Is Ibis Exie XT Worth Buying? – Ibis Exie XT Review

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Ibis Exie XT Review

  • Price: $3600
  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Wheels: 29″
  • Gear: 1×12

What we like about it: High climbing instincts, lightweight frame.

What we don’t like about it: The high price can only be accepted by a small number of people.

Rating (4.7/5)

Ibis Exie XT
Ibis Exie XT

Ibis launched the Exie series just over a year ago, coinciding with their 40th anniversary. This carbon fiber 29-inch mountain bike is manufactured in a factory near the brand’s headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. After Jenny Rissveds’ first season on the World Cup circuit, it has already made its way onto multiple podiums.

The Exie is the brand’s first full carbon fiber full suspension bike completely developed in-house. According to Ibis, it is the culmination of their seven-year project to rethink every aspect of their process, and the results are truly impressive.

In this review, we’ll analyze the Ibis Exie XT in terms of ride feel, key features, components and specs, and other versions. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, be sure to follow us.

Riding Experience

Ibis Exie XT

This is a lightweight, full-suspension mountain bike for mid-range riders that combines advanced mid-travel suspension technology with modern 29-inch wheels and outstanding front and rear travel of 120mm and 100mm, respectively, for excellent traction and better rebound performance. It also features a stable carbon fiber handlebar for improved safety and grip. Additionally, it can be equipped with high-quality brakes and drivetrain systems for safe riding in complex mountain environments.

The one we tested came with a Fox Factory Series 34 Stepcast fork with excellent Fit 4 damping and a Fox Float DPS rear shock. Shimano XT brakes provide braking performance, and the dropper post design allows for quick seat adjustment. Another thing that needs to be prepared in advance is booking accommodation. This time, I still booked accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts, hoping for a good rest.


Although it is a full suspension bike, the geometry is still biased towards the XC shape, and you will ride it like me, quickly charging through the mountains. I first rode this bike at the Santa Ana Mountain World Cup XC race, and I think I forgot how severe and harsh the entire race was. But I’m really glad this bike was with me at the time.

The 50mm short stem is very short for a mountain bike. Combined with the steep head angle, it can easily change the direction of travel and choose the best climbing route. The Exie does keep me in an ideal riding position, allowing me to put all my riding power into the pedals. The specific seat angle should mean that a wider range of riders can be in the best climbing position.

As for the suspension during climbing, the DW suspension link seems to have some magical power, with short travel but unmatched traction. It can climb freely without consuming energy, and if you make a mistake while climbing, it can correct it and allow the rider to continue to improve.


It is tolerant when climbing, but it is also absolutely uncompromising when descending. Provided that you pay attention to its steep head angle and relatively short stem. Compared to other test bikes, its front wheel made me feel more focused on descending, and the overall vibration feedback was very clear and comfortable.

The suspension travel, as I mentioned earlier, doesn’t have a particularly noticeable effect when riding. But its geometry makes me feel that my posture is very aggressive. Although this can make my downhill speed faster, stability seems to be reduced, and I am always worried about the risk of tipping over.

Regarding the downhill, I want to say that this doesn’t matter. Because I found that almost all bikes have some weakness on one side when the other is stronger. This also separates the part of the mountain bike that is good at climbing and the part that is good at rushing down the mountain, and it is clear that this bike is the former. They focus more on efficient pedaling rather than steep and noisy downhill, prioritizing flowing trails and off-road riding. I think having a mountain bike with specific advantages is a good thing.


The Ibis Exie XT is a high-quality full-suspension mountain bike with many excellent components, making it an outstanding mountain bike. It features Ibis’ sophisticated 140mm independent dual-pivot suspension system, providing excellent shock absorption and better control. It also comes equipped with a Fox Float 34 adjustable air fork, offering more adjustment options and helping to better manage the height and force of each ride, making it easier for you to climb.

In addition, it has Shimano XT M8100-speed technology, which allows for more gear ratios to meet different terrain needs, and enables faster and more efficient climbing. The Ibis Exie XT also features Ibis 933 Aluminum Rims, which effectively reduce friction while maintaining good grip and durability, thereby improving the reliability of the bike. In summary, the Ibis Exie XT is an excellent full-suspension mountain bike. It has first-class components that can provide you with outstanding performance and more advantages, making it a reliable bike.

Other Versions of the Ibis Exie XT

Ibis Exie NGX
Ibis Exie NGX

In this review, we tested the Ibis Exie XT. To be honest, you can get a very high-quality and useful full-suspension mountain bike. It provides the best handling and durability, allowing you to efficiently and quickly traverse bumpy rock gardens and muddy wetlands.

