Is Diamondback Syncr Worth Buying? [2022 Diamondback Syncr Review]

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2022 Diamondback Syncr Review

  • Price: $1500
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Stroke: Front 140mm
  • Tires: 27.5″ x 2.8
  • Gear: 1×12

What we like about it: Stable wide tires with a sturdy, build-resistant frame.

What we don’t like about it: It may not be very suitable for retrofitting and upgrading.

Rating (4.5/5)

Diamondback Syncr

This is Diamondback’s most advanced mountain hardtail trail bike. As they recommend, its geometry is arguably more aggressive than a full-suspension mountain bike.

Versatile – that’s the description of this bike on Diamondback’s website. It is a progressive woodland bike, a series that has been widely popular among cyclists. This bike flashes through trails as fast as a full-suspension bike, or it can paddle softly on singletrack. That’s because it also suspends very good components on the chassis. If you want to know more, you may want to read on.

Below we break down Diamondback Syncr’s climbing performance, descent performance, key features, components, and specifications, as well as other versions.

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Diamondback Syncr Climbing Performance

Not surprisingly, the bike is quite light, and by that I mean it feels good when riding. The rigid frame of the 3.0 helps with acceleration and nimble control. On some fun and flowy mountain bike singletrack – this time we chose Silver Star Bike Park. a long history of mountain biking and some of the best bike trails anywhere, I enjoyed my ride here.

What should I expect from a bike that costs only $1500? It exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. First of all, it was so comfortable on the climbs that I felt like I could pedal it for up to ten hours. Although this sounds a bit exaggerated, the comfortable riding position is really what I value.

Also, the wide enough gearing allows me to get the right gear ratio for every kind of hill I face and I can always pedal efficiently. In addition, the SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain is paired with a 2.8″ width tire with low tire pressure. This means that it may never get me riding fast, but it allows me to get around less than I normally would.

These wide tires are perfect for rocky, loose trails like the Challenger, and the toothed tires add comfort as well as traction for climbing. To be honest, the climbing felt very good, but I felt it could have been better. As a recreational climber, this is the intent of the Diamondback Syncr. This bike is perfect for people who are interested in the outdoors, but not in racing.

Diamondback Syncr Downward Performance

The 140mm fork damping with the wide outer tire makes it a good dampener even without a rear shock, on a fun and fluid mountain bike trail. Especially if your goal is just to keep it fun and you won’t be racing the challenges.

As long as the trail isn’t too rough or steep, the Diamondback Syncr is in good form, and the tubeless design of the Vee Rubber Crown Gem allows it to ignore damage from small rocks. Compared to the more trail-focused Marin and the longer Salsa Timberjack it feels very interesting to me, especially if the terrain is full of jumps.

While this isn’t a bike that you can constantly test your limits on, the forgiving large-size tires and dropper seat post meant I could handle those trails without question. In addition, the forks were full of air pressure, as usual, the dropped seat and the right tire pressure allowed it to keep moving well.

I charged down every hill with great confidence. This is because the excellent braking system provides me with great power and a consistent bite, making it a highlight of the Diamondback Syncr.

During the overall ride, I felt that the Diamondback Syncr has a very compact geometry, combined with slack angles and an elongated wheelbase, which is very helpful for descending. Combined with the wide tires it allows the bike to fall more consistently into its intended track. In summary, most Diamondback Syncr’s attract buyers because of their capable climbing performance, but there is still no denying that their descending performance is just as good.

Main Features

Frame Group

Diamondback Syncr

First of all, the frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, so it has high rigidity and is lightweight. This, combined with the tapered head tube, provides the bike with very strong stability. Also, the progressive geometry gives it a more comfortable riding position.

Second, the frame uses all external alignment frames. Although it may not be easy to clean after riding, it is very convenient for those avid cyclists to prepare their bikes by themselves. It provides a reinforcement design at the top tube and is equipped with a drip tube mounting position to provide a more comfortable experience when descending. What’s even more comforting is that the two water bottle holders can also provide ample water while riding.


Geometrically, the head tube angle of (66°) and seat tube angle (74°) are both relatively generous and provide the rider with a stable riding experience. However, this Diamondback hardtail does not offer an ultra-spacious cockpit. However, the front reach spans from 415mm-472mm in the S-L size range, which is still relatively compact relative to each size. But if you need a more generous amount of forward reach, it is recommended that you can choose a size larger. Because it also won’t have a very high ride height.

In addition, the length of the rear lower fork is 435mm all dimensions remain the same.

Again, the dropper is equipped to make adjustments for the geometry height when descending, and the extended seat tube allows the dropper to stay in a proper position. When I need to, I can easily adjust the saddle height with a flick of a button on the handlebars.

Components and Specifications

SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 Drivetrain

The Sram SX Eagle kit doesn’t look like much on this bike, but it does a good job of completing the set of tasks given to it. Undoubtedly, the shift paddles are comfortable to use, and the shape should be ergonomically designed. And the 12-speed gearing offers the widest range of gearing available on a mainstream mountain bike. I felt the shifts were very dense while riding, and I was able to find the right pedaling frequency to get to the top of even the steepest hills.

