Is CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO Worth Buying? [2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO Review]

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  • Price: $2282
  • Category: Gravel Bicycle
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Gear: 1×11
  • Tires: 700 x 40C

What we like about it: The ultra-lightweight carbon frame and fork are rugged, the internal alignment setup protects cables from damage, and the easy-to-install derailleur and brakes are powerful and offer more possibilities for gravel riding.

What we don’t like about it: There is only one color.

Rating (4.8/5.0)


Recently a lot of attention has been paid to this 2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, which is said to combine the nimble handling of a race bike with the ruggedness of a trail bike and the comfort of a touring bike to achieve an all-around balance. This seems like an incredible thing to us, but is it as good as it is officially said to be?

After our review, we feel that the overall performance of this bike deserves the attention of more riders.

Next, we break down the bike’s ride, key features, components, specs, and other versions. If you’re interested, remember to follow us!

CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO Gravel Uphill

As a hybrid of a road bike and mountain bike, gravel bike has the lightness and efficient speed of a road bike, but also the off-road performance of a mountain bike. So you can try to go off-road on some light terrain, like some gravel trails, lawn, or any terrain between road and mountain.

This time, we chose the Mickelson Trail, which is a gravel and limestone multi-use trail through town that maintains a 4% grade for most of the way. And it is surrounded by large spruce forests, meadows, and valleys.

All thanks to the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO’s full carbon frame, its lightweight body reduces my resistance on the uphill. So I didn’t need much effort to steer the bike uphill and it was much easier to ride.

What makes me happy is its 1×11-speed drivetrain. First of all, the 1-speed drivetrain not only reduces the weight of the body, but it is also very easy to operate, and you can switch the speed with one hand. Secondly, I switched to the lower gears of the drivetrain, and the large gears of up to 42T allowed me to pedal more efficiently up hills. Finally, with the bike’s Schwalbe G-One Allround wide tires, the gravel was swallowed up a little. This is all thanks to the vacuum tires’ sealant that automatically repairs the slightest irritation to the tires.

Not only that, but its drop handlebars and comfortable saddle made me feel no fatigue or muscle soreness on the uphill.

If you are like me and care about comfort in riding, then this CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is perfectly suited to our expectations.

CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO Gravel Downhill

This bike is an easy-to-ride bike. It has a very agile front end with an agile drivetrain and braking system.

On the way down, I hit a muddy gravel trail, which made me start to worry that something might happen to the bike.

However, the finely treaded tires show a strong grip. And the 45mm tire clearance provides a wide enough space for the tires to handle the mud.

At the same time, the bike’s hydraulic disc brakes provided reliable braking power for my descents. Especially in turns, the responsive braking and nimble head tube allowed me to get into the next section of the trail quickly and consistently.

It is worth mentioning that the chain stabilizer on the rear derailleur of this bike ensures a stable chain operation, thus I have one less concern when descending fast.

Not only that, but the geometry of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO speaks to me. Because I can maintain an aerodynamic vantage point as I descend, but without making me feel uncomfortable by being as aggressive as a mountain bike.

I was completely surprised by how comfortable and smooth the bike felt throughout the descent. There is nothing to fault in the choice of the speed range, the responsiveness of the brakes, or the overall comfort. After finishing my bike ride, I easily booked accommodation on IHG Hotels & Resorts. I can finally relax and rest well.

Main Features

Frame Group


This carbon CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO gives me a good first impression, the stylish and simple frame design is very much in line with the CUBE style.

Moreover, the carbon frame of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is different. It enhances its stiffness without adding weight, making the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO even lighter and more durable.

Not only that, this bike’s internal cable routing design gives the bike a neat look and protects the cable wires inside the frame. Therefore it is not susceptible to erosion and is easy for us to maintain.

At the same time, the frame also supports the installation of fenders, brackets, and water bottles.

Overall, the bike is not only beautiful but also versatile.


Talking about the geometry of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, the model we measured is L, and it gives me a comfortable feeling overall.

First of all, the seat tube angle of 73.5° is already considered relatively steep. This means we can maintain an aerodynamic angle to gain acceleration and our thigh muscles will be under less stress.

