Is Marin Team Marin 2 A Perfect Selection? – [Marin Team Marin 2 Review]

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Marin Team Marin 2 Review

  • Price: $2,499
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Front fork: Fox Float 34
  • Wheels: 29” Aluminum
  • Drivetrain: 1×12

What we like about it: The design of the dropper seatpost greatly facilitates seat height adjustment.

What we don’t like about it: Although the internal cable routing design effectively protects the cables, it may cause cable and frame collision noise during rides.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Marin Team Marin 2 
Marin Team Marin 2 

As the second bike in the Marin Team series, the Marin Team Marin 2 inherits the aggressive spirit of its predecessor, Marin 1. Additionally, it incorporates a dropper seat post design, ensuring smoother and safer rides.

In the following sections, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Marin Team Marin 2. Towards the end of this article, we will also compare it with several top bicycle models. If you’re interested in more bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

I have always wanted a hardtail mountain bike that would allow me to ride smoothly on challenging terrains. The Marin Team Marin 2 fulfills that desire, making me feel less alone in my quest. After packing my Marin Team Marin 2, I booked a flight to Lewis & Clark Trail, Onawa through Skyscanner, intending to embark on an unforgettable cycling journey there.


The varied slopes of the Lewis & Clark Trail provided an excellent test for the climbing performance of the Marin Team Marin 2. Thanks to its reliable Shimano 1×12 drivetrain, I was able to switch between different freewheel gears to tackle various gradients.

During climbs, I aimed to lower my center of gravity for a more stable frame and powerful pedaling. The Marin Team Marin 2’s dropper seat post automatically adjusted the seat tube height to an ideal position without requiring me to dismount.

Moreover, the comfortable and functional handlebar (780mm Width, 4ºUp, 9ºBack) provided the momentum I needed for uphill riding. The 29×2.35-inch large-diameter wheels reduced rolling resistance and facilitated climbing.

I must mention that the long wheelbase design enhanced traction and stability, preventing any unwanted slippage on inclined surfaces.


The Marin Team Marin 2 pleasantly surprised me with its descending performance. The TRP G-Spec FMR hydraulic disc brakes and brake levers excelled in both short and long downhill sections.

For short descents, the Shimano hydraulic discs on the Marin Team Marin 2 provided immediate and responsive braking. On long descents, the braking performance was even smoother and more seamless.

Furthermore, the TranzX dropper seat post offered a wide range of adjustments, with Size S featuring 125mm travel and all other sizes featuring 150mm travel. It was quick and easy to lower the seatpost height for a comfortable riding position.

Overall, I believe the Marin Team Marin 2 is an excellent off-road bike that excels on climbs, descents, and flat terrain, showcasing its capabilities with stability and poise.


The Marin Team Marin 2 is a high-end hardtail mountain bike equipped with top-quality components. The high-quality Fox Float 34 front fork with 120mm travel provides excellent cushioning on challenging terrains, while the aluminum frame offers a lightweight construction.

Furthermore, the Shimano TRP G-Spec FMR hydraulic disc brakes and brake levers provide exceptional braking power and timely response.

The combination of a 32T chainring and SunRace 12-speed freewheel offers a wide range of climbing speeds for optimal braking experiences.

The Marin Team Marin 2 features an aggressive geometry design that allows riders to maintain a forward-leaning position for a speed advantage.

The longer wheelbase ensures a stable frame, preventing excessive bouncing during rides. The dropper seat post design adds convenience to adjusting seat height, allowing riders to make changes without dismounting the bike.


What do we like about it?

  • Dropper seat post configuration: The dropper seat post design greatly facilitates seat tube height adjustments.
  • Aggressive geometry design: The aggressive geometry provides a more dynamic riding experience, enhancing acceleration and pedal power.
  • Excellent braking system: The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and brake levers offer responsive and timely performance, reducing braking distances and significantly improving efficiency.
  • Strong climbing drivetrain: The Shimano 1×12 drivetrain delivers impressive climbing power, particularly on complex terrains.
  • Speed-friendly wheelset: The 29×2.35-inch large-diameter wheels maintain low rolling resistance and provide better momentum during rides.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Internal cable routing design: While effective in protecting the cables, it may result in cable and frame contact noise during rides.


