Is All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX A Perfect Selection? – [All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX Review]

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All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX Review

  • Price: $2,799
  • Frame: Steel
  • Tires: 650B Aluminum
  • Gear: 1 x 11

What we like about it: The sturdy and durable frame, coupled with wide tires, can handle rough terrain riding.

What we didn’t like about it: The steel frame is relatively heavy, which might not be suitable for some riders.

Rating: (4.8/5)

All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX
All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX

The All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX is a versatile and capable gravel bike. It’s designed to tackle the toughest riding conditions and create unforgettable riding experiences for all cyclists.

Below, we’ll analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX. In the latter part of this article, we’ll also compare it to several other top bike models. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

The All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX is a gravel bike with a steel frame. The external cable routing throughout gives it a rugged appearance. Combined with carefully selected components and excellent load-carrying capacity, it’s suitable for long-distance riding.

For this review, I packed up the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX and headed to the gravel roads of the Barry-Roubaix race. These roads are mostly unpaved and consist of various steep climbs and descents. I had booked a nearby hotel through IHG, and I was ready to go.


The All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX is sturdy enough for climbing, despite its steel frame. I could feel the bike’s overall stability, resulting in faster uphill riding.

Additionally, the excellent geometry allowed my weight distribution to remain stable, ensuring that I had a WTB Riddler, 27.5 x 2.4″ large-grain tire firmly gripping the ground. This improved pedaling efficiency, preventing any slipping.

During uphill climbs, the FSA V-Drive 38t crankset, combined with the SunRace 11-speed, 11/42t freewheel, offers a 1×11 speed setup. On steeper uphill sections, I used the largest freewheel gears, and pedaling instantly felt lighter, allowing me to save more energy.

In summary, the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX is an excellent gravel bike for climbing and performs well on challenging terrain.


As I rode the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX on downhill sections, the steel frame absorbed some of the road vibrations. Coupled with the wide tires, this suspension-free bike offers better shock absorption than other gravel bikes, making the ride more comfortable.

When I needed to reduce speed to enter corners, the Shimano GRX RX810 brake components and Shimano SM-RT66 160mm front and rear brake discs provided exceptionally strong braking power. With them, I could quickly reduce my speed, making cornering safer and more stable.

Lastly, the 650b wheelset with 2.4-inch large-grain tires gave me greater control on corners. The high-traction tires provided ample support during cornering.

In conclusion, the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX boasts impressive descending capabilities, surpassing other gravel bikes in its class.


The All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX features a steel frame that can absorb some of the road vibrations during bumpy rides, providing a more stable and comfortable cycling experience.

The dropper post design ensures that riders maintain a stable riding position between climbs and descents, ensuring riding continuity.

Additionally, the external cable routing design gives the frame a rugged and aggressive appearance. This design also makes maintenance and component replacement simpler and more convenient.

Finally, the Shimano GRX RX810 hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable performance even in the harshest conditions. The drivetrain components provide a smooth shifting experience and efficient power transmission.


Other Versions

All-City Gorilla Monsoon Apex

All-City Gorilla Monsoon Apex

The All-City Gorilla Monsoon Apex features the same steel frame as the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX. However, it uses lower-level components and mechanical disc brakes, making it suitable for a wide range of road riding. It is priced lower, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

What do we like about it?

  • Multiple mounting points for enhanced load-carrying capacity, suitable for longer rides.
  • Wide tires that allow the bike to go anywhere you want to ride.
  • Dropper post design ensures a stable riding position between climbs and descents, maintaining riding continuity.
  • Flat mount disc brakes provide a clean aesthetic and are compatible with modern product standards, improving braking performance.
  • The steel frame is sturdy, durable, and capable of absorbing some road vibrations.
  • Shimano GRX RX810 drivetrain delivers exceptional shifting performance and efficiency.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The steel frame is relatively heavy, which may not be acceptable to some riders.


  • What is the weight of this bike?

A complete bike in a 55cm size weighs 28 pounds.

  • What is the maximum chainring size this bike accommodates?

It supports up to 42t, which is the maximum for a 1x setup according to the frame specifications.

