Is Trek District 4 Equipped Worth Buying? [2023 Trek District 4 Equipped Review]

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Trek District 4 Equipped

  • Price: $1749
  • Tire: 700×40c
  • Brake: Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc
  • Gear: 1×8

What we like about it: A cost-effective city bike with high-end components, a simple and stylish appearance, and superior and refined performance.

What we don’t like about it: Too few body color options.

Rating (4.7/5)

Trek District 4 Equipped

If you’re like me and want a great city bike with great performance and great looks at a great price. Then don’t miss this 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped, because there’s nothing else like it.

The Trek District 4 has a lightweight yet strong enough Alpha Smooth aluminum frame, an ergonomic and comfortable geometry, and powerful Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

Not only that but the Trek District 4 has a Gates CDX belt drive design. This makes the ride quiet enough. The design of the bike with fenders, rear rack, and front and rear lights also greatly saves me the trouble of installing them myself.

The Trek District 4 has given me many enjoyable riding experiences during my four-month-long review. If you want to know more, just read on.

City Riding

Trek District 4 Equipped

As a face person who values appearance, I fell in love with the Trek District 4 Equipped from the first moment I saw it. I thought this is the bike I am looking for. Since the body comes with pedals as well as fenders and a rear rack, I couldn’t wait to start my ride after getting the essentials ready for the ride.

Doing a ride on the Monona Lake Loop is an enjoyable cycling experience. Because I could enjoy the comfortable geometry of the Trek District 4 while taking in the magnificent views along the trail. Feeling the calmness of the Bontrager H2 Comp’s moderately wide tires driving over the smooth trails. It gave me the ultimate relaxation. Of course, the credit for such a quiet ride needs to go to the Gates CDX belt drive system.

As my riding time grew, I started to stop being satisfied with a moderate ride. The Shimano Alfine S7000 1×8-Speed doesn’t have a lot of gearing range, but it has a smooth enough shifting feel. The shifting process is also quiet enough with the belt drive, which makes me very satisfied.

Back to the more crowded sidewalks for the ride, where I had to keep my riding speed under control. Thankfully, the Trek District 4’s braking system is the upscale Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake that I am very familiar with, which gave me great support. Whenever I needed to slow down accordingly, the Shimano MT200 was always extremely sensitive to my intentions and gave me the most timely feedback.

After a long 4h ride, I decided to take a break. The long ride should have brought me some fatigue, but thanks to the comfortable Bontrager saddle of Trek District 4, it relieved my fatigue to a great extent.

In addition, I am very satisfied with the design of the Trek District 4 with mountable water bottle cages. The three water bottle holders allow me to carry more than enough water bottles. When I take a break in the middle of the course, I can get good hydration from it.

General Riding

Trek District 4 Equipped

Riding through the forest park, with regular pedaling and a quiet enough Gates CDX belt drive system, I was fully engaged in this aimless ride. Just enjoying the gentle breeze and the sound of the leaves rustling overhead.

The ride took me to an unusually wooded section where the overhead foliage was blocking out the sun. Although it was not yet night, I chose to turn on the Trek District 4’s headlight for a safer ride. The wide Bontrager H2 Comp tires with thread beads on the surface gave me a good grip, and I made it through without a hitch.

As the ride progressed, I inevitably encountered a winding trail where I had to keep turning. But the Trek District 4’s steep 71° head tube angle handled this test well and gave me a very enjoyable ride. Not only that, but the Alpha Smooth Aluminum’s bodywork also provides some assistance to the nimble steering. You know how important a light enough body is in riding.

Because the Trek District 4 is not a racing bike per se, the geometry is not overly designed for speed. Most notably, the Trek District 4 has a short 394mm reach. Because of this, I don’t have to squeeze my body down too much during the ride. This also avoids the strenuous experience of lowering my body.

All in all, Trek District 4 has been an easy and enjoyable ride for me. I’m very glad to have a bike that fits my needs in every way.

Main Features


Trek District 4 Equipped

The Trek District 4 has a lightweight but stiff Alpha Smooth aluminum frame that guarantees a lightweight body without losing the necessary sturdiness. The only regret is that the Trek District 4 is available in too few paint colors, although its matte silver-gray body design is good enough to look at.

The design of the body with fenders, footrests and rear rack also save me from a lot of tedious operations of installing them myself. In addition, the body comes with lights to ensure that I can pass on every road at will, regardless of the visibility there.

