Is the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition High End? – [Stromer ST7 Launch Edition Review]

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Stromer ST7 Launch Edition Review

  • Price: $13200
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Motor: SYNO Sport II
  • Battery: 1440Wh

What We Like:

  • A 10-year frame warranty highlights the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality.
  • Exceptional battery capacity is excellent for users who need long-distance commuting capabilities.
  • Unlike typical electric bikes, it doesn’t require a key; it automatically locks and unlocks via Bluetooth.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is quite high.
  • While it might sound nitpicky, getting on the bike isn’t as easy for users with shorter legs.

Rating: (4.95/5)

Stromer ST7 Launch Edition
Stromer ST7 Launch Edition

The Stromer ST7 Launch Edition is a high-end speed pedelec with incredible battery capacity. It offers a new option for users who need long-distance commuting and prefer not to recharge frequently.

With its premium features and outstanding design, it has attracted a lot of attention. However, it’s not affordable for the average household. That’s why we wanted to explore this bike, leading us to Stromer’s headquarters.

In the following sections, we’ll analyze the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications of the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition. If you’re interested in more about bike reviews, be sure to follow us.

Riding Experience

Stromer ST7 Launch Edition

We visited Switzerland and Stromer’s headquarters in Oberwangen. We booked our stay in advance through IHG.

This isn’t Stromer’s first bike. They have previously released models like the ST2 and ST5, achieving remarkable success in both technological innovation and bike design in the electric bike industry.

Battery Usage Experience


Smoothly, we saw the debut version of the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition, with its luxurious all-gold color. Such a finish doesn’t make it look tacky; instead, it highlights its value.

I find its lines rugged yet clean, giving a sense of reliability. My intuition wasn’t wrong. To test its battery capacity, we rode this bike through the city (we preferred experiencing it outdoors instead of just looking at data indoors). It’s hard to believe that when both my partner, Eve, and I felt tired and returned to our starting point, this bike still had nearly a third of its battery left.

The Stromer ST7 Launch Edition is equipped with a BQ1440 | 48 V | 1440 Wh battery, claiming a maximum range of 260 kilometers. After experiencing it firsthand, I even think they might have understated it.

How Are the Brakes?

With high speeds, we’d worry about braking. Precision braking during high-speed travel requires a more powerful braking system. The Stromer ST7 Launch Edition doesn’t use Shimano or SRAM brake systems; it uses the Stromer HD944 by TRP. Honestly, I wasn’t very familiar with this braking system, but the experience left me impressed.

Moreover, to prevent issues like bike skidding and loss of control due to sudden braking, this bike features a Fully integrated antilock braking system. Often, we can’t fully appreciate the benefits of this technology, but I must say that when I encountered a slippery road while riding the Stromer HD944 by TRP and activated the brakes, there was minimal recoil and no loss of control. Thanks to the Fully integrated antilock braking system, it intelligently adjusted the power, allowing the bike to stop stably. I must say this is a very safe and reliable design.

Is that all?


Apart from these aspects, I can maintain a comfortably upright riding position while cycling. Despite its rugged appearance, the actual geometry is quite ergonomic (with the right bike size). Its head tube angle (70°) is in a balanced position, making it responsive in handling without feeling sluggish, even at high speeds.

Furthermore, its Pirelli Angel ST Sport tires feature high-density nylon layers, improving puncture resistance, and making it suitable for both urban and suburban riding. Although it has a larger width, some might worry about its speed, but during our ride, we found that it can reach a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h with the assistance of the motor.

Moreover, whether it’s the Stromer Integrated Handlebar or the Pinion Smart.C1.12i electronic gear system and Gates carbon belt drive on the S-Pedelec, all perform exceptionally well.

Through riding, we have gained some understanding of its capabilities, but it’s far from being enough. This Stromer ST7 Launch Edition has many carefully designed features waiting to be explored. However, I can say that it is a highly impressive bicycle.


There isn’t a single cable visible on the outside; it looks reliable and clean overall. The debut edition’s gold paint makes it an eye-catching commuter electric bike. Additionally, the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition boasts a powerful rear-wheel motor that can assist up to 45 km/h with motor assistance. This is a significant advantage for commuters who like to cover longer distances in a short amount of time.

