. Overall, if you want to maintain stable performance both uphill and downhill, then perhaps the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS is still the best choice.

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2022 Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS vs 2022 Framed Super Tuscan Carbon Gravel Bike Rival AXS

2022 Framed Super Tuscan Carbon Gravel Bike Rival AXS

It took a lot of work to review the Framed Super Tuscan Carbon Gravel Bike Rival AXS. But the effort was worth it.

The high-modulus carbon bike has a 142x12mm thru-axle, fork, and rear triangle with brazing. There are also three water bottle cage mounts, 12mm front and rear thru-axles, disc brakes, and a reliable drivetrain. It will provide reliable performance in any condition and take you on long adventures.

The SRAM 1×11 drivetrain is not the right one for every rider. However, if 12 speeds are more important to you, then I think the Evil Chamois Hagar/AXS may still be the right choice for you.

2022 Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS vs 2023 Trek Checkpoint SL 7 eTap

2023 Trek Checkpoint SL 7 eTap

The Trek Checkpoint SL 7 eTap is truly the uncrowned king when it comes to climbing.

With 45c tires that are crushing, the fatter and thicker tires allow you to maintain a more stable ride whether in the snow or on top of the muddy rain.

The seat tube angle of 74.1° is also a relatively extreme setting, ensuring a stable center of gravity and strong traction even in the middle of a hill.

Perhaps, you may worry whether it will have some lack of body sensitivity, but from our riding experience, we can tell you that there is no need to worry. The 1048mm is also a relatively short wheelbase, so it has an extremely efficient acceleration experience in the corners.

If there is one thing that I find unsatisfactory, it must be the 2x drivetrain. This may be contrary to the current trend, 24 speed may have a wide choice of gearing. But it’s hard to get a good riding experience in real-world adjustment. If your goal is the next XC race, I still recommend the Evil Chamois Hagar/-AXS.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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