Another important point that I like about Trek District 4 is that it has three water bottle cage mounts. This allows me to carry enough water bottles and not worry about not having enough hydration on the ride.


The Trek District 4 provides me with a comfortable enough riding experience thanks to its standard, ergonomic geometry.

First off, its sufficiently inclined 73° seat tube angle carries a comfortable saddle, which allows me to swing my legs most efficiently. It also saves a lot of unnecessary wasted energy while guaranteeing a comfortable ride. The equally steep 71° head tube angle will provide me with a quick enough response when steering, even when facing roads with too many turns.

Its moderately long Reach of 394mm is optimal for me from the perspective of easing riding fatigue. The not-too-long Reach value allows me to maintain my most comfortable riding position. This is because you don’t have to squeeze your body down too much, and you don’t get a stiff, sore feeling in your back as a result. Also, if you prefer a more stable bike, then its long enough(468mm)rear dropout fork will be something you’ll like.

Components and Specifications

Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Trek District 4 Equipped

As a high-grade hydraulic disc braking method, Shimano MT200 has an absolute advantage over the traditional mechanical disc. Not only considering its more efficient handbrake braking method, but the more responsive hydraulic disc brake is also a point that cannot be ignored.

When I need to brake, all I need to do is apply a little pressure on the lever and the Trek District 4 responds immediately as it should. Not only that, but the hydraulic disc brake has a fully enclosed design. This is a great way to keep airborne dust or gravel and debris from the road. Because of this, hydraulic disc brakes tend to have a longer service life. All of this allows me to enjoy the ride with peace of mind.

Bontrager H2 Comp 700x40c Tire

Trek District 4 Equipped Bontrager H2 Comp 700x40c Tire

The Trek District 4’s wider 700 x 40c wheels are not as good as some of the thinner wheels, although they are not as good in terms of riding speed. But the Trek District 4 is not positioned as a racing bike, so this is not a major drawback.

On the contrary, the Trek District 4’s wider tires with the wire bead on the tire surface gave me enough confidence and a super stable riding experience. Not only that, but the puncture-resistant design can also fully guarantee the safety of the riding process, without worrying about the risk of a flat tire.

As we all know, taller tires tend to have better shock absorption. Although I don’t encounter too many bumps in the city, the taller tires of the Trek District 4 ensure a good ride in special situations, such as the brick paths inside the park.

Shimano Alfine S7000 1×8 Drivetrain

Trek District 4 Equipped Shimano Alfine S7000 1×8-Speed Drivetrain

When it comes to the Trek District 4 drivetrain, I have to mention its unique Gates CDX belt drive system. Not only does this technology make my ride quieter, but the virtually maintenance-free nature of the Gates CDX makes it more durable and longer lasting than a standard chain.

As you know, although the 1×8-speed doesn’t have a wide range of shifts, I don’t encounter overly complex terrain that requires an extensive shifting system on my daily rides. As a result, I don’t have to worry about running out of gear.

The 1× gearing range is also more popular among cyclists because of its simplicity and ease of operation, leaving aside the gearing range. Compared with the 2× and 3× drivetrains, the 1× drivetrains used in Trek District 4 also reduce the weight of the body to a certain extent.

Other versions of Trek District 4 Equipped

In the previous article, we reviewed the performance of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped in detail and accurately. But for your convenience, we have also reviewed the 2022 Trek District 4 Equipped.

2022 Trek District 4 Equipped

At a very similar price point, the 2023 Trek District and 2022 Trek District are also very similar in performance.

The 2023 Trek District is based on the 2022 Trek District and retains a considerable amount of good design. They all have a virtually maintenance-free belt drive system, a lightweight yet rugged Alpha Smooth Aluminum body frame, and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Also, both the 2023 Trek District and the 2022 Trek District have the same standard geometry design. That’s why they both give me the same comfortable riding experience. Not only that, but they both have the same internal alignment design. This makes the bodywork look neater and reduces unnecessary maintenance.

Therefore, I think the 2023 Trek District is not much different from the 2022 Trek District in terms of overall riding experience. Both of them are good choices.

What we like about it?

  • Super cost-effective city bike for easy commuting.
  • High-grade hydraulic disc brake method, higher quality, and longer service life.
  • A belt drive system that operates quietly and has a long service life.
  • The body comes with fenders, a rear rack, and footrests, eliminating the need to install them yourself.
  • Comfortable geometric design to effectively relieve riding pressure.

