Is Priority TURI Worth Buying? – [Priority TURI Review]

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Priority TURI Review

  • Price: $949
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 700C X 35
  • Drivetrain: Enviolo

What We Like About It:

  • Designed for enjoyable leisure rides, comfortable and reliable.
  • The top tube frame makes mounting and dismounting more effortless.
  • Equipped with the Enviolo shifting system, offering a wide range of gears.
  • Belt drive eliminates the possibility of chain rust, a welcome feature for riders who prefer hassle-free maintenance.

What We Don’t Like About It:

  • I find the saddle not soft enough for my liking.
  • I wish the paint job had more character.

Rating: (4.75/5)

Priority TURI
Priority TURI

I have to say, the Priority TURI is truly designed for weekend leisure rides and family fun, offering a comfortable cycling experience. Instead of the traditional metal chain drive, it features a Gates carbon belt drive, which means it’s rust-resistant and quieter. Plus, its Enviolo continuously variable transmission system makes shifting gears a breeze.

In the following sections, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Priority TURI. In the latter part of this article, we will also compare it to several other top bike models. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, stay tuned.

Riding Experience

My mother got a Priority TURI in the Navy Blue color, which seems to be quite popular. However, once I found out it also comes in Chili Red, I thought my mother had a good eye for aesthetics. To satisfy my curiosity, I asked for her permission and took the Priority TURI for a spin.

Leisure Riding

It was quite a pleasant surprise! The top tube frame makes it easy to mount the bike. Even when sitting on the saddle, I could easily touch the ground when I wanted to stop. I can confidently say it’s comfortable for any adult looking for a smooth ride.

I rode on the small roads of our town. They’re not as smooth as city streets, but the 700C X 35 PUNCTURE RESISTANT tires that come with the Priority TURI handled them perfectly. Plus, the bike’s speed wasn’t slower than other bikes in the same price range.

What impressed me was the Priority TURI’s Enviolo shifting system. Shifting gears was incredibly easy – just turn the handle. The Gates Carbon Drive Belt made almost no noise while riding, which is a great choice for users who prefer a quiet ride in the park.

Yes, it was a delightful leisure ride. The performance of this Priority TURI is truly commendable, and I can see why my mother made this choice.

Is That All?

I must say, the Priority TURI also excels in the details. It comes with a water bottle mount, making it more convenient for travel. The mudguards on the front and rear wheels do a great job of keeping mud from splashing on your pants when riding through muddy sections. So, this setup helped me avoid getting scolded by my mother for dirtying my pants.

However, what I didn’t particularly like about the Priority TURI was its saddle. I read many reviews praising its comfort, but it didn’t feel comfortable to me. Firstly, the saddle didn’t seem suitable for long rides as it lacked a cutout design for better ventilation. Of course, if you’re using it for short daily commutes, it might not be an issue.

This Priority TURI bike is a good choice for casual rides. If you need a commuter bike, it’s worth considering.


The Priority TURI features a fully aluminum frame with dual kickstands. When there’s no stable place to park your bike, you can deploy the dual kickstands to securely hold the bike upright. Additionally, you can install a front basket or a child seat on the chainstay for family outings.

Moreover, its hydraulic disc brakes provide smooth and reliable braking performance in various weather conditions.

Its geometry is designed to keep you comfortably upright at all times. It also comes equipped with standard pedals, suitable for everyday riding.


What do we like about it?

  • The quick and easy Enviolo shifting system.
  • Reliable and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Features like mudguards and kickstands add versatility to your rides.
  • High-quality Gates Carbon Drive Belt makes maintenance easy and riding quieter.

What don’t we like about it?

  • I’m not a fan of its saddle.
  • More color options would be appreciated.


  • What is the tire pressure for a Priority TURI bike?

I keep the tire pressure at 75 PSI.

  • Where are Priority bicycles made?

As far as I know, they are manufactured in China, but their headquarters are in New York City.

  • How many size options are available for this bike?