Secondly, the 439.5mm rear fork is just the right length to ensure that we can be agile and provide the stability we need for cornering.

In addition, the slack 72° headtube angle of CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO will bring us more flexible headtube handling.

Components and Specifications

Shimano GRX RD-RX812 Drivetrain

CUBE NUROAD C62 PRO himano GRX RD-RX812 Drivetrain

The 1×11-speed drivetrain is easy to operate, and it provides us with stable and precise shifts on mixed terrain. And the rich and dense gear ratios provide us with naturally smooth shifts. This is great for our speed experience.

Not only that, but the adjustable chain stabilizer on the rear derailleur also plays an important role. It can prevent the chain from slapping or falling off during our ride, which is very reliable.

Shimano GRX BR-RX400 Braking System

As with the drivetrain, the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO still has Shimano’s brake system of choice. The Shimano GRX BR-RX400 system with a low-profile flush mount is easy for us to maintain and install.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the Shimano GRX BR-RX400 has a two-piston design, and it guarantees strong braking power for the bike. For a gravel bike, it’s perfectly adequate.

Not only that, but the brakes also have excellent heat dissipation capabilities. ICE TECHNOLOGIES provides extreme cooling for our brakes. As a result, the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO can go the distance.

Schwalbe G-One Allround Tires

CUBE NUROAD C62 PRO Schwalbe G-One Allround Tires

Schwalbe tires have always been a popular tire brand among riders in the field. And the Schwalbe G-One Allround chosen for the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is different from its name. It can shine on a wide range of terrain, without limitations.

The Schwalbe G-One Allround tire uses a tight weave process that is strong and durable. And it has been designed to have a strong grip and excellent rolling power.

In addition, the tires use anti-puncture protection technology. Thus not only can the tire’s resistance to pressure be enhanced, but also the life of the tire can be extended.

It is worth mentioning that the tire, in addition to the above advantages, has very little vibration in the actual ride, which accordingly reduces my sense of bumps.

Other versions of CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO

The all-around balanced and impossible 2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is sought after by many riders because of its excellent performance, and there is a women’s version of the 2022 CUBE NUROAD WS C:62 PRO. To let more people know more about this excellent bike, we have chosen this female version for a brief analysis. If you are interested, please read on.


Other versions of CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO

The pink paint color of the 2022 CUBE NUROAD WS C:62 PRO gives this gravel bike an extra touch of playfulness.

The frame, made of carbon, is lightweight and sturdy. And, the frame also supports the installation of water bottles, fenders, and brackets, which are all considered for our ride.

And, it uses Shimano components for the drivetrain and braking system, which are no different from the 2022 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO’s configuration.

However, in terms of saddle preparation, the 2022 CUBE NUROAD WS C:62 PRO uses the Cube Natural Fit Nuance Lite saddle, which is ergonomic for women. It is designed to create a more comfortable riding experience for women.

Moreover, the 2022 CUBE NUROAD WS C:62 PRO tires also use a more suitable size for women, which is more conducive to better handling for women in riding.

What we like about it

  • Optimized carbon frame is lighter and stronger.
  • The internal cable routing is designed to provide secure protection for the cable wires.
  • With mounting holes for fenders and brackets, providing us with a versatile frame.
  • 1×11-speed drivetrain is easy to operate and supports mixed terrain riding.
  • Schwalbe G-One Allround vacuum tires have puncture protection and are built to last.
  • Tailor-made handlebars to suit more riders.

What we don’t like about it

  • Paint colors that do not meet the aesthetics of all riders.
  • May not be “gravelly” enough for some people.


  •  What is the drivetrain of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO?

The drivetrain of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is the Shimano GRX RD-RX812.

  •  What is the body material of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO?

The body material of CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is carbon.

  •  What sizes are available in the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO?

 Size chart for CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO.