Another noteworthy feature is its electronic gear system, Pinion Smart.Shift, and Gates carbon belt drive. The use of these technologies allows this bike to shift seamlessly and provides a more efficient, smoother, and lower-maintenance riding experience.

There’s also the design with a headlight, ensuring a safe ride even at night. Moreover, you can intelligently shift gears through the gear shift recommendations and gear indicator on the electric bike’s display screen, and it’s quick.

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What do we like about it?

  • It uses the powerful 1440Wh Stromer battery, enabling you to go much farther.
  • The use of a small gear and Gates carbon drive results in very low maintenance costs.
  • High-end tire components that take you to more places.
  • The fully integrated antilock braking system ensures stable operation during rapid braking.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The price is quite high.
  • Although it might sound picky, getting on the bike isn’t that easy for users with shorter legs.


  • What is the top speed of this bike?

It can reach a top speed of 45 km/h with motor assistance.

  • How long is the frame warranty for this bike?

As far as I know, it comes with a 10-year frame warranty.

  • What size options are available for this bike?

Size Chart:

Rider heightSIZE
< 5’11”Sport < 178 cm
5’8″ – 6’3″Sport 175 – 188 cm
6’0″ +Sport > 185 cm

Stromer ST7 Special Edition Specs


FrameAluminumBB Standard: Pinion, Press FitColor: Solid Gold (Launch Edition)
Bottom BracketPinion, press-fit
StemStromer Integrated Handlebar
HandlebarStromer Integrated Handlebar
SaddleBrooks Cambium C17
GripsBrooks Cambium Ergonomic Rupper Grips


CrankPinion Forged-175
ShiftersPinion C1.12 Smart.Shift
BrakesStromer HD944 by TRP


RimsStromer 27.5 x 35 by DT Swiss
TiresPirelli Angel ST Sport | 57-584

Electric Components

MotorSYNO Sport II
BatteryBQ1440 | 48 V | 1440 Wh | -260 km (US: -160 miles)

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewTravelFrame MaterialBrakesBattery
Stromer ST3 Special EditionClick View /AluminumStromer HD942 by TRP983Wh
Vaast E/1 ENVIOLOClick View110mmAluminumShimano M6120 4 pistonBosch 500Wh

Stromer ST3 Special Edition vs. Stromer ST7 Launch Edition

Stromer ST3 Special Edition
Stromer ST3 Special Edition

These two bikes are from the same brand, but the Stromer ST3 Special Edition comes at a significantly lower price point. Of course, in some aspects, it doesn’t quite match up to the excellence of the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition. Firstly, in terms of battery capacity, it only has 983Wh, which should be sufficient for most people. Secondly, in terms of transmission, the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition’s intelligent electronic shifting system has a wider speed range and offers a simpler and quicker operation.

However, the Stromer ST3 Special Edition and the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition share some basic similarities in terms of services and details. For instance, they both come with the free Stromer OMNI app, as well as a 10-year frame warranty service.

So, if you’re looking for top-notch performance, a longer electric range, and an advanced electronic shifting system, you might want to give the ST7 Launch Edition a try. If your budget is relatively lower but you still want a decently performing electric bike, the Stromer ST3 Special Edition would be a good choice.

Vaast E/1 ENVIOLO vs. Stromer ST7 Launch Edition


The Vaast E/1 ENVIOLO is priced significantly lower than the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition. While it’s not bad for its price, when compared to the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition, it falls short in many aspects.

Firstly, in terms of the battery, the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition is about three times larger than the Vaast E/1 ENVIOLO. This means the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition can travel much farther, and its battery is recyclable, making it more environmentally friendly.

However, the Vaast E/1 ENVIOLO does have a 110mm travel suspension fork, which makes it more comfortable when riding on bumpy roads. But when it comes to the transmission system, I would prefer the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition (as mentioned earlier).

In conclusion, if your budget is limited, you can give the Vaast E/1 ENVIOLO a try. But if you don’t mind the price difference and prioritize the riding experience and high performance, I strongly recommend trying out the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition.


This is our review of the Stromer ST7 Launch Edition. It’s a highly impressive commuter electric bike. Taking everything into account, we’ve given it a high rating of 4.95. If you’re looking for more bike information, please check out our other reviews.

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