Through our testing, it can be seen that this is indeed a very high-quality full-suspension mountain bike. For this reason, we also found a similar version of it – the Ibis Exie NGX. The main difference between the two bikes is the fork level and the model of the overall kit. The Ibis Exie XT uses lighter Shimano XT components and a Fox Float 34 fork, and the overall weight of the bike is 0.6kg lighter. However, the price of the Exie NGX is more affordable, and you can save about $3,000.

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What do we like about it?

  • Affordability: It’s a fairly cost-effective mountain bike with advanced components and an affordable price.
  • Versatility: The bike is highly versatile and can handle different types of terrain, including roads, deserts, and gravel.
  • Stability: With excellent stability, it can ride safely and reliably through various twists and turns on the road.
  • Lightweight: Made of aluminum alloy material, the bike is lighter and easier to ride.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance and upkeep are simple, with only regular inspections of the wheels, bearings, and frame needed to keep the bike in good condition.
  • Safety: Equipped with TRP disc brakes and Shimano shifting systems, it provides safe and reliable braking and shifting control.
  • Appearance: With a modern appearance that’s stylish and durable, it can meet the needs of different personalities.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Decline: Not the best decliner.


  • How much suspension travel does the Ibis Exie XT have?

The mountain is equipped with a Fox 34 SC Fit 4 Remote 120mm front suspension and a Fox Float DPS Remote w/ adjust, 190 x 45, light rebound, and compression rear suspension.

  • What tires were used on the bike?

The bike uses Ibis 933 Aluminum Rims, and Ibis Hubs, wrapped in Maxxis Recon Race 29″ x 2.4″ Exo/TR WT outer tires.

  • What heights are Ibis Exie XT suitable for?

The sizing chart for the Ibis Exie XT is as follows.

(These sizes are only a general guide, the true fit may vary from person to person and the easiest way to find your size is best to go for a test ride.)

Rider heightSIZE
158cm – 171cmS
168cm – 180cmM
178cm – 189cmL
186cm – 199cmXL

Ibis Exie XT Specs


FrameCarbon Fiber
BB Standard: BSA, 73mm, Threaded
Colors: Cheat-O Orange; Bug Zapper Blue
ForkFox 34 SC Fit 4 Remote 120mm, 44mm rake, Kabolt
Rear ShockFox Float DPS Remote w/ adjust, 190 x 45, light rebound and compression
Bottom BracketThreaded (73mm English threaded)
HeadsetIS 41/28.6 upper, IS 52/40 lower
StemIndustry Nine A318S/M: 40mm, L/XL: 50mm
HandlebarIbis 800mm Hi Fi Bar
SaddleWTB Silverado 142
SeatpostBike Yoke Revive DropperS: 125mm, M: 160mm, L: 185mm, XL: 213mm. Note there is a 250lb rider weight limit on this post.
GripsLizard Skin Charger


Rear DerailleurShimano XT M8100 Shadow Plus 12 speed
CrankShimano XT M8100, 30t Alloy RingS/M: 170mm, L/XL: 175mm
ShiftersShimano XT M8100 12 speed
CassetteShimano XT 10-51
ChainShimano XT M8100 12 speed
BrakesShimano XT M8100


RimsIbis 933 Aluminum Rims, Ibis Hubs
TiresMaxxis Recon Race 29″ x 2.4″ Exo/TR WT
Disk RotorsShimano SM-RT86 180/160


Comparison Table

BicyclesPriceDrivetrainFrame MaterialClick view
Specialized Epic EVO Expert$70001×12 electronicCarbon FiberClick View
Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS $73491×12 electronicCarbon FiberClick View
BMC Fourstroke ONE $79991×12 electronicAluminum alloyClick View
Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XT $82001×12Aluminum alloyClick View

Ibis Exie XT VS Specialized Epic EVO Expert

Specialized Epic EVO Expert
Specialized Epic EVO Expert

The emergence of modern full-suspension mountain bikes has made off-road cycling more exciting and thrilling. Ibis Exie XT and Specialized Epic EVO Expert are outstanding performers among full-suspension mountain bikes, beloved by many cyclists.

Firstly, Ibis Exie XT features a Fox Float 34 fork, Shimano XT M8100 12-speed drivetrain, and Shimano XT M8100 hydraulic disc brakes, all of which are high-quality components that provide strong assistance and a comfortable riding experience for cyclists. Meanwhile, Specialized Epic EVO Expert features a RockShox SID LUXE Select+ fork, Specialized Brain Rear Shock, SRAM GX Eagle AXS 12-speed drivetrain, and SRAM G2 RS hydraulic disc brakes, all of which are also high-quality components that offer superior handling and stability, allowing cyclists to enjoy an ultimate riding experience.

