Is Cannondale CAADX 1 A Good Bike? [2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 Review]

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2022 Cannondale CAADX 1

  • Price: $1875
  • Category: Off-road bicycle
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Gear: 2x 10
  • Tires: 700 x 35c

What we like about it: The sturdy and durable frame with Shimano GRX 400’s sleeve system is stable and flexible.

What we don’t like about it: There are no more colors to choose from.

Rating (4.6/5.0)

Cannondale CAADX 1

Compared to a large number of mountain bikes or road bikes, there are fewer options for cyclocross bikes. And in our previous trail bike reviews, the high-end race trail bikes were more expensive. If you’re looking for a high-end entry-level trail bike, you can’t go wrong with the Cannondale CAADX 1.

This Cannondale CAADX 1 shares the same race pedigree and just the right geometry as Cannondale’s cyclocross champion, the SuperX. And in terms of price, it’s much more approachable than the SuperX. This is certainly a great opportunity for us to be able to experience Cannondale’s high-end technology. In addition, its frame comes with a smooth SAVE micro-suspension and a new rear thru-axle to keep us comfortable and smooth on rough and potholed roads.

I think Cannondale really wants more people to experience the joy of cyclocross. It uses the OutFront steering geometry in this Cannondale CAADX 1. This geometry is a sure thing for many technical cyclocross racers, it provides more stability than we can imagine, and with the short rear dropout fork, it keeps the agility to react quickly at all times.

We have reviewed the Cannondale CAADX 1 for race and training respectively, according to the needs of novice cyclocross riders.

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Cannondale CAADX 1 Training Review

We know that choosing the right bike for your trail training can be a headache. For this reason, we launched a training tracking review of the Cannondale CAADX 1.

The training base has special training terrain for cross-country bikes.

On gravel roads, it has 700 x 35c tires with a unique tread pattern design. Therefore, it can firmly grip the ground and give us more stable control when we are training. In addition, this bike uses Wellgow/ClipandStrap pedals. It allows us to stand and pedal with confidence when training in some uphill lots and get a more powerful climb.

Although some people think the bike has no fork damping and has trouble handling bumpy ground. However, in our repeated training, it did not give us an unacceptable shock. This is due to the BallisTecFullCarbon fork absorbing some of the bumps, and the slack seat tube angle helped me feel less impact when descending over bumps.

Not only that, but the ShimanoGRXRX400 hydraulic disc braking system is flexible and precise when on muddy trails. All along the way, I pressed the brake handle and it cooperated with my maneuvering to drop the speed smoothly. It kept me from slipping in the deep mud.

Cannondale CAADX 1 Competition Review

To make our review a more comprehensive reference for you, we also took it to a small competition for novices. The Cannondale CAADX 1 lived up to the expectations and finally got a great result.

The race was held on a rugged combination of terrain. Not only is there deep mud, sand, and rocks. This is what a competent off-road bike needs to get used to.

I think that for every newbie, smoothness and comfort are our primary considerations. I felt the SAVE micro-suspension on the gravel-covered winding trails. It helped me to drive smoothly and smoothly through the gravel trails. Moreover, the Shimano GRX400’s drivetrain knows the characteristics of gravel very well, and when I encountered gravel-heavy roads, I needed to switch the speed downshift quickly. And it did so very responsively, without any delay. I was able to keep my center of gravity on large and small gravels.

Not only that, but the comfortable Cannondale Stage CX saddle not only gave some support when I raced but also had a good rebound and wrapping effect.

Perhaps, you would think that the final result obtained in this race would be related to my years of riding experience. But in my opinion, the excellent performance of the Cannondale CAADX 1 gave me a big boost. If you want to get a very good result in your first cross-country race, the Cannondale CAADX 1 is a good choice.

Components and Specifications


Cannondale CAADX 1

Smartform c2 alloy construction and a full carbon fork make the Cannondale CAADX 1 lightweight and easy to shoulder.

For starters, the smooth tubing and premium paint make the Cannondale CAADX 1 look flawless. In addition, the SAVE micro-suspension helps us to pass through all kinds of rough roads smoothly.

Secondly, it has removable rear lower fork fender mounts and hidden front fork fender mounts, which we are able to install as needed. This not only protects the tires but also does not affect the aesthetics.

Finally, it has two water bottle mounts for us to hydrate on the way to the ride.

Such a frame design that combines versatility and comfort provides riders with reliable protection for long commutes and endurance gravel runs.


One of the highlights of the Cannondale CAADX 1 is that it shares the same geometry as the Cannondale Super X. The Super X’s geometry is tried and true and has been praised by many riders.