Size XS XL
Rider height 156cm – 166cm 163cm – 174cm 171cm – 182cm 179cm – 189cm 185cm – 195cm 



Frame C:62® Advanced Twin Mold, Internal Cable Routing, Flat Mount Disc, Fender/Rack & Kickstand Option, 12x142mm, AXH BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit Color: Carbon’n’red
Fork CUBE C:62® Technology, 1 1/8″ – 1 1/4″ Tapered, Flat Mount Disc, Fender & Lowrider Mounts, Internal Light Cable Option, 12x100mm
Bottom Bracket Shimano SM-BB71-41B, 86mm Pressfit
Headset VP, Top Integrated 1 1/8″, Bottom Integrated 1 1/4″
Stem Newmen Evolution 318.4, 31.8 mm
Handlebar CUBE Gravel Race Bar
Saddle Natural Fit Nuance
Seatpost Newmen Advanced, Carbon, 27.2mm


Rear Derailleur Shimano GRX RD-RX812, Direct Mount, 11-Speed
Crank Shimano GRX FC-RX600, 40T
Shifters Shimano GRX ST-RX600
Cassette Shimano SLX CS-M7000, 11-42T
Chain Shimano CN-HG601-11
Brakes Shimano GRX BR-RX400, Hydr. Disc Brake, Flat Mount (160/160)


Rims Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 Disc, 700x22C, Tubeless Ready
Tires Schwalbe G-One Allround, Kevlar, 40-622


Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Gear Brakes Tires Click view
2023 Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 $2,499  2×11 Shimano GRX RX600 Hydraulic Disc 700x40c Click view
BMC URS AL THREE $2,099  2 × 10 SHIMANO GRX 400  Hydraulic Disc  700x45c Click view
Marin Gestalt X11 $2,369   1×11 Shimano GRX Hydraulic Disc   700x40c Click view
Cannondale Topstone 1 $2,325  2×11 Shimano GRX 600 Hydraulic Disc 700 x 40c Click view

2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO vS 2023 Trek Checkpoint ALR 5

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5

The Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 is an aluminum-framed bike. So in terms of weight, it is significantly heavier than the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO.

In gravel bike riding, I think the lightweight CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO would be more advantageous.

In addition, this Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 is equipped with a 2×11 speed drivetrain. It will have a wider range of speed options, but it also increases the complexity of the operation. Also, the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO has a maximum gearing of 42T, which will make it easier in gravel uphill.

All things considered, I think the slightly cheaper CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO will be more cost-effective.

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The BMC URS AL THREE uses an aluminum frame and Gravel+ geometry, and the frame has an internal alignment design. In addition, its fork is made of URS carbon, which is strong and durable. The drivetrain is Shimano GRX 400 with a 1×10 shift range.

Compared to the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, I think the frame of this BMC URS AL THREE is strong but not light enough. There is also the speed range is not wide enough, in response to the higher slope terrain will be very difficult.

Therefore, I think the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, which is good in all aspects, will be more worth choosing.

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2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO vS 2022 Marin Gestalt X11

Marin Gestalt X11

The Marin Gestalt X11 is an aluminum frame bike with a 1×11-speed Shimano GRX drivetrain, so not only is it easy and responsive to operate, but the rich, dense gear ratios also make it easier for us to achieve light trail climbs.

And its grip also uses Marin Shock Absorbing Perforated Tape, which absorbs shock and makes our handling more comfortable.

The tires are the same as the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, and the tires are the same as the Schwalbe G-One Performance.

However, compared to the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO, the drivetrain and braking system of this Marin Gestalt X11 do not perform as well as the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO. Therefore, I think the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is more cost-effective than the Marin Gestalt X11, and it is more worthy of your choice.

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2023 CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO vS 2022 Cannondale Topstone 1

Cannondale Topstone 1

The 2022 Cannondale Topstone 1, which also uses the Shimano set, is a bit lower in component specifications than the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO.

For example, the drivetrain of the Cannondale Topstone 1 is a 2×11-speed Shimano GRX 810, which is not only heavier but also not as easy to operate as the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO.

In addition, the frame of Cannondale Topstone 1 is not made of carbon. Although it is also very durable, it is no more special than the optimized carbon frame of the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO.

To be honest, the Cannondale Topstone 1 is also a good gravel bike for its price range. However, in terms of performance, the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO is much better. So I would rather have the CUBE NUROAD C:62 PRO for a better riding experience.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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