In addition, the latest 1× drivetrain makes shifting much easier. I only had to install a single-side hand paddle to do all the shifting, which helped with the bike’s lightweight. In case you don’t know, SRAM claims that Eagle technology represents our latest 1× drivetrain technology. It is a lighter, simpler, more durable, and easier-to-maintain system. And the 12-speed gearing can even be paired with 8, 9, or 10-speed low-end wheelset bases.

Shimano MT-500 Hydraulic Disc Brake

The Shimano dual-piston MT500 brake is a highlight of the entire bike. It provides very strong power and consistent bite on both sides, making it one of the selling points of this test bike. Having a good brake on the descent is the first thing most riders need.

Secondly, it is not common to mix and match kits from two different brands. Especially the combination of Shimano and SRAM shifting and braking kits, I think this is a very novel operation in actual riding. Also, SRAM’s excellent MTB shifting components with Shimano’s excellent braking system make this bike a very high-performance package.

Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5×2.8 Tires

Diamondback Syncr Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5x2.8 Tires

The rims have a hookless design, so I had to install vacuum tires to deal with this during the ride. To be honest, I don’t really like this design, it doesn’t allow me to mount open outer tires to face other situations. However, I can’t argue with the fact that it reduces the weight of the wheelset.

And the Vee Rubber Crown Gem is a very chunky, versatile tire that will perform well in a wide range of conditions and a variety of riding styles. Plus the Crown Gem is designed around a large round profile, giving it a very wide rim as well, and obviously, a square cross-section throughout the tire. What’s more, the directional tread with siped tread pattern provides top ride and braking traction, and comfortable rolling friction allows it to move at will on any terrain.

Rockshox Recon RL Fork

I believe that when the brand’s logo is printed on the fork, you probably don’t have a skeptical view of its performance anymore. the Rockshox Recon RL optimized material is concentrated on the bracket and the sealed area. As a result. It has an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio as well as available eMTB configuration forks and unobtrusive fender mounts.

And, Motion Control™ damping includes adjustable locking for low-speed compression, and 32mm tubing in Fast Black polished material combines lightweight stiffness with premium looks.

Other versions of Diamondback Syncr

Other versions of Diamondback Syncr

In this review, we review the 2022 Diamondback Syncr. If you’re considering a hardtail trail bike and need wide tires to crush everything, it’s a good choice. And, the cost-effective and easy-to-maintain attributes make it even more suitable for entry riders.

For this bike, we also found its larger tire version 2022 Diamondback Syncr Carbon 29. Because of the oversized 29-inch tires, gives it better passing performance when riding. The larger tires are also known to filter out some of the vibrations from the road in some cases and allow for a faster ride on flat surfaces.

But the smaller tires provide more nimble handling and also make the whole bike a lot more fun to ride. So you can choose whether to buy the smaller tire version of 27.5 or the larger tire version of 29 according to your preference. If you want to know more information about this series, welcome to follow us.

What we like about it

  • Ultra-high durability.
  • Extra-wide tires provide exceptional stability.
  • Compact geometry makes it easier to power up.
  • Excellent braking system.
  • Seatpost with dropper.
  • Cable with external alignment becomes easy to maintain.
  • Tubeless design.

What we don’t like about it

  • May not be suitable for modification and upgrading.


  • What kind of outer tire does the Diamondback Syncr come with?

The Diamondback Syncr uses the same outer tire front and rear, both using the Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5×2.8.

  • What kind of people is the Diamondback Syncr suitable for?

Suitable for first-time impact mountain enthusiasts, thick tires and front shock gives a good experience and can let them ride far and stable.

  • If you want to go riding in well-known terrain or special terrain, where is the most convenient place to stay?

You can book your accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts, which is not only rich in variety but also easy to operate.

  • What heights does the Diamondback Syncr fit?

The Diamondback Syncr sizing chart is as follows.

(These sizes are only a general guide, the true fit may vary from person to person and the easiest way to find your size is best to go for a test ride.)

Rider height (cm) Frame size
158cm – 171cm SM
168cm – 180cm MD
178cm – 189cm LG
186cm – 199cm XL

2022 Diamondback Syncr Specs


Frame 6061-T6 Butted Aluminum for 27.5″, Tapered Head Tube, Formed Top and Down Tube, w/ Integrated Disc Brake Tabs, Progressive Geometry, 148x12MM Thru-Axle for Maxxel
Fork Rockshox Recon RL, Solo Air, 140mm Travel, 32mm Stanchions, 15mm Thru-axle, Tapered Steerer Tube, w/ Turn Key Lock out
Bottom Bracket Power Spline 73mm, 118mm Spindle
Headset FSA NO.57, Sealed Cartridge for Tapered Headtube
Stem Race Face Chester, 40mm Reach, 35 Bar Bore
Handlebar Race Face Chester, 780mm Wide, 35 Bar Bore
Saddle DB Syncr Saddle
Seatpost JD YSP18JL, Dropper post with Remote 30.9mm
Pedals DB Alloy Platform w/ Replaceable Pins
Grips New DB “Flanged” Lock-on, 135mm Silcone


