Is Litespeed Arenberg Worth Buying? -[Litespeed Arenberg Review]

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Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd Review

  • Price: $2950
  • Frame: Titanium
  • Tires: Continental Ultrasport3 28c
  • Gear: 2×11

What we like about it: The convenient uphill design allows you to ride without fear of uphill.

What we don’t like about it: The titanium frame is not easy to paint and you can’t get more color options.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Litespeed Arenberg
Litespeed Arenberg

Without exaggeration, the Litespeed Arenberg is a well-rounded racing bike that can be ridden confidently and effortlessly on mixed terrain. It features a price-friendly titanium alloy frame and a unique design that creates a non-aggressive riding position.

Whether on rough hills or flat roads, you can find a riding style that suits you and this bike. Litespeed strives to make the Arenberg your first choice for riding.

Below is our comprehensive review of the bike. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, follow us.

Riding Experience

10th GFNY World Championship NYC

With race bikes, the best way to test them is to compete. For this Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd, we chose the 10th GFNY World Championship NYC race.

The course starts at the George Washington Bridge, travels through New Jersey and New York, to New York’s Bear Mountain State Park, and ends in Fort Lee, NJ. The entire course is 100 miles.

On a warm May day, the Arenberg started its journey with the not-so-blinding morning light and following the breeze.

As a bike that performs very well on the uphill, it played its superb strength. The full ascent was 8,500 feet, and its strong road adaptation allowed it to perform well on different surfaces in the race.


Although the head tube angle of the Arenberg is 0.5° less and the rear dropout is 5mm longer than other Litespeed racing bikes, the purpose of this is to better adapt to mixed terrain.

However, we were surprised to find that it performed more effortlessly and freely on uphill climbs.

Undeniably, uphill climbs directly test the rider’s endurance. Therefore, good geometry design can help the rider find the most suitable posture for the current slope angle and save energy to the maximum extent.

For this purpose, Litespeed designed the bike from XS to XL sizes and from 365mm to 395mm reach, which allows the center of gravity to move forward and the front wheel to gain a better grip on uphill climbs. The direct result is stability and ease.

Wheel Design

The Continental Ultrasport3 28c tires are designed to handle various complex road conditions.

Whether it’s a flat road, gravel path, or rugged terrain, the Litespeed Arenberg performs exceptionally well in this race. The complex tire pattern is designed with speed and grip in mind, making it an excellent choice for both racing and daily commuting.

The Shimano RT70 160mm Centerlock-made Disk Rotors provide powerful braking performance, and the entire wheel rotation and control are impressive.

Facing complex terrain, the Litespeed Arenberg performs like a pair of human legs, handling all the challenges of the race track.

Road Cycling

Traditionally, this is indeed a racing bike. However, one easily overlooked aspect of the Litespeed Arenberg is that it also performs well in road cycling.

At $2950, it is not unaffordable for daily use. On the contrary, its excellent performance in racing only increases its appeal. Undoubtedly, the key to road cycling lies in the ease of use and energy consumption during uphill cycling, which has been proven in the race.

What I want to emphasize is that the bike’s overall design is also suitable for road cycling. Not only does the Shimano 105 R7000 front and rear derailleur provide plenty of speed options, but the FSA Gossamer Wing Compact handlebar shows remarkable flexibility.

In summary, this is an excellent bike, with a price of $2950 that provides great value in its price range and even beyond. The price may determine whether you buy it, but the design is what truly makes you love this bike. Undoubtedly, this bike’s charm has deeply attracted me.


First of all, the frame made of 3AL/2.5V titanium tubeset will provide a relatively comfortable riding position during your ride.

Then, compared to other models in the Litespeed series, the unique chainstay design protects your rear dropout better. It also features Shimano 105 R7000, allowing you to better control the bike as it speeds through different terrains.

The CNC machining unique to Litespeed ensures that the strength-to-weight ratio of the entire bike falls perfectly within an ideal range. The 2×11 drivetrain allows you to choose the speed you want during your ride.

Undoubtedly, safety is an essential aspect of cycling, and the 700C aluminum wheelset provides better aerodynamics. The head tube angle ranges from 70° to 72.5°, which offers efficient and responsive steering in different situations.

It is worth mentioning that the 35mm tire design allows Litespeed Arenberg to ride on both bumpy and chaotic road conditions. This design provides the bike with better adaptability.

Other versions

After extensive testing, we have gained a deeper understanding of the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd. This is a high-performance racing bike with excellent value for both daily commuting and racing.

However, some riders may have their requirements for the components used on the bike. To allow riders to find a bike that best suits their needs, we conducted more research on related series.

Litespeed Arenberg Ultegra 11 Spd

Litespeed Arenberg Ultegra 11 Spd

Both bikes have a titanium frame, 700C aluminum wheelset, shifting 2×11, and use hydraulic discs for braking. The frames of both bikes are identical, with changes made only in the kit. So you can see that these two bikes are very similar.

As you can see from the names of the two bikes, the difference between these two bikes is the components. This Litespeed Arenberg Ultegra 11 Spd uses the Ultegra series of components except for the chain, which is Shimano HG701.