Size Chart:

Approx. Inseam and Height26″ – 29.5″5’0 – 5’630″ – 32.0″5’6 – 5’1032″ – 34.0″5’10 – 6’1



FrameRustproof and Ultra light Low-Step Aluminum Frame

Drive train

Chain ringsGates 50T CDN
Cassette30t Gates CDX
Bottom BracketSealed Cartridge
CrankGates s150 170mm
Head set1 1/8″ Threaded
SpokesStainless Steel, 14g front, 13g rear
ShifterEnviolo TK


SaddlePriority Extreme Comfort
SeatPost27.2 Alloy Micro-adjust 350mm
Handlebar80mm extension, 30 degree rise, Alloy
Stem1 1/8″ Quill, Alloy


BrakesTektro or Prom ax Hydraulic disc brake
Brake RotorN/A

Wheels and Tyres

Front HubEnviolo CT (310% range) Black
Rear HubAlloy
TireKenda Puncture Resistant 700×35
Rims WheelDouble wall alloy, 36h

Belt and Feautres

Belt118t Gates Carbon Drive CDN
FeaturesRust-Free Gates Carbon Belt Drive Paint matched durable composite fenders Pre-Drilled for Most Rear and Front Side Accessories Sturdy Double Kickstand and Water Bottle Cage Included Full Reflector Set: Front, Rear, Pedals, Wheels

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewTiresDrivetrainFrame MaterialGroupset
Giant Cypress 1Click View700x45c1 x 10AluminummicroSHIFT
Specialized Roll 3.0 Click View650b x 2.3″1 x 8Aluminum MicroSHIFT Advent
Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS Click View700 x 45c3 x 7AluminumShimano Tourney OR microSHIFT RD-M21L

Giant Cypress 1 vs. Priority TURI

Giant Cypress 1
Giant Cypress 1

The biggest difference between the Giant Cypress 1 and the Priority TURI is that it features a front suspension fork. Although the suspension travel is only 63mm, it provides a more comfortable riding experience on certain road surfaces. Additionally, it also has hydraulic disc brakes, making it a reliable option in terms of braking performance.

Furthermore, the Giant Cypress 1 uses a 1×10 microSHIFT system for its drivetrain, which delivers reliable performance. However, compared to the Enviolo shifting system equipped on the Priority TURI, I find the Enviolo system to be smoother in operation. It allows for quick gear adjustments even while riding, making it versatile in various riding conditions.

However, the Giant Cypress 1 has wider tires. It’s worth noting that wider tires provide better stability but may add some weight. So, if you prefer relatively narrower tires, the Priority TURI is a good choice.

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Specialized Roll 3.0 vs. Priority TURI

Specialized Roll 3.0
Specialized Roll 3.0

The Specialized Roll 3.0 is priced around $150 higher than the Priority TURI. However, to be honest, overall, I feel that the Priority TURI offers better value for the money.

In terms of gearing, the Specialized Roll 3.0 is equipped with a 1×8-speed setup and also features hydraulic disc brakes. While this configuration is decent for the price range, I had high expectations due to the Specialized brand reputation. However, it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Additionally, the Specialized Roll 3.0 is equipped with 650b wheels, which requires more effort for the same distance compared to the Priority TURI.

So, between these two bikes, I would lean towards the Priority TURI. Its Enviolo shifting system allows for smooth gear changes with just a twist of the handlebar, and it features a belt drive, which means it’s quieter and easier to maintain.

However, I must mention that the Specialized Roll 3.0 is currently on sale for only $749.99. So, if you’re a fan of Specialized, this price is worth considering.

Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS vs. Priority TURI

Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS
Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS

Seeing the 3x design, my initial impression of the Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS wasn’t very positive. If it claims to be comfortable, it should also consider the impact of weight on the rider’s experience. Moreover, it has mechanical disc brakes. Compared to the hydraulic brakes of the Priority TURI, while the long-term maintenance cost may be lower, I prefer using hydraulic disc brakes that can perform reliably in all weather conditions.

Of course, if you’re a fan of front suspension forks, the Fuji Crosstown 1.5 LS does come with one with a 63mm travel. It also features a step-through frame, making it easy for riders to mount.

Although the Priority TURI lacks a front suspension fork, its puncture-resistant tires offer decent shock absorption. Plus, its compatibility with accessories like racks makes it convenient for family users, especially when taking kids along for a ride.

In summary, when making a choice, it’s important to understand your own needs.


This is our review of the Priority TURI. It’s an excellent comfort cruiser bike that can provide you with a pleasant leisure ride. Taking everything into account, we’ve given it a high score of 4.75. If you’d like to get more information about bikes, feel free to check out our other reviews.

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