Rear Derailleur SRAM SX 12 Speed
Crank SRAM SX Eagle w/ Steel 32T “Narrow Wide”
Shifters SRAM SX Trigger 12 Speed
Cassette SRAM SX 12 Speed 11-50T
Chain SRAM SX 12 Speed
Brakes Shimano MT-500 Hydraulic Disc, w/ 180mm Front and 160mm Rear Rotors
Brake Levers Shimano MT-500 Hydraulic


Rims Diamondback AL35, Tubeless compatible, 32h
Spokes 14g Stainless Steel
Front Hub 32h Alloy, 110x15mm Thru-axle, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, w/ CNC Disc Mount
Rear Hub 32h Alloy, Boost 148x12mm Thru-axle, 2 Sealed Cartridge Bearing, w/ CNC Disc Mount
Tires Vee Rubber Crown Gem 27.5×2.8


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Drivetrain Brakes Tires Click view
Marin Bobcat Trail 5 $999 1×11 Shimano Deore Hydraulic Disc WTB Trailboss Comp, 27.5/29×2.25″ Click View
2023 Trek Roscoe 6 $1199 1×10 Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc Bontrager XR3 Comp 27.5×2.80” Click View
Canyon Stoic 4 $1999 1×12 SRAM Guide T hydraulic Disc Schwalbe Hans Dampf  27.5 / 29×2.35″ Click View
Giant Fathom 2 $1500 1×10 Tektro HDM 275 hydraulic Disc Maxxis Ardent Race 27.5×2.6″ Click View

2022 Diamondback Syncr vs 2022 Marin Bobcat Trail 5

Marin Bobcat Trail 5

There is a difference of close to $500 between the two bikes. So, as you can imagine, there must be something about the Diamondback Syncr that surpasses the others. For example, the better RockShox Recon fork and the better Sram SX Eagle kit both show higher performance.

Geometrically, there is even a very big difference between the two bikes. There is a difference of 130mm in the stand-up height, which is a very impressive difference. This is because it means that the Diamondback Syncr will be more stable, provide comfort for long rides, and be more suitable for the beginner crowd.

The Marin Bobcat Trail 5, on the other hand, will be more aggressive, with a compressed frame that makes it easier to power and an overall frame that is very agile on descents, making it suitable for cross-country racers who are more in pursuit of speed. And the lower seat tube length can take care of more small partners who are not very tall.

If you are looking for some stability in your riding, I think Diamondback Syncr will be more suitable.

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2022 Diamondback Syncr vs 2023 Trek Roscoe 6

Trek Roscoe 6

The comparison shows that the Trek Roscoe 6 has a very good value for money at this price point. But the 1×10 shifting system may not be sufficient off-road, and it can only lose in the face of some steep slopes.

The Diamondback Syncr has better components as well as a braking system. Also, the 1×12 component makes it more practical, with enough gear ratios to accompany me up higher hills.

In terms of geometry, the Diamondback Syncr has a more relaxed head tube angle in comparison. This gives it a very comfortable riding position and the design increases stability. All of this proves that the Diamondback Syncr will be more suitable for new riders to hit the mountains.

In addition, in terms of tires, they both use the same size and width tires. In summary, you can see that both are perfect for cyclists who are looking for stability.

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2022 Diamondback Syncr vs 2022 Canyon Stoic 4

Canyon Stoic 4

The Canyon Stoic 4 has a very hefty price tag, with $2,000 being the watershed of the mountain bike price point. At this price point, you can get very good value for money, and the Canyon Stoic 4 is no exception. First of all, it not only has the high-end Sram NX shifting components but also the fork has better cushioning travel. The Diamondback Syncr, on the other hand, keeps the cost-effective components due to the price, but the performance may be lacking. However, I didn’t feel a lot of difference between them in my actual riding experience. So I guess it doesn’t matter much.

In addition, the geometry uses a more relaxed headtube angle to maintain a more stable position during riding. Also, the elevated head tube keeps the body upright while riding, so you won’t feel back pain during long rides. I think this is very friendly for newbies. The Diamondback Syncr takes a similar design but goes for some more speed. Yes, it does a good balance of speed and comfort.

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2022 Diamondback Syncr VS 2022 Giant Fathom 2

Giant Fathom 2

The Giant Fathom 2 is a very comfortable bike, with a taller Stack (631mm) paired with a longer Reach (470mm) that allows the rider to maintain a higher stretch position. This design allows the rider to maintain overall body stability. Combined with the extra-long wheelbase (746mm) and wide tires, you can see that this is a stable bike that wants to crush everything.

And the Diamondback Syncr is very comfortable in a more upright position despite the Stack (598mm) being taller. And it does a good job of making stability, comfort, and some speed pursuits. This has been mentioned before.

In terms of components, Diamondback Syncr’s components will be better, but the price of both bikes is the same. I think the difference is caused by the Giant Fathom 2’s higher brand premium. So here I would recommend the Diamondback Syncr.

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