Is Cannondale Quick 1 A Good Bike? [2022 Cannondale Quick 1 Review]

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2022 Cannondale Quick 1 Review

  • Price: $1625
  • Frame: SmartForm C3 alloy
  • Tires: 700 x 32c
  • Gear: 2×11

What we like about it: The new SmartForm C3 alloy frame, high-strength all-carbon fork, prominent reflective paint accents, dual-density saddle and grips, and flexible, reliable Shimano 105 GS derailleur will all give you a satisfying ride.

What we don’t like about it: The relatively monotonous and boring color scheme.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Cannondale Quick 1


Cannondale, an excellent brand focusing on professional bicycles, the Quick 1 series has been launched for many years. With the growing popularity of cycling and the increasing number of people who love cycling, the Quick 1 series is divided into different versions according to the different physical characteristics of men and women. This is undoubtedly a more intimate move for the majority of cycling enthusiasts.

Below we break down the 2022 Cannondale Quick 1 for urban commuting, cycling fitness, key features, components and specifications, and other versions.

Cannondale Quick 1 Urban Commuting

As we can see, this is a bike that focuses on urban commuting. When you ride it on weekday mornings with your backpack on, it will bring you a relaxing ride, agile steering, and efficient speed. And of course, the essential durability. That way your ride to work or school will be fantastic and it will give you in a good mood for the day.

The Cannondale Quick 1 has a lot of reflective accents that are often overlooked when riding. This is because the reflective trim is not visible to the rider himself. When riding at night, such reflective trim not only adds to the fun of riding but also gives us an extra layer of safety.

When we have water on the road, it is very embarrassing to have a bike without fenders. The mud and water from the front wheel would splash on the inside of my pants and pant legs. In addition to the dirty mud, it was more disturbing that I would have to endure the wetness of my pants for a long time. Likewise, mud from the rear wheel would stain and wet my back, and the Cannondale Quick 1 has a full fender position so we don’t have to worry about that.

Since there is relatively more traffic and pedestrians on the road during the commute, nimble steering and strong braking are great ways to avoid many accidents. Therefore, the Shimano MT201-UR300 hydraulic disc brakes on this bike are very obedient, and the steering geometry and high-strength all-carbon fork give me strong turning confidence. So I didn’t have to worry too much about not being able to weave through the crowd.

Cannondale Quick 1 Cycling Fitness

Another scenario that this bike is perfect for is sports and fitness. Needless to say, with the growing number of overweight people these days, exercise for weight loss is always a hot topic. In my time with the Cannondale Quick 1, I can say with certainty that this bike will do a great job of getting the fitness riding done.

First of all, we can connect the integrated wheel sensors via the free Cannondale app so that we can keep a complete record of our movements. This is essential for sports fitness or weight loss, as one can adjust one’s exercise program and exercise intensity based on the exercise data. As the exercise records accumulate, we will see our progress and changes.

Secondly, the Cannondale Quick 1 comes with a portable mount on the stem to securely hold any SP-Connect compatible smartphone case. This allows us to see the exercise data very visually during our fitness rides and make sense of our cycling guidance.


Unlike city commuting, fitness rides tend to be longer, so the issue of comfort is further magnified. That’s why the Cannondale Quick 1 is equipped with a bump-absorbing SAVE micro-suspension and a 73° seat tube height, a relatively upright riding position that reduces fatigue from prolonged exercise and provides a higher field of vision.

It is worth mentioning that the bike is equipped with Cannondale Ergo Fitness dual density, locking grips. This soft, yet flexible, shaped grip has a wavy pattern and perforated design. So it can provide good grip and friction, as well as bring a good palm support effect. The grip is designed with such care that I feel good about it, even on long rides, so that my palms don’t become a drag on this training. Although it is a small design, I can feel the manufacturer’s efforts to detail.

Also reflecting this detail is the saddle on this bike. The same Cannondale Fitness Ergo dual-density design is carefully shaped to perfectly cradle my hips while defusing some of the smallest vibrations.

Also involved in defusing the vibrations are the Schwalbe Lugano, 700 x 32c tires. This relatively larger size of tire absorbs bumps on the road, providing more grip and durability. Even more thoughtful are the reflective strips on the tires as well, which together with the reflective trim on the frame bring greater safety.

Main Features


Cannondale Quick 1

As we talked about earlier, the new SmartForm C3 alloy frame is not as aggressive as a racing or mountain bike. So it reduces fatigue from long hours of exercise and brings a wide field of vision.

The high-strength full-carbon fork provides more rigidity while keeping it lightweight. This gives me an excellent experience during my fast city rides.

Although the Quick 1 is intended for use on flat roads, it will inevitably encounter fine surfaces such as road joints, and this is where the SAVE micro-suspension, which is equipped to absorb bumps, comes into its own. Although it is not as good as a mountain bike with shock absorbers, it is already a good performer in the same type of road bike.

In addition, the Straight shot hidden alignment is another advantage. It can make the whole car look cleaner and also improve the durability of the wire.