Secondly, in terms of riding experience, Ibis Exie XT is equipped with a meticulously designed full-suspension system, allowing cyclists to experience a comfortable ride on both smooth and bumpy roads. Especially when going downhill, it provides stable handling to make cyclists feel more at ease. Specialized Epic EVO Expert’s suspension system is also well-designed, providing excellent traction and stability, delivering a superb riding experience for cyclists on both smooth and muddy roads, and giving them the freedom to soar like a bird.

In conclusion, Ibis Exie XT and Specialized Epic EVO Expert are both outstanding performers among full-suspension mountain bikes. They both feature high-quality components that provide strong assistance and deliver a comfortable riding experience.

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Ibis Exie XT vs Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS

Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS
Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS

Ibis Exie XT and Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS are two excellent full-suspension mountain bikes with different strengths in terms of riding experience, performance, and price. Let’s first take a look at their riding experiences.

Ibis Exie XT is a single-suspension bike with a powerful suspension system that absorbs bumps and reduces vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride. Its larger wheels offer better traction, stability, and safety. On the other hand, Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS is a dual-suspension bike with a suspension system that adapts to different types of terrain, allowing for faster and more agile riding on different surfaces and conditions.

Now let’s compare their performances. Ibis Exie XT has a more powerful suspension system that provides better traction and stability in challenging mountain environments, and its larger wheels transfer energy to the ground for faster speeds. Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS, on the other hand, has a front fork that adapts to different terrains for more versatile riding, and its wheels provide better traction and stability.

Finally, let’s look at their prices. Ibis Exie XT has a price tag of $7999, while Trek Supercaliber 9.8 GX AXS is priced at $7000, making it a more affordable option. However, Ibis Exie XT’s superior performance makes it a good choice for those looking for the best riding experience.

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Ibis Exie XT vs BMC Fourstroke ONE

BMC Fourstroke ONE
BMC Fourstroke ONE

Ibis Exie XT and BMC Fourstroke ONE are two excellent mountain bikes with high performance and good riding experience.

Firstly, Ibis Exie XT is a full suspension mountain bike with a lightweight carbon fiber frame, weighing only 11.3 kg. It features a 120mm front and 100mm rear suspension configuration, which can adjust and provide front and rear wheel damping according to different road conditions, making riding easier, safer, and more stable. In addition, Exie XT is equipped with the Shimano XT M8000 11-speed transmission system, which is more precise and reliable and can easily cope with the challenges of different terrains.

On the other hand, BMC Fourstroke ONE is also an excellent mountain bike. It features a full suspension design with a high-performance carbon fiber frame, weighing only 10.6 kg, and providing better lightweight performance for a more comfortable riding experience. It is equipped with the Sram GX Eagle AXS 12-speed electronic transmission system, providing perfect acceleration and gear changing. Also, it uses the RockShox SID SL Select adjustable front fork, which can better handle different terrains and has excellent shock resistance to ensure the best riding experience.

In conclusion, both Ibis Exie XT and BMC Fourstroke ONE are excellent full-suspension mountain bikes with their advantages in performance, components, and price. If you want a model with better cost performance, Ibis Exie XT may be your best choice.

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Ibis Exie XT vs Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XT

Bianchi Methanol CV FS - 9.2 - XTR/XT
Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XT

Ibis Exie XT and Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE are two excellent full-suspension mountain bikes that allow riders to enjoy the fun of riding on rough terrain. In this comparison, we will look at the riding experience, components, and price of both bikes.

Firstly, the riding experience of Ibis Exie XT and Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE is quite similar, as both bikes feature a full suspension design. Ibis Exie XT uses the IBIS unique DW-Link suspension system, which effectively eliminates vibrations caused by braking and acceleration and provides a smoother ride on the road. On the other hand, Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE features the Bianchi-specific Countervail suspension system, which effectively reduces road vibrations and offers a more comfortable riding experience.

Secondly, there is a difference in components between Ibis Exie XT and Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE. Ibis Exie XT features SRAM XO1 Eagle wheelset, Fox Float 36 fork, and DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheelset, which allow riders to ride more easily on rough terrain. Meanwhile, Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE uses a Shimano XTR drivetrain, Fox Float 34 fork, and DT Swiss XM 1501 wheelset, which provide a comfortable and smooth riding experience on the road.

In summary, Ibis Exie XT and Bianchi Methanol CV FS – 9.2 – XTR/XTE have differences in their riding experience, components, and price, but both bikes offer an enjoyable riding experience on rough terrain.


Above is our test of the Ibis Exie XT, a very professional mountain trail bike. Although it is a full suspension design its strength is climbing, so if you too are eager to climb hills more efficiently and quickly, give this bike a try.

If you’d like to try a more affordable starter bike, feel free to take a look at our test about it.

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