Is Norco Storm 24 Disc A Perfect Selection? – [Norco Storm 24 Disc Review]

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Norco Storm 24 Disc Review

  • Price: $569
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 24″ Aluminum
  • Gear: 1 x 7

What we like about it: The lightweight and durable aluminum frame and fork combined with quality component choices make it an excellent fit for young riders.

What we don’t like about it: The external cable routing design lacks the aesthetic appeal of internal cable routing.

Rating: (4.7/5)

 Norco Storm 24 Disc
Norco Storm 24 Disc

Every Storm Youth bike is infused with the same No Other Way spirit. By focusing on creating the best bikes for the intended riders, Norco continues to produce top-tier mountain bikes.

The Norco Storm 24 Disc features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame, coupled with a high-quality fork. This combination is especially well-suited for young riders, allowing them to develop their riding skills and cultivate a lifelong love for off-road cycling.

Below, we’ll delve into the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications of the Norco Storm 24 Disc. In the latter part of this article, we’ll also compare it to a few other notable bike models. If you’re keen on learning more about bike reviews, feel free to follow our updates.

Riding Experience

Norco Storm 24 Disc

The Norco Storm 24 Disc boasts a lightweight and durable aluminum frame and fork, complemented by a quality drivetrain system, disc brakes, and geometry optimized for young riders’ needs.

For this test, Christie volunteered once again. I’m delighted to have such a young and skilled rider contributing to this bike review. We headed to a nearby park trail to fully experience the capabilities of this youth mountain bike.


“This bike climbs quickly, and I’m having a great time riding it uphill,” remarked Christie as she ascended. Of course, this matches my expectations; I believed this bike would perform admirably during climbs.

In terms of frame material, the Norco Storm 24 Disc employs a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, ensuring both strength and lightness. The bike’s overall unity is robust, exhibiting no noticeable energy loss during pedaling. I also observed that Christie’s climbing speed was indeed quite impressive.

Regarding the drivetrain, the 1×7-speed system is more than sufficient for young riders to handle various terrains. The 1x design simplifies gear shifting, enhancing ease of use and helping kids maintain focus while riding.

After reaching the summit, Christie shared with me, “Climbing was fast, and I didn’t experience any slipping.”


The Norco Storm 24 Disc excels not only in climbing but also in descending for a youth bike. The uphill performance is swift, and its descending capability is commendable.

For children and teenagers, the 24-inch wheel size provides sufficient traction on non-paved surfaces. While it may not dominate like adult mountain bikes, the 2.25-inch wide tires partially compensate for the rough ride, absorbing some of the vibrations and enhancing overall comfort.

Christie’s descending on the bike is agile. The anti-slip particles on the tire aid Christie in maintaining a strong grip while cornering.

Lastly, the bike’s braking performance is reliable. Christie mentioned, “While it’s a mechanical disc brake, the braking performance is solid. However, regular maintenance is needed after prolonged use.”


The Norco Storm 24 Disc features an aluminum alloy frame, making the bike sturdy yet lightweight enough to meet the needs of children. Additionally, the bike is suitable for riders with heights ranging from 4’2″ to 4’8″, and it comes in two attractive paint options.

Tailored to children’s geometry needs, the design fulfills every young rider’s riding requirements, delivering a comfortable riding experience and fostering a love for mountain biking.

Moving on, the Norco Storm 24 Disc is equipped with a 1×7-speed drivetrain that ensures precise gear changes. The straightforward shifting mechanism allows kids to maintain their focus while riding.

Lastly, the dependable mechanical disc brakes offer reliable braking performance, providing strong braking power for the everyday riding demands of kids.

What do we like about it?

  • The meticulously crafted aluminum frame is lightweight and durable, ensuring ample strength for a children’s bike.
  • Multiple paint options cater to kids’ preferences for frame colors.
  • The Trek-exclusive ThruSkew with a dropout with a hole is a safety feature that ensures the wheel never suddenly falls off.
  • A simple 1×7 drivetrain system with easy shifting helps kids maintain better riding focus.
  • The geometry suits children, promoting a scientifically sound riding posture.
  • Reliable braking capability that kids can trust, meeting their everyday riding braking needs.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The external cable routing design lacks the aesthetic appeal of internal cable routing.


  • Is this bike a mountain bike?

It is a hardtail mountain bike, performing well on flat roads and capable of handling non-paved terrain.

  • Is Norco a good mountain bike?

Norco offers excellent riding quality, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Norco mountain bikes are among the most popular bikes on the market. Designed for off-road use, Norco mountain bikes boast a range of features and are well-crafted and durable.

  • How do I choose the right size?

Here’s a size chart provided for your reference. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to strictly adhere to this chart; the best way to find the right fit is to give it a try.

