Is Trek Domane AL 2 Worth Buying? [2023 Trek Domane AL 2 Review]

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2023 Trek Domane AL 2

  • Price: $1,129
  • Wheels:700c
  • Tire: 28c
  • Drivetrain: 2×8

What we like about it: A super cost-effective and tailor-made enduro bike with a high-quality aluminum frame combination of exclusive Iso speed and more modern alloy dual crank brake technology. It’s a real dream bike.

What we don’t like about it: The inability to terrain against off-road models.

Rating: (4.7/5)

2023 Trek Domane AL 2


If you know Trek, the trophy winning race brand, then you must have heard of the Domane line. When you can’t clearly define this 2023 Trek Domane AL 2, then I’ll tell you it has puncture-resistant Bontrager on a $1129 frame, 60 tpi, 700x28c tires, Shimano drivetrain, and snappier alloy dual crank braking technology.

And all models come with size-specific components, which means that whether you’re short or tall, female or male. You can take the Domane AL on a ride that will take you on years of adventure. The 100 series alpha aluminum frame with exclusive Iso speed damping technology can support you to ride farther than ever before and embark on countless exciting trips!

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Road Riding

2023 Trek Domane AL 2

I know that most of us who want to buy a Domane are not born adventurers. Because they just want to experience the fun in the most comfortable ride possible. Then when I straddled this Domane with its steep 73.3° seat tube angle, I thought it was perfect for most newbies to try a ride. The stance is upright enough to take you to the park and the lake without you even knowing it.

And you don’t need to worry about falling behind. The 700x28c Bontrager wheelset can break the wind and reduce enough air resistance. Compared to models that like to get fancy with the size of their wheelsets, such as the Marin DSX 2’s wide 700x45c wheelset, it can accommodate riding fast acceleration.

As I pedaled rhythmically to a section of cobblestone pavement around a park lake, the frequent shaking of the pavement would maximize Domane’s shock absorption. But for the sake of authenticity, I took on the challenge. Obviously, the ISO speed system is the best answer to this kind of terrain. And the Domane is a perfect balance of comfort and rigidity.

With friends

Also, since I was with my friend Alice on this trip, she was riding a Domane AL Women’s series. Since she is more focused on city commuting, I also noticed that she assembled the fenders and rear rack. And it was quite surprising to me as well. In addition, I found that although the size of each Domane component is said to support shopping according to your figure. So girls are more recommended to choose the Women’s Pro version.

After I compared it with the regular model, I found that there are differences in the length of the crank, cushion, and handle length. So if you as a woman want to start trying Domane, all the more reason to try it.

Endurance Riding

2023 Trek Domane AL 2

For my test of endurance riding, I chose the longer distance of the classical track. Those who are familiar with this kind of track know that cobblestones, traps, and slabs are its characteristics. Accordingly, those who have ridden road bikes know that this kind of road has high demands on the vibration filtering of vehicles. Because the high-frequency vibration will destroy the will and physical strength of the rider.

On previous rides, I have tested the performance of the Jetdefy models on this ride. Overall I was not as impressed as I was with the Domane. Because 100 series Alpha aluminum is aggressive against friction and UV rays for long rides.

In addition, the 700x28c Bontrager tire combination 61mm of trail can quickly skim over the ground protrusions. Compared to wider tires, it will also be more agile and not as firmly picking up the ground as wider tires.

And in this aspect of damping, Trek made some tricks. Iso speed damping device is placed at the head tube, wrist group. And handlebar of the frame, moving back and forth to offset the vibration, so I think this is the ingenuity of other models can not reach.


I was tired of the long stretch of gravel road, after my nearly 1h road ride. However, I found a gravel section of road in front of me and a hilly form. And the Shimano 2×8 drivetrain was helpful for some uphill stretches of about 5% upwards. Because the richer range of speed regulation does not make me give more physical input.

At the beginning of my ride, I was well prepared with Domane’s support. Indeed, Bontrager Elite stem compatible with duotraps installed Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors can connect to my phone and track my riding goals. Additionally, it equipped with various types of mounting brackets, so I prepared three water bottles to effectively reduce my energy loss.

Main Features


2023 Trek Domane AL 2

Visually, the seamlessly finished 100 series alpha aluminum body uses the Trek’s endurance geometry, thus keeping the ride stable and the posture optimal for long rides. For outdoor riding, I think it is more expensive than maintenance carbon friction resistance.