There is no absolute good or bad geometry, it’s more about how well the model matches the usage scenario, Cannondale’s profound design skills are still trustworthy, and the 71° head tube makes the control both flexible and stable. Likewise, the 73° seat tube angle is also very appropriate. To be honest, picking the right size is probably more important than focusing on geometry.

Components and Specifications

Shimano MT201-UR300

Cannondale Quick 1 Shimano MT201-UR300

These brakes are affordable, but there is no compromise in performance, easy to install, and very inexpensive to maintain.

It gives me strong protection during my commute to work and the occasional hard braking situation. The resin pads reduce noise and heat, and the easy-to-use two-finger brake lever enhances control and puts my fingers at ease. Equipping it on the Cannondale Quick 1 is a very appropriate choice.

Shimano 105 GS 2×11

Cannondale Quick 1 Shimano 105 GS 2×11

The Shimano 105 has given me a good experience in my riding. It has a crisp feel and just the right amount of weight to make every shift smooth for me.

Especially on fitness rides, intermittent rides with frequent shifting are very common, so I would use the gear shifts frequently. the Shimano 105 gave me a very satisfying experience, smooth and quiet, allowing me to focus fully on my speed, heart rate, and the road ahead.

Full Carbon Front Fork

Cannondale Quick 1 Full Carbon Front Fork

As a bike with an urban use scenario, the high-strength full-carbon fork was a surprise to me. I was impressed by the lighter weight and the excellent characteristics of the carbon material. This feeling is especially obvious when riding at high speed in the city.

As we all know, Cannondale’s aluminum frame is very good. Based on the SmartForm C3 alloy frame and the full carbon fork, the rigidity of the bike has reached a new high speed. The most intuitive feeling is that when I pedal the power drivetrain is very direct and smooth, no sense of relief.

Other versions of Cannondale Quick

Other versions of Cannondale Quick

As the highest version of Quick, Quick 1 is really good value for money. The Quick 2, which was brought in for comparison, differs from the Quick 1 in many areas. For example, the Cannondale Quick 1 uses a Shimano 105 GS 2×11 drivetrain, while the Cannondale Quick 2 uses a Shimano Sora GS 2×9 drivetrain.

The Quick 1 has a little more adjustment range. But the difference in feel is not very big in everyday riding, although there will be some impact on riding fitness. The Cannondale Quick 1 is equipped with Shimano MT201-UR300 160/160mm RT56 rotors, while the Cannondale Quick 2 is equipped with Tektro HD-R280 160/140mm rotors. Cannondale Quick 1 will be more effective in braking, but Quick 2 is also perfectly acceptable.

In summary, the Quick 1 is the better product, but it’s also $425 more expensive than the Quick 2. So I think that if you have more long fitness rides, Quick 1 is a more suitable choice. But if you just want to start exercising and fitness, or daily commuting, Quick 2 is also a very good choice.

We have reviewed other versions of 2022 Cannondale Quick 1 if you want to know more.

What we like about it

  • New SmartForm C3 alloy frame with high-strength full-carbon fork
  • Shimano MT201-UR300 brakes and Shimano 105 GS 2×11 drivetrain
  • High-strength full-carbon front fork
  • Fenders can be installed, and the stem comes with a portable mount to securely hold any SP-Connect compatible smartphone case
  • Free Cannondale app connects integrated wheel sensors
  • Ergonomic grip and saddle

What we don’t like about it

  • Relatively boring color scheme
  • The price is higher, the same Quick series, and the Quick 2 price difference is somewhat large


  • What are the scenarios for which Cannondale Quick 1 is suitable?

All city roads for recreational, fast, and fitness riding.

  • What is the Cannondale Quick 1 drivetrain?

The Cannondale Quick 1 drivetrain is Shimano 105 GS 2×11.

  • What are the Cannondale Quick 1 brakes?

The Cannondale Quick 1 brakes are Shimano MT201-UR300.

How do I choose the Cannondale Quick 1 size?

Size Rider height
SM 5’2″-5’7″
MD 5’5″-5’10”
LG 5’9″-6’2″
XL 6’0″-6’5″
2XL 6’4″-6’9″

2022 Cannondale Quick 1 Specs


Frame SmartForm C3 Alloy, SAVE, tapered head tube, Straight shot hidden cable routing, flat mount disc, rack/fender mounts, 360° reflectivity Color: Black Pearl
Fork Full carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, 1-1/4″ to 1-1/8″ tapered steerer, flat mount disc, fender mounts, 360° reflectivity
Bottom Bracket FSA MegaExo
Headset FSA Sealed Bearing, integrated, 1-1/4″-1-1/8″
Stem Cannondale 3 with Intellimount, Alloy, 31.8mm clamp
Handlebar Cannondale 3 Riser, 6061 Alloy, 18mm rise, 8° back, 4° up, 6mm
Saddle Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density
Seatpost Cannondale 3, 6061 Alloy, 27.2 x 350mm
Pedals Cannondale Fitness Reinforced Composite
Grips Cannondale Ergo Fitness Dual Density, Lock-on


