Top 15 Best Triathlon-specific Bike Saddles [2023]

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We’ve selected 15 best triathlon-specific bike saddles for your reference.

A saddle is probably your best friend in a triathlon. The bike is also the only section you can finish sitting down, so a comfortable saddle is necessary. Road saddles may allow you to complete faster and longer rides, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice for triathlon as well as time trials.

Finding a TT saddle that allows you to maintain a fixed position for long periods becomes especially important for both health and performance. For this reason, we have selected the fifteen best saddles for you from hundreds of saddles.

Keep reading for our best triathlon-specific saddles. If you have some confusion about your choice, please skip to the bottom to read our selection suggestions and learn what you need to know before making your choice. If interested in our articles, feel free to follow us on our website.

2023 Best Triathlon-specific Bike Saddle List

  1. ISM PN 3.1 ($150.98)
  2. Fizik Mistica Kium ($135.95)
  3. ISM PN 1.1 ($135.51)
  4. Pro Aerofuel ($239.95)
  5. Fizik Antares R3 ($127.79)
  6. Selle SMP T5 ($259)
  7. Cobb JOF 55 ($229)
  8. Fizik Transiro Mistica ($163.04)
  9. Bontrager Hilo Comp tri saddle ($125.99)
  10. Fabric Tri Race Flat ($76.99)
  11. Prologo Dimension Tri Tirox 143 ($111.93)
  12. PROLOGO DIMENSION 143 ($299.99)
  14. Selle Italia Watt Gel Superflow ($134.25)
  15. Bontrager Hilo Pro ($240.99)

1. ISM PN 3.1 ($150.98)

Best Triathlon-specific Bike Saddles - ISM PN 3.1

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