Once you’ve seen this Domane, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with its oversized head tube. But in terms of riding feel, it greatly improves the stiffness of the front end for precise handling, which is necessary for handling bumpy roads. And all Domane models are paired with specific size components, such as stem, handlebars, and crank length, which are necessary for people of different sizes.

Of course, the detailing is done with a neater internal alignment. In terms of color treatment, I prefer its gloss mulsanne blue, although it still retains trek’s usual understated style.


In terms of riding comfort the 73.7° seat tube angle is very steep, which means you’re riding closer to upright. And when you do get on the bike you’ll find that it pedals more efficiently, which is necessary for endurance riding. In addition, the 71.3° head tube angle makes for more responsive steering and a sharper ride.

But the longer wheelbase (61mm) won’t let you lose control of the bike in the process. In addition, the lower BB position (25.8cm) closer to the handlebars (70mm) allows for a lower center of gravity when riding, making it easier for you to get your bearings when riding.

Don’t underestimate the changes in geometry, these changes will make you more comfortable when dealing with bad roads.

Components and Specifications

Iso Speed Damping Front Fork

Iso Speed Damping Front Fork

If the bike does not ride close to the ground, the harder you pedal the higher and shakier it will bounce. Your direction of travel is not forward, but up and down, shaking violently. That’s why it became one of the tasks of the top road bike brands to create a comfortable bike for the classics, and the answer that Trek engineers delivered was Domane.

Incorporating lasting comfort into the Madone is their approach. Unlike most top bike brands, Trek doesn’t pin all their filtering on materials and shapes. Their secret lies more in the Iso speed system. Accordingly, this is as important as the air pressure adjustment of the fork and rear guts of a mountain bike and is extremely effective in increasing compliance and achieving a smoother ride. According to the official statement, the Iso speed system can improve damping by 10% without sacrificing body control.

Shimano Claris 2×8 Drivetrain

imano Claris, 2x8 Speed Drivetrain

Nowadays, many people I know prefer 1× drivetrain. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Shimano 105 HG700 2×11 drivetrain.

Thanks to its wide range of shifting options, it helped me save a lot of energy on my long rides. However, I must be honest and say that the chain started to wobble a bit during the speed change.

Of course, this didn’t happen after I made some simple adjustments, and its shifting may not be as smooth and clean as the 1× drivetrain. But it must be admitted that at this price, the Shimano 105 HG700 2×11 drivetrain is praiseworthy.

Bontrager 60 tpi 700x28c Tires

If you see Domane at first glance, you will surely be attracted by its sharp and efficient 700x28c figure. Thanks to the good handling of air resistance, you don’t need to worry about putting yourself behind in some racing courses. And due to the nature of the vacuum state, plus the density of 60tpi.

So when you ride outdoors, you don’t need to worry about the risk of a flat tire when you encounter harsher conditions, and the wear and tear will be minimized.

It also does a great job of absorbing vibration and weight. This is very friendly for us to face some more rapid steering. Thinking back to our daily travels through the city, it’s a shame we can’t have such an efficient bike.

And as a simple fitness need, I think with the addition of $1129 this is certainly enough.

Other Versions Of Domane AL

2023 Trek Domane AL 2 Disc

2023 Trek Domane AL 2 Disc

For the Domane AL series, unlike the rim brakes of the Domane AL 2, the most prominent feature of the AL 2 Disc is the mechanical braking. Logically, the weight is increased to 10.8 kg and we can see that, unlike the AL’s sharp 28c wheelset, the tires of the AL 2 disc reach a width of 35c.

This means that when facing some of the looser gravel roads, it will behave more adaptable than the AL 2, with a more aggressive grip and friction. Also, if you’ve noticed the drivetrain, both have chosen Shimano 2×8 components, and the two are tied in terms of richness of speed regulation.

But from my testing on smooth-rising forest roads, I would say the AL 2 is better in terms of speed due to its more aggressive handling of air resistance. But if faced with a more obstructed surface, the competition could be reversed.

2020 Trek Domane AL 2 Women’s

2020 Trek Domane AL 2 Women's

I have to commend the Women’s line of Domane AL 2’s for being close to identical in performance on several components. They both carry a 700x28c wheelset that handles air resistance all very aggressively. And in the drivetrain, it is also used Shimano 2×8 drivetrain. In addition, even the brakes are used rim brakes, so the weight is less than 10kg. However, we cannot ignore some key geometric values.

