Is Santa Cruz NOMAD X01 A Good Bike? [2023 Santa Cruz NOMAD X01 Review]

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2023 Santa Cruz NOMAD X01

  • Price: $11,199
  • Stroke: 170mm rear, 170mm front
  • Wheels: 29″ / 27.5″ carbon
  • Drivetrain: 1×12 electronic

What do we like about it: You’ll have a high-end 1×12 electronic drivetrain package in a CC carbon frame, with more expensive hydraulic disc brakes and powerful 29” tires to lead you to the front of the endurance race.

What don’t we like about it: Pricey and high-end racing bikes that are not easy to maintain.

Rating (4.8/5)


2023 Santa Cruz NOMAD X01 AXS

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