  • What are the geometry specifications for this bike?
Head Tube Angle70717171.571.571.571.5
Seat Tube Angle)74.5747473.57372.572.5
Top Tube Length)505520528545565585605
Seat Tube Length415445475510540570600
Chainstay Length430430430430430430430
Bottom Bracket Drop62.562.562.562.562.562.562.5
Fork Offset50505047474747
Total Fork Length395395395395395395395
Head Tube Length115125135155175200225
Handlebar Width400400420440440460460
Stem Length708090100100110120
Crank Arm Length165165170170170175175



Frame612 Select Chromoly Steel, TIG Welded and Brazed, E.D. CoatedBB Standard: BSA, 68mm, ThreadedTire Clearance: 42cColor: Aqua Seafoam
Fork612 Select Chromoly Steel, All-City Signature fork ends, Bi-Wing Crown, TIG Welded and Brazed, E.D. Coated
Bottom BracketFSA MegaEVO
HeadsetCane Creek 40 Series
StemJD, AL6061, 3D forged, 4-bolt stem, 31.8mm, ±6° Rise
HandlebarJD, AL6061, 31.8mm, 12° Flair
SaddleAll-City Gonzo or DDK-5255
SeatpostTranzX JD-TSI01, 27.2, 350mm L, 50mm drop


Rear DerailleurShimano GRX RX810Front Derailleur
Front DerailleurN/A
CrankFSA V-Drive 38t, MegaEVO
ShiftersShimano GRX RX810
CassetteSunRace 11-speed, 11/42t
ChainKMC X11 EPT
BrakesShimano GRX RX810
Brake LeversShimano GRX RX810


RimsWTB ST i25 TCS 2.0, 32h
Front HubAll-City Go-Devil 32h
Rear HubAll-City Go-Devil 32h
TiresWTB Riddler, 27.5 x 2.4″, TCS Light/Fast
Disk RotorsShimano SM-RT66,160 f/r, 6-Bolt

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewWheelsetFrame MaterialBrake TypeDrivetrain
Canyon Grizl 7Click View650B/700c AluminumAluminumShimano GRX RX6002 × 11
Felt BROAM 30Click View700c AluminumAluminumShimano BR-RX4002 × 11
Scott Addict Gravel 20Click View700c AluminumCarbonSRAM RIVAL eTap1 × 12 Electronic
GT Grade Carbon ExpertClick View700c AluminumCarbonShimano GRX 4002 × 11

All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX vs. Canyon Grizl 7

Canyon Grizl 7
Canyon Grizl 7

Comparing these two bikes, the first one comes equipped with a steel frame that’s a bit heavier but offers greater durability and comfort. The latter features an aluminum frame and a carbon fiber fork, making it lighter but sacrificing some comfort.

In terms of drivetrain components, both bikes use Shimano GRX RX810 components. However, the first one is equipped with a 1x-speed setup, providing simpler shifting, while the latter has a 2x-speed setup, offering more gear options. When it comes to braking components, the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX boasts a higher component level, resulting in superior braking performance.

So, between these two bikes, the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX seems more like a gravel bike designed specifically for off-road riding, which is why I prefer it.

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All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX vs. Felt BROAM 30

Felt BROAM 30
Felt BROAM 30

Next, let’s take a look at these two bikes. The first one’s design leans more towards being a pure off-road gravel bike, while the latter strikes a balance with some emphasis on speed.

Both of these bikes use Shimano GRX RX810 drivetrain components, ensuring efficient power transmission. The difference lies in the fact that the first one features a 1x drivetrain design, whereas the latter has a 2x drivetrain. They also both utilize the reliable and powerful Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes, but the first one boasts a higher component level, delivering stronger braking performance.

However, between these two bikes, I still prefer the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX. This is because it has the added advantage of a dropper post design and offers a more agile handling experience.

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All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX vs. Scott Addict Gravel 20

Scott Addict Gravel 20
Scott Addict Gravel 20

Looking at the materials used, it’s evident that the latter option will have a lighter weight, resulting in faster riding speeds. On the other hand, the former will be heavier but offers greater durability and sturdiness.

In terms of the drivetrain, both of them employ a 1x setup. However, the latter uses an electronic version for shifting, making adjustments easier and providing a wider range of speed options.

Finally, in the realm of geometry, the former is better suited for rugged terrain riding, while the latter adopts a more aggressive riding posture, facilitating faster speeds.

So, both of these bikes, the Scott Addict Gravel 20, indeed feature higher-quality components and frames. However, they excel in different domains, so the choice should depend on your specific needs.

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All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX vs. GT Grade Carbon Expert

GT Grade Carbon Expert
GT Grade Carbon Expert

When comparing these two bikes, both have excellent gravel riding capabilities, but the latter does perform better. Its unique frame structure and carbon fiber material give it a more premium appearance and make the riding experience smoother and more agile.

In terms of drivetrain components, although both use Shimano components, the former employs a road series, which offers higher transmission efficiency and smoother operation. The latter, on the other hand, utilizes dedicated gravel bike components. While it may not have the same finesse, it is reliable, durable, and trustworthy in challenging conditions.

In summary, both of these bikes are excellent gravel bikes. The choice ultimately depends on your preferred riding style.

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The above is my review of the All-City Gorilla Monsoon GRX. In our view, it is a sturdy and durable steel-frame gravel bike capable of handling various complex road conditions. That’s why we’ve given it a rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in other steel-frame gravel bikes, we also review a wide range of bikes at various price points, all of which are quite fascinating. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

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