It is designed for us to 73.5 ° seat tube angle, and a moderate and gentle seat tube angle cushioning our muscles under pressure. So it can ensure that we can last longer in the long distance.

Likewise, the generous 71.0° head tube angle can handle the feeling of instability when descending on steep terrain very well, without distracting us from the bumps.

Moreover, the 62cm trail adds nicely to the sensitivity of the steering. It both ensures our stability and allows us to quickly avoid obstacles on the road.

Components and Specifications

Shimano GRX 400 Drivetrain

The Shimano GRX 400 is a drivetrain developed specifically for riding on rough roads and gravel surfaces.

It combines an ergonomic design specific for gravel with a 2×10 shifting range. Regardless of the terrain, we can choose the desired speed naturally and calmly on the ride without worrying about its precision.

If you are still worried about the chain running at high speeds, Shimano’s performance will put your worries to rest. Because it will ensure excellent heat dissipation for us even at high speed.

Whether it’s a race or a daily commute, it’s got our back.

Schwalbe CX Comp wheels

Schwalbe is a brand from Germany that has always been loved by riders for its durability and stability.

This tire provides superb traction in all terrains. The low semi-smooth profile allows it to roll easily, allowing our trail bikes to maintain the right speed even on tough trails. And its shoulder knobs ensure extra grip when turning, compensating for the instability that a slick profile can give us.

Although it is not a vacuum tire, it provides puncture protection for the tire with K-Guard technology. With a lower price, it also gives our tires a longer life.

Shimano GRX 400 Braking System

Shimano GRX 400's Braking System

If something goes wrong with the brakes while we are riding, it can cause us a lot of headaches. No bike can be without a safe braking system, so we need to pay extra attention to it when choosing a bike.

The Shimano GRX RX400 hydraulic disc brake with a low-profile flush mount design allows us to control the brakes on various terrains. The flush-mounted design also makes it easier for us to disassemble it for maintenance.

Even though we will have an idea of the route before riding, we often cannot predict exactly what kind of surface we will encounter during the ride. If there are muddy trails or looser dirt sections, it will require us to slow down and control the brakes so we don’t fall over. The Cannondale CAADX 1’s two-piston design can help us solve such problems. It will allow us to get through these seemingly more dangerous surfaces more smoothly.

Other versions of Cannondale CAADX

Other versions of Cannondale CAADX

We’ve already taken a look at the performance of the Cannondale CAADX 1, but there’s another sibling, the Cannondale CAADX 2. To give you a more complete picture, we’ve also reviewed this bike in the same series.

First of all, the exterior of the Cannondale CADDX 2 is painted emerald green, giving it an understated and friendly feel.

Secondly, the Cannondale CADDX 2’s drivetrain is not Shimano like the Cannondale CAADX 1, but microSHIFT Advent, which I first learned about because it has the lightest tires of any product with similar performance. However, the Cannondale CADDX 2 uses mechanical disc brakes, which may increase its weight.

Compared to the Cannondale CADDX 2, the Cannondale CADDX 1 has a wider range of speed control and lighter discs. This also represents a better speed experience.

In short, they are different, but whichever one they are, they all have an impressive experience. And the affordable price won’t make you hesitate.

 What we like about it?

  • Affordable prices.
  • The drivetrain of Shimano GRX 400.
  • The versatility of the framework provides us with a full range of services.
  • The low-profile, flush-mounted design of the Shimano GRX 400 hydraulic disc brake provides precise and stable braking performance in all conditions.
  • The same thoughtful geometry as the SuperX allows for longer, more comfortable rides.

What we don’t like about it?

  • There are too few choices of paint colors.
  • Some people think that 2-piston braking is not powerful enough.


  • What is the drivetrain of Cannondale CAADX 1?

The drivetrain of Cannondale CAADX 1 is Shimano GRX 400.

  • What is the body material of Cannondale CAADX 1?

The Cannondale CAADX 1’s body material is SmartForm C2 Alloy.

  • What sizes are available for Cannondale CAADX 1?

Cannondale CAADX 1 sizing chart.