Compared to the AL 2 regular version, the 74.2° seat tube puts you in a position closer to upright so the ride will be more comfortable. In addition, the BB height(256mm) is lower, which is more friendly for women.

And for the wheelbase, the AL 2 Women’s is more compact, which will be more suitable for women to control the front end. As I’ve always stressed, although Domane components are available in a variety of sizes, the Pro version can be said to be a must for female test rides, and you can clearly feel its friendliness to female riders.

What do we like about it?

  • More than a cost-effective endurance bike with a racing pedigree.
  • Stronger power drivetrain to support you to ride farther.
  • Sharper tire components so you can quickly traverse the speed limit.
  • The lighter and stronger alloy frame allows you to face the friction of the outdoors more aggressively.
  • A more comfortable riding position to support your long endurance races.
  • Exclusive iso speed damping fork, more efficient in the face of bumps.

What we don’t like about it?

  • Unable to combat harsher terrain.
  • The rim brakes are more retro than the more expensive hydraulic brakes.


  • What is the tire size of the 2023 Trek Domane AL 2?

The tire size of the 2023 Trek Domane AL 2 is 700x28c.

  • What is the 2023 Trek Domane AL 2 drivetrain?

The 2023 Trek Domane AL 2 drivetrain is Shimano, 2×8 speed.

  • How do you recommend the 2023 Trek Domane AL 2 size?
SIZERider HeightInseam
47152 – 158 cm5’0″ – 5’2″71 – 75 cm28″ – 30″
50158 – 163 cm5’2″- 5’4″74 – 77 cm29″- 30″
52163 – 168 cm5’4″ – 5’6″76 – 79 cm30″ – 31″
54168 – 174 cm5’6″ – 5’9″78 – 82 cm31″- 32″
56174 – 180 cm5’9″ – 5’11”81 – 85 cm32″ – 33″
58180 – 185 cm5’11” – 6’1″84 – 87 cm33″- 34″
60185 – 190 cm6’1″ – 6’3″86 – 90 cm34″ – 35″
62190 – 195 cm6’3″ – 6’5″89 – 92 cm35″ – 36″

Trek Domane AL 2 Specs


Frame100 Series Alpha Aluminum, fender mounts, DuoTrap S compatible, rim brake, 130x5mm QR
Frame fitEndurance


Hub frontFormula TK-31 alloy, 5x100mm QR
Skewer frontFormula QR22
Hub rearFormula TK-32 alloy, Shimano 8/9/10 freehub, 5x130mm QR
RimBontrager Tubeless Ready, 24-hole, 17mm width, presta valve
TireBontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite, wire bead, 60 tpi, 700x28c
Max tire size28c without fenders, 25c with fenders


ShifterShimano Claris R2000, 8 speed
Front derailleurShimano Claris R2000, 31.8mm clamp
Rear derailleurShimano Claris R2000, long cage, 34T max cog
*CrankSize: 47
Shimano RS200, 50/34 (compact), 165mm length
Size: 50, 52, 54
Shimano RS200, 50/34 (compact), 170mm length
Size: 56, 58, 60, 62
Shimano RS200, 50/34 (compact), 175mm length
Bottom bracketShimano UN30, 68mm, threaded cartridge, 110mm spindle
CassetteShimano HG31, 11-32, 8 speed
ChainShimano Sora HG71, 8 speed
PedalWellgo R199, nylon body, alloy cage
Max chainring size1x: 42t, 2x: 50/34


*SaddleSize: 47, 50, 52
Bontrager P3 Verse Comp, steel rails, 155mm width
Size: 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
Bontrager P3 Verse Comp, steel rails, 145mm width
*SeatpostSize: 47
Bontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset, 250mm length
Size: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
Bontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset, 330mm length
*HandlebarBontrager Comp VR-C, alloy, 31.8mm, 100mm reach, 124mm drop
Size: 47
38cm width
Size: 50, 52
40cm width
Size: 54, 56
42cm width
Size: 58, 60, 62
44cm width
Handlebar tapeBontrager Gel Cork tape
*StemBontrager Elite, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree
Size: 47
70mm length
Size: 50
80mm length
Size: 52, 54
90mm length
Size: 56, 58
100mm length
Size: 60, 62
110mm length
HeadsetFSA Integrated, sealed cartridge bearing, 1-1/8”
BrakeAlloy dual-pivot
Rotor sizeMax brake rotor sizes: 160mm front & rear


Weight56 – 9.57 kg / 21.09 lbs
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 275 pounds (125 kg).