  1. Who is this bike suitable for?

This bike is suitable for individuals seeking speed and aggressive riding, mountain biking enthusiasts, professional riders, those who prioritize performance and convenience, and people who appreciate visually appealing bikes.

2, What are the available sizes of this bike?

There are four sizes available, allowing riders to choose according to their individual needs.

Rider heightSIZE
  • What other versions of the Marin Team Marin 2 series are available?

Here we have provided you with a version comparison. Of course, it doesn’t have to be according to this standard, and the best way to find the most suitable model is to try it out.

Marin Team Marin 1$1,499AluminumRockShox Judy Silver TK120mm frontHydraulic Disc1 × 12
Marin Team Marin 2$2,499AluminumFox Float 34120mm frontHydraulic Disc1 × 12



 FrameSeries 4 6061 Aluminum, 29″ Wheels, Superlight Aluminum Frame, Post-Mount Rear Brake, Internal Shifter and Dropper Post Routing, 148x12mm Boost Thru- AxleBB Standard: BSA, 73mm, ThreadedColor: Gloss Black / Holograph
ForkFox 34 StepCast, 120mm Travel, Alloy Tapered Steerer, Air Spring, 110x15mm Boost Spacing, Kabolt Thru-Axle, 44mm Offset
Bottom BracketMega Exo 73mm BSA
HeadsetFSA No 42ACB, 1 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
StemMarin 3D Forged Alloy, 35mm
HandlebarMarin Mini-Riser, 6061 Double Butted Aluminum, 780mm Width, 4º Up, 9º Back
SaddleMarin Speed Concept
SeatpostTranzX Dropper Post, YSP23 w/ 1x Remote, Size S 125mm Travel, All Other Sizes: 150mm Travel, 30.9mm
PedalsNylon Platform
GripsMarin Single Clamp Locking


Rear DerailleurShimano SLX 12-Speed
Front Derailleur
CrankFSA Grid, Modular 1x, 32T Direct Mount Chainring, MegaTooth Technology, MegaExo Spindle, Boost Spacing
ShiftersShimano SLX 12-Speed
CassetteSunRace 12-speed, 11-51
ChainKMC X12
BrakesHydraulic Disc
Brake LeversTRP G-Spec FMR Hydraulic


RimsMarin Aluminum Double Wall, 29mm Inner, Sleeve Joint, Disc Specific, Tubeless Compatible
Front HubForged Aluminum, 110x15mm, Disc, 32H
Rear HubForged Aluminum, 148x12mm, Centerlock Disc, 32H
TiresMaxxis Rekon Race, 29×2.35″, Folding Bead, Tubeless Ready

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick to viewTiresDrivetrainFrame materialGroupset
Cannondale Trail SE 1Click View29” Aluminum1 × 12AluminumNX Eagle, SX Eagle, SRAM
Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus / Aluminum / 27+Click View27.5” Aluminum1 × 12AluminumSX Eagle, NX Eagle, SRAM
Nukeproof Scout 275 RSClick View27.5” Aluminum1× 12AluminumGX Eagle, SRAM
Diamondback Sync’r Carbon 29Click View29” Aluminum1 × 12CarbonGX Eagle, NX, SRAM

Marin Team Marin 2 vs Cannondale Trail SE 1

Cannondale Trail SE 1

In terms of appearance, the Cannondale Trail SE 1 features a gradient design in Meteor Gray and black, which gives it a novel and eye-catching appeal. On the other hand, the Marin Team Marin 2 sports a Gloss Black/Holograph color scheme that exudes a vintage feel.