These two components do not give the rider much difference during the ride. Riders can choose the right bike for them according to their preference.

What do we like about it?

  • With a more upright and durable geometry, it can be ridden for a long time on roads with less friction.
  • With a lightweight titanium frame, it can be said to be effortless during the ride.
  • With 35mm tire clearance, it has a perfect riding experience on light gravel roads.
  • Litespeed Arenberg offers wheel upgrades for the HED Ardennes RA and Vanquish RC4. A full range of features at a very wallet-friendly price.
  • Accept customized for each person’s different physical conditions to make you more comfortable during the ride.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The titanium alloy frame only allows riders to choose the color of the logo, the overall color of the bike is fixed.


  • What is the braking system of Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd?

The braking system is the hydraulic disc.

  • Does Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd support customizing components for customers?

Yes, it does.

  • How to choose the right size?

The size chart for Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd is as follows:

These sizes are just general guidelines, the best way to find the right size for you is to try riding it.

Rider heightSIZE



ForkLitespeed Carbon
Bottom BracketPraxis
HeadsetSelect from above
StemFSA Gossamer
HandlebarFSA Gossamer Wing Compact
SaddleWTB Volt Steel
SeatpostFSA Gossamer Alloy 20mm Offset


Rear DerailleurShimano 105 R7000
Front DerailleurShimano 105 R7000
CrankShimano 105 50/34
ShiftersShimano 105 R7000
CassetteShimano 105 R7000 11-30
ChainShimano HG601
BrakesShimano 105 R7000


RimsSelect Wheels Above
TiresContinental Ultrasport3 28c
Disk RotorsShimano RT70 160mm Centerlock


Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTiresDrivetrainFrame materialGroupset
Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc ProClick ViewBontrager R2 700x25c2×11CarbonShimano Ultegra
Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2, Pro CompactClick ViewGiant Course 1, 700x25c (28mm)2×11CarbonShimano 105
Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTapClick ViewContinental Grand Prix 5000, 28 mm2×12 electronicCarbonSRAM Rival eTap AXS
Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105Click ViewVittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick, 700x25c2×11CarbonShimano 105

Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd vs Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro

Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro
Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro

First of all, the latter is almost $1000 more expensive than the former, and after studying both bikes, we can see that the Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro has the advantage of having a wheelset made of Carbon.

Compared to the aluminum wheelset of the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd, the weight is slightly better. But for the latter’s 1.4kg titanium frame, the former uses a carbon fiber frame, which will be lacking in sturdiness.

In terms of components, the Shimano Ultegra components will appear more refined and durable compared to the Shimano 105.

Nevertheless, the Shimano Ultegra will be made of lighter materials, but the overall weight difference is not significant. Not only that, both can be used in the same way. If we have a smaller budget, we can choose the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd.

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Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd vs Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2, Pro Compact

Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2, Pro Compact
Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2, Pro Compact

The price difference between the two bikes is only $50, and their point of strength is going up hills. But for hill driving, the latter’s partial external cable routing is not worthy of a racer’s preference.

Because it will bring trouble in cleaning. Of course, it also has ample advantages. For example, it offers first-class aerodynamic design treatment, and the drivetrain is similar to an aero bike, which will make you feel like you’re flying.

In addition, the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd still has the advantage of being in this price range. It has a titanium frame that is lightweight yet strong.

The Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2, Pro Compact takes some getting used to, and its one-piece seatpost doesn’t offer excellent adjustability.

The 25c tires are not as adaptable as the 28c tires in the face of complex road conditions. With all this in mind, the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd might be a better choice.

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Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd vs Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTap

Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTap
Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTap

The major difference between these two bikes is still in the components. The Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTaps uses Rival eTap while the Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd uses Shimano 105.

Rival eTap is heavier than Shimano 105, but it has a wireless design that Shimano 105 does not have. In addition, the Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTaps has a power meter that the latter does not have.

However, Shimano 105 has more robust alloy shift levers and offers a wider range of cassette sizes, which can provide faster speeds.

The Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 eTap does have some advantages that the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd does not have. This also makes the latter’s price nearly $700 lower than the former.

The reviews from riders for both bikes are generally good. Ultimately, the choice between the two bikes depends on your personal preferences, taking budget into full consideration.

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Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd vs Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105
Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105

In terms of top tube height, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105 will be a bit lower than the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd. 

This will make the rider less agile during the ride, which makes the bike more straightforward and demanding for beginners. Not only that, but the former will be more suitable for longer rides than the latter.

For uphill ability, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc 105 has a 52/36t gear ratio that still falls short of the former on the slopes. This will make the rider spend more effort on the uphill.

Visually, the latter has a clean cable integration and is more aggressive. Comparatively speaking, the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd is more casual and softer, with more options available to adapt to your physical conditions.

If you are a casual yet speedy rider, I believe the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd will be a better fit for you.

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Above is our full review of the Litespeed Arenberg Shimano 105 11 Spd. This bike has a very wide audience and is suitable for different people to buy. The excellent climbing ability allows you to travel easily on ramps, and the smooth road ride allows you to enjoy the freedom of the schedule. If you want to get more information about the bike, welcome to take a look at our test about it.

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