Rear Derailleur Shimano 105 GS
Front Derailleur Shimano 105, 31.8 clamp
Crank FSA Omega ME Alloy, 50/34
Shifters Shimano RS700 FB, 11-speed
Cassette Shimano 105, 11-32, 11-speed
Chain Shimano HG601, 11-speed
Brakes Shimano MT201-UR300 hydraulic disc, 160/160mm RT56 rotors
Brake Levers Shimano MT201


Rims Cannondale Disc, double wall w/eyelet, 32h
Spokes Stainless Steel, 14g
Front Hub Formula CRX-512, 12x100mm
Rear Hub Formula CX-22, QR
Tires Schwalbe Lugano, 700 x 32c, K-Guard, reflective strip


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Gear Brakes Tires Click view
Specialized Sirrus X 4.0  $1600  1×11 Tektro HD-R510, hydraulic disc 700x38cClick view
CUBE SL ROAD SL   €1499  2×11 Shimano BR-RS405, Hydr  700c Click view
2022 Merida SPEEDER 900  £1500 2×11 Shimano MT-500, 2 piston 700x32C Click view
2022 Canyon Roadlite CF 8   $1999 2×11 Shimano MT201 | Shimano MT201 / UR300 650b / 700c Click view

2022 Cannondale Quick 1 vs 2022 Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

2022 Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

As two very similarly priced bikes (the Quick 1 is only $25 more), it makes sense to compare them. In my own opinion, the Cannondale Quick 1 has a more rigid frame, which is, after all, the Cannondale’s strength.

There is also the Cannondale Quick 1 drivetrain Shimano 105 GS 2×11, compared to the SRAM NX 1×11 of the Specialized Sirrus X 4.0, there is no doubt that the Quick 1 has a much wider range of adjustment. This means that the Cannondale Quick 1 is capable of handling a wider range of riding scenarios.

In addition, the benefits of the Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 are clear. It is available in three colors, and I like them all. But the Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 has one major disadvantage compared to the Quick 1, which I think is the lack of reflective accents on the body. You should know that Cannondale Quick 1 has a lot of reflective trim on not only the body but also the tires. This is a very obvious improvement in safety.

So my advice is that if you are more concerned about appearance and don’t ride much at night, the Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 is a good choice. Otherwise, it’s better to go with Cannondale Quick 1, which is more applicable to a wider range of scenarios and safer.

2022 Cannondale Quick 1 vs 2022 CUBE SL ROAD SL


In my opinion, the character gap between these two bikes is also relatively large, so our choice becomes easier. Cannondale Quick 1 supports more smart devices and has more application scenarios. Especially in fitness cycling, the use of smart devices will greatly enhance our cycling experience.

The CUBE SL ROAD SL, on the other hand, is relatively more suitable for fast road riding. City commuting and recreational riding are not its best areas of expertise. This was judged at the first point I saw the CUBE ROAD SL’s frame, and this was confirmed during the subsequent rides.

So if you’re more focused on road speed riding, the CUBE ROAD SL is a good choice. Conversely, the Cannondale Quick 1 has versatility.

2022 Cannondale Quick 1 vs 2022 Merida SPEEDER 900

2022 Merida SPEEDER 900

I have to admit, Merida SPEEDER 900 is a very good car, with outstanding performance, and the price is right.

Let me briefly explain the configuration of the SPEEDER 900 and you will understand what I mean. The gearbox is Shimano Ultegra GS, the brakes are Shimano MT-500, and in addition to the fork, even the seat post is carbon.

These are indeed better than the configuration of the Cannondale Quick 1. It is still the difference in applicable scenarios, Merida SPEEDER 900 is suitable for road speeding, while Cannondale Quick 1 is more lifelike. It makes my ride more humane and warm in terms of, for example, saddle, grip, reflective decoration, phone case holder, etc. On the contrary, Merida SPEEDER 900 is a bit cold. Of course, it is also two different positioning of the car.

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2022 Cannondale Quick 1 vs 2022 Canyon Roadlite CF 8

2022 Canyon Roadlite CF 8

The Canyon Roadlite CF 8 is just beautiful, although, like the Quick 1, it is only available in one color. But trust me, once you see the Canyon Roadlite CF 8 in person, you will be attracted to it. I have to say that most of Canyon’s models are as exquisite as works of art, and the gradient formed by the light gray and mint colors is fresh and striking.

When I took a closer look at the Canyon Roadlite CF 8, my excited heart returned to peace because it wasn’t quite right for me. It’s a fast road bike, and the brakes and drivetrain don’t have much of an advantage over the Cannondale Quick 1, and the usage scenarios will be smaller than the Quick 1. The hardest part for me is that the Canyon Roadlite CF 8 is so fragile that the maximum total weight allowed for rider, luggage, and bike should not exceed 120 kg. This dissuades many heavier riders.

So if you prefer road fast riding and you’re lighter and don’t mind the $1999 price tag, the Canyon Roadlite CF 8 is great. The Cannondale Quick 1, on the other hand, is more rustic and durable for a wider range of riding types.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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