Rider height5’0″ – 5’5″5’2″ – 5’8″5’5″ – 5’10”5’7″ – 6’1″5’10” – 6’3″6’0″ – 6’4″

2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 Specs


FrameSmartForm C2 Alloy, BB30, flat mount disc, 12x142mm thru-axleBB Standard: BB30, Press FitColor: Mercury
ForkBallisTec Full Carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, 1-1/4″ to 1-1/8″ tapered steerer, flat mount disc
Bottom BracketCannondale BB30
Headset1-1/4″ lower bearing, 25mm top cap
StemCannondale 3, 6061 Alloy, 31.8, 7°
HandlebarCannondale 3, 6061 alloys, Compact
SaddleCannondale Stage CX
SeatpostCannondale 4, 6061 Alloy, 27.2 x 350mm (46-58), 400mm (61)
PedalsWellgo w/ Clip and Strap
GripsCannondale Bar Tape, 3.5mm


Rear DerailleurShimano GRX 400, Shadow RD+
Front DerailleurShimano GRX 400, braze-on with clamp-band adapter
CrankFSA Omega ME Alloy, 46/30
ShiftersShimano GRX 400, 10-speed
CassetteShimano Deore, 11-36, 10-speed
ChainKMC X10, 10-speed
BrakesShimano GRX 400 hydraulic disc, 160/160mm RT56 rotors
Brake LeversShimano GRX 400 hydraulic d


RimsCannondale CX 2.0 Disc, 28h
SpokesStainless Steel, 14g
Front HubFormula alloy, 12x100mm
Rear HubFormula alloy, 12x142mm
TiresSchwalbe CX Comp, 700 x 35c, K-Guard


Comparison Table

BicyclesPriceDrivetrainBrakesTiresClick view
2022 Canyon Inflite CF SL 6$2199 Shimano GRX RX810 GSShimano GRX RX60Hydraulic Disc 700x33cClick View
2022 Focus MARES 6.9$1758 Shimano 105 R7000Shimano 105 R7025Hydraulic Disc 700x33cClick View
2022 CUBE CROSS RACE C:62 PRO $2149 Shimano Ultegra RD-RX800-DGSShimano 105 BR-R7070Hydraulic Disc 700x33cClick View
2022 Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross  $1455 SRAM APEX 1SRAM APEX HRD Hydraulic Disc700x33cClick View

 2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 vs 2022 Canyon Inflite CF SL 6

Canyon Inflite CF SL 6

The 2022 Canyon Inflite CF SL 6 is a carbon off-road bike. It has a bright blue and white color scheme and weighs only 19.6 kg. That’s an advantage the Cannondale CAADX 1 doesn’t have. But the aluminum frame it uses is just as strong and durable.

The Canyon Inflite CF SL 6’s drivetrain and braking system are selected from the Shimano GRX series. The simple operation also ensures an excellent drivetrain, and the sensitive brakes will help us avoid danger in time.

Cannondale CADDX 1 may have some components that are not as strong as the configuration of Canyon Inflite CF SL 6. But in combination with other accessories, it is not in any way inferior to the latter. I think off-road novices might want to try it.

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2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 vs 2022 Focus MARES 6.9

Focus MARES 6.9

The 2022 Focus MARES 6.9 and Cannondale CADDX 1 are comparable in price but otherwise have their own characteristics.

In terms of frame, the CADDX 1 material is SmartForm C2 alloy, while the Canyon Inflite CF SL 6 is made of 7005 aluminum. While neither of them is as light as carbon, they both have super sturdy features.

In terms of drivetrain, they use different series of Shimano’s drivetrain, the Cannondale CADDX 1 Shimano GRX 400 compared to the Canyon Inflite CF SL 6 Shimano 105 R7000, the latter has a larger speed range. And relatively speaking the sensitivity of the latter will also be stronger. However, in the actual riding, the former also has no discomfort.

2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 VS 2022 CUBE CROSS RACE C:62 PRO


The CUBE CROSS RACE C:62 PRO has a concealed internal cable routing and a Shimano Ultegra RD-RX800-DGS actuator.  Schwalbe X-One Allround tires.

This is something we don’t have with Cannondale CAADX 1, and something that cars under $2000 can’t do. The Cannondale CADDX 1 offers the best bang for your buck at under $2,000. If you are on a budget and really want to start your bike journey, then feel free to choose the Cannondale CADDX 1.

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2022 Cannondale CAADX 1 VS 2022 Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross

Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross

With the same mid-range component aluminum frame, what makes the Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross bike a little cheaper than the Cannondale CADDX 1? With curiosity, I made a comparison of the two bikes.

It’s easy to see that the Cannondale CADDX 1 has a more powerful 2×10 drivetrain, which allows us to have more speed in the sprint. If you choose the Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross it will be slower.

Moreover, the geometry of the Cannondale CADDX 1 follows the geometry of the super X, a cross-country bike designed for champions. This is something we can hardly experience.

However, the Vitus Energie VRS Cyclocross has vacuum tires and is slightly lighter in weight.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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