Top 15 Best Road Bike Handlebars [2023]

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We’ve selected 15 best road bike handlebars for your reference.

There are three points of contact with the body on a road bike that is taken very seriously: the pedals, the seat, and the handlebars. They are the ones that change most directly in terms of comfort and other changes you can feel. Most riders will spend a lot of time choosing the first two with military precision but often forget about the best road handlebars.

The right handlebars can have a huge impact on rider comfort and vehicle performance, as they play an important role in determining your position and weight distribution. I think upgrading your handlebars is the best value-for-money option to improve your road bike’s performance.

We’ve reviewed many road handlebars among the hundreds of recent releases, and we’ve selected a few from here. To be able to help you better, we also answered some common questions about choosing the best road handlebars.

Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes Handlebars [2023]

Road Bike Handlebar Comparison Chart

Easton ec70$255Carbon255gAerodynamics
Fizik CYRANO 00$400Carbon175gAerodynamics
3T Superergo Team Stealth£185Carbon200gAerodynamics
Zipp SL-70£249Carbon240gAerodynamics
Coefficient AR
(All Road)
Carbon Handlebar
ZIPP SERVICE COURSE 80$62Aluminum315gErgonomics
Prime Primavera X-Light£129.99Carbon169gErgonomics
Deda Superleggera€315Carbon180Ergonomics
Bontrager Pro Isocore VR-CF$340Carbon249gErgonomics
Bontrager Pro VR-C$156Carbon252gErgonomics
Salsa COWCHIPPER$55Aluminum (carbon version available)322gGravel
PNW THE COAST HANDLEBAR$39Aluminum346gGravel
Cinelli Criterium 65$56Aluminum280gClassical

1. Easton ec70($255)

Best Road Bike Handlebars  - Easton ec70

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