Rider heightSIZE
4’2″ – 4’8″One Size



FrameAluminum HTColors: Red / White; Teal / Purple
ForkRigid Aluminum
Bottom BracketSealed Bearing, Square Taper
HeadsetExternal Cup
StemAlloy, 45mm Length, 31.8mm Clamp
HandlebarAlloy Jr., 600mm, 30mm Rise
SaddleNorco Youth
SeatpostAlloy 27.2mm
PedalsJr. MTB Flat, Black
GripsNorco Youth


Rear DerailleurSunRace RDM41
CrankAlloy 3 Piece, 28T Narrow Wide, 140mm
ShiftersSunRace Trigger
CassetteSunrace MF, 14-34T, 7 Speed
ChainKMC Z7
BrakesMechanical Disc
Brake LeversAlloy Jr.


RimsAluminum Double Wall, 28H, 24″
Front HubAluminum, 9x100mm, 6-Bolt
Rear HubAluminum, 10x135mm, HG, 6 Bolt
TiresVee Crown Gem 2.25″
Disk Rotors160mm

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewWheelsetFrame MaterialBrake TypeFork Material
Trek Precaliber 24 8-speedClick View24″ AluminumAluminumAlloy linear-pullSteel
Scott Roxter 24Click View24″AluminumAluminum Tektro SCM-02 MechAluminum
Specialized Jett 16 Single SpeedClick View16″AluminumAluminumV-BrakeAluminum
Giant STP 24Click View24″ AluminumAluminummechanical discAluminum

Norco Storm 24 Disc vs. Trek Precaliber 24 8-speed

Trek Precaliber 24 8-speed
Trek Precaliber 24 8-speed

Both of these bikes feature aluminum alloy frames. However, the latter’s steel front fork excels at absorbing vibrations on bumpy roads.

Moving on to the drivetrain components, the Shimano drivetrain on the latter provides a greater range of speeds compared to the former. There are more gear choices during riding.

As for the braking systems, the mechanical disc brakes on the former are more reliable and offer stronger braking power than the rim brakes on the latter. They also prove more dependable in challenging conditions.

Considering these aspects, between the two bikes, my preference leans towards the Norco Storm 24 Disc. Its braking reliability is better, and it also boasts a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Norco Storm 24 Disc vs. Scott Roxter 24

Scott Roxter 24
Scott Roxter 24

Both of these bikes utilize aluminum alloy frames and front forks, making them lightweight and sturdy.

However, the latter employs Shimano drivetrain components, providing a responsive and versatile shifting experience with a broader range of speeds than the former. These components are not only high-quality but also durable. Both of these bikes feature Shimano mechanical disc brakes, which are reliable braking systems. They offer efficient braking power for everyday rides and perform reliably in challenging conditions.

Therefore, the latter has a stronger advantage in terms of drivetrain components. If your budget allows, I recommend the Scott Roxter 24.

Norco Storm 24 Disc vs. Specialized Jett 16 Single Speed

Specialized Jett 16 Single Speed
Specialized Jett 16 Single Speed

With the same aluminum alloy frames and front forks being used, the former benefits from larger wheels, offering better traction and the capability to tackle diverse terrains. In contrast, the latter features smaller wheels, resulting in a more agile riding experience. Additionally, the latter is better suited for younger riders.

Moving forward, the former boasts a gearing system that significantly aids in riding. Concerning braking components, the former’s mechanical disc brakes offer superior performance. However, the latter’s rim brakes are also sufficiently reliable for younger riders.

Ultimately, if the child is quite young, the Specialized Jett 16 Single Speed would be a better fit. On the other hand, if they are a bit older and taller, the Norco Storm 24 Disc is a great option.

Norco Storm 24 Disc vs. Giant STP 24

Giant STP 24
Giant STP 24

Comparing these two bikes, they both feature lightweight aluminum alloy frames and forks, along with 24-inch wheels. Moreover, they share similar geometry to adult mountain bikes, providing a solid foundation for growth and future involvement in formal mountain biking.

Moving on, they both utilize the same 1×7-speed drivetrain, suitable for most off-road riding scenarios. The mechanical disc brakes are also reliable, offering all-weather braking performance.

In conclusion, both of these bikes are exceptional choices for youth mountain biking, and their prices are relatively close. Either option is a worthy consideration.

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The above is my review of the Norco Storm 24 Disc. In our opinion, it’s a sturdy and reliable youth mountain bike that greatly aids teenage riding experiences. This is why we awarded it a rating of 4.7.

Of course, if you’re interested in other youth mountain bikes, we also evaluate a wide range of options across various price points, providing interesting insights into different bikes. Feel free to explore our other reviews.

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