In terms of components, the Marin Team Marin 2 is equipped with high-quality SLX and FSA components. Its Shimano 1×12 drivetrain, consisting of a 1x, 32T chainring and Shimano SunRace 12-speed, 11-51 freewheel, offers different speed advantages during climbs.

The Cannondale Trail SE 1 comes with NX Eagle and SX Eagle components, which are widely popular due to their excellent performance. Its SRAM hydraulic disc brakes and brake levers provide quick, responsive, and smooth braking.

In my opinion, both of these bikes are excellent choices.

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Marin Team Marin 2 vs Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus / Aluminum / 27+

 Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus / Aluminum / 27+
Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus / Aluminum / 27+

The wheel configurations of these two bikes differ. The Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus/Aluminum/27+ is equipped with 29×2.35-inch large-diameter wheels paired with medium-width tires. This combination offers low rolling resistance, longer distances, and the ability to traverse some gravel and potholes.

The Marin Team Marin 2 uses 27.5×2.8-inch small-diameter wheels paired with wide tires. The smaller wheel diameter provides better traction and grip, while the wide tires compensate for the speed limitations of smaller wheels.

In terms of appearance, the Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus/Aluminum/27+ comes in two color options: Fog and Yellowjacket, and Raspberry Sorbet and Grey, which are youthful and fashionable. On the other hand, the Marin Team Marin 2 features a Gloss Black and Holograph color scheme, giving it a more retro vibe.

Therefore, for riders seeking speed, the Santa Cruz Chameleon D Plus/Aluminum/27+ with its larger wheel diameter would be a suitable choice. For those looking to strike a balance between speed and grip, the Marin Team Marin 2 would make a great riding companion.

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Marin Team Marin 2 vs Nukeproof Scout 275 RS

Nukeproof Scout 275 RS
Nukeproof Scout 275 RS

The Nukeproof Scout 275 RS has unique advantages in terms of stability. The 27.5×2.6-inch wheel configuration allows for better traction during rides and provides excellent shock absorption on non-technical terrains.

Additionally, the wide knobs on the tires further enhance stability and prevent slippage. The 140mm travel from the RockShox Lyrik Select+ front fork offers significant cushioning on downhill terrains.

The Marin Team Marin 2 has found a perfect balance between stability and speed. With the 120mm travel from the Fox Float 34 front fork, the Marin Team Marin 2 provides a stable descent.

The dropper seatpost allows riders to quickly adjust the seat height, raising it for better momentum and faster pedaling frequency during uphill climbs, and lowering it for a stable center of gravity during downhill rides or on bumpy surfaces.

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Marin Team Marin 2 vs Diamondback Sync’r Carbon 29

Diamondback Sync'r Carbon 29
Diamondback Sync’r Carbon 29

The Diamondback Sync’r Carbon 29 is a high-quality hardtail mountain bike. It features a lightweight carbon frame, which allows for an easy and smooth ride while effectively absorbing bumps.

In terms of components, the GX Eagle NX provides powerful hardware support. The 1×12 GX Eagle NX drivetrain, consisting of an SRAM NX 32T chainring and SRAM XG1275 Eagle 12 Speed freewheel, is reliable, durable, and offers excellent rear derailleur tension, allowing for different speeds to adapt to various terrains.

The Marin Team Marin 2 is an extremely cost-effective bike. Despite its advantageous price, it doesn’t skimp on the design either.

The 67° head tube angle helps riders maintain an aggressive riding position for impressive speed, which is advantageous in off-road races.

The 780mm width handlebar (4º Up, 9º Back) provides a comfortable and convenient riding experience without feeling rigid or rough.

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Above is our review of the Marin Team Marin 2. It is an impressive hardtail mountain bike in terms of both appearance and performance, delivering good performance in climbing and descending.

In our opinion, the Marin Team Marin 2 is a bike worth purchasing. Considering all the factors, we gave it a high rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in other hardtail mountain bikes, we also evaluate a variety of bikes at different price points, which can be quite interesting. Feel free to check out our other reviews as well.

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