Comparison Table

Giant Contend AR 3$14502×9700x32cShimano Sora mechanical disc brakeClick View
Masi Vincere Tiagra$12992×10700x30cShimano Tiagra ST-4700 mechanical disc brakeClick View
Fuji Gran Fondo Classico 1.1$18492×11700x25cShimano Ultegra rimBrakesClick View
Fuji Jari 2.5$11992×8700x37cSHIMANO Claris mechanical disc brakeClick View

2022 Giant Contend AR 3 vs 2023 Trek Domane AL 2

2022 Giant Contend AR 3

When I gathered my eyes on the 2022 Giant Contend AR 3, which is priced at the same level, I could feel that for the components, the Contend AR is more in the middle of the pack.

Riding on wider 32c tires, it handles the road solidly and will lag behind the Domane AL2 with narrower 28c tires in terms of acceleration. But the drivetrain options are more extensive, with a 2×9 drivetrain. In addition, the mechanical discs that will be heavier in weight are chosen for the brakes. Although the braking effect is similar between the two in normal driving, the Shimano Sora mechanical disc brakes are more moderate.

For the external frame, I trust Trek Domane’s 100 series alpha aluminum, which is lighter and more robust than the Giant Contend AR 3. In addition, for the front fork, Trek Domane’s carbon IsoSpeed fork is a winner, more efficient, smoother, and more creative.

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2021 Masi Vincere Tiagra vs 2023 Trek Domane AL 2

021 Masi Vincere Tiagra

For the Masi Vincere Tiagra, which is close to the same performance in terms of components and even richer in terms of drivetrain. But I think it is slightly inferior to the Trek Domane AL 2 in terms of riding experience. Despite the Shimano 2×10 drivetrain, and 700x30c wheelset, the brakes are moderate with the  Shimano mechanical disc brake. However, from my actual review, I have to admit that with the small differences in components. The key geometry values that affect the ride are not so perfect.

First of all, the 73° seat tube angle is inferior to that of the Domane in terms of riding endurance. And it is not possible to achieve Domane’s uprightness in posture. In addition, if you look closely at the bodywork, you will see that the Domane with its longer wheelbase of 1,018mm will be more spacious and therefore more aggressive in the face of some damping. Not to mention his exclusive Iso speed damping fork for more damping support.

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2020 Fuji Gran Fondo Classico 1.1 vs 2023 Trek Domane AL 2

Fuji Gran Fondo Classico 1.1

When faced with the carbon body of the Fuji Gran Fondo Classico, the scales were already tipped in my favor. But when I rode the Domane, I think the Domane with more component sizes is more user-friendly and more in line with the human body structure. From the analysis of the data, the 100 series alpha aluminum is not inferior to the carbon. And the price is more friendly.

In addition, the Domane is also at a disadvantage in the face of a richer drivetrain. But it makes up for the faster pedaling with the support of a 28c wheelset. And I prefer the Iso speed damping fork, I think only by incorporating more technology can the performance upgrade be truly meaningful. If you notice the braking, both two are used rim brackes. So it’s a tie between the two in this aspect.

All told, the Fuji Gran Fondo Classico has a slight edge in terms of component richness. However, from a professional evaluation point of view, the more user-friendly and technology-supported Trek Domane AL 2 with a more friendly price would be a good choice.

2022 Fuji Jari 2.5 vs 2023 Trek Domane AL 2

Fuji Jari 2.5

Facing the Fuji Jari 2.5 with a consistent drivetrain range, I think its wider 37c tires caused a drag on speed compared to the Domane.

And from the feeling of riding, only Domane more component sizes are designed to face riders of different sizes when facing more people. This will give you a lot of help for long endurance rides.

If you remember from the previous article, I have nothing but praise for trek’s exclusive Iso speed damping. Only a Domane that incorporates more technology can handle the bumpier trails on endurance races more efficiently. Although the Fuji Jari 2.5 will be slightly less expensive than the Domane, I think the Domane will have a slight edge in terms of long-term riding.

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