What we don’t like about it?

  • The body color is not rich enough.


What is the tire size of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped?

The tire size of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped is 700 x 40c.

What is the drivetrain of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped?

The drivetrain of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped is 1×8-Speed.

What is the brake for the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped?

The brakes on the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped are Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

How do I choose the size of the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped?

SizeRider height
MD165 – 177cm
LG175 – 188cm
XL185 – 198cm

2023 Trek District 4 Equipped Specs


FrameAlpha Smooth Aluminum, internal cable routing, belt compatibility, post-mount discTire Clearance: 50cColor: Lithium Grey
ForkRigid Aluminum
Bottom BracketSealed cartridge, 68mm
Headset1-1/8” threadless, sealed cartridge bearings
StemSize: M, Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degrees, 90mm length; Size: L, XL, Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degrees, 100mm length
HandlebarAlloy lowriser, 31.8mm, 25mm rise, 11 degrees back sweep, 690mm width
SaddleBontrager Commuter Comp
SeatpostBontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset, 330mm length
GripsBontrager Satellite Elite, alloy lock-on


CrankSize: M, Gates CDX S250, 46T, 170mm length; Size: L, XL, Gates CDX S250, 46T, 175mm length
ShiftersShimano Alfine S7000, 8-speed
CassetteGates CDX, 22T steel ring
BrakesShimano MT200 hydraulic disc


RimsBontrager Connection, alloy, double-wall, 32-hole, schrader valve
Front HubShimano 3.0 watt dynamo hub
Rear HubShimano Alfine S7000, 8 speed
TiresBontrager H2 Comp, reflective, wire bead, 30tpi, 700x40c
Disk RotorsShimano RT10, centerlock, 160mm


Comparison Table

BicyclesPriceDrivetrainTiresBrakesClick View
Priority 600$24991×12450B×47cTektro Hydraulic Disc BrakeClick View

Cannondale Bad Boy 1 
Shimano MT401 hydraulic disc brake
Click View
CUBE TRAVEL SL$18991×11700c×42cShimano Deore BR-M6000 hydraulic disc brakeClick View
Canyon Commuter Sport 8.0 $19991×11650B×35cShimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakeClick View

2022 Priority 600 vs 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped

2022 Priority 600

I was very interested in the 2022 Priority 600 when I conducted a comparison review of the two bikes. Because the Priority 600 has been touting a car-inspired pinion shifting system.

After some riding reviews, I found that the Priority 600 does have some fresh innovations. In addition, the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and carbon seat post gave me a nice ride. But perhaps it was the longer Trek District ride and the fact that it had the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that I was more familiar with. And they both have the same aluminum frame, so as far as my personal feelings are concerned, they are not comparable.

However, the Priority 600 is a bit more expensive than the Trek District’s better price. If you have more budget, then Priority 600 is a good choice. If you don’t have the budget, I would recommend Trek District.

2022 Cannondale Bad Boy 1 vs 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped

2022 Cannondale Bad Boy 1

From my personal feelings, despite its higher price, the Cannondale Bad Boy doesn’t seem to be much different from the Trek District in terms of performance.

The first thing I noticed is that they both have the same aluminum frame and Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes. In addition, they are all equally comfortable in terms of geometry construction. This also ensured that I didn’t feel too much fatigue during the ride.

Not only that, but they also all use the design of belt drives. This not only effectively and efficiently improves the speed of the chain use but also well ensures quietness when riding.

So, in terms of riding experience and performance, both are good. But in terms of cost-effectiveness, I would recommend the 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped more.

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2022 CUBE TRAVEL SL vs 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped


The Basis on extremely similar prices, CUBE TRAVEL, and Trek District has quite a few similarities.

For example, in terms of power tradition, both choose a more durable belt drive, as well as the classic powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brake. Further, they both coincidentally and identically choose the same aluminum frame. This ensures absolute sturdiness while keeping the weight of the body well under control.

But in terms of differences, the CUBE TRAVEL has a more extensive drivetrain. The CUBE TRAVEL also has stronger and more durable vacuum tires. As a result, the CUBE TRAVEL has a lighter weight compared to the Trek District.

Therefore, it is difficult for me to say which one I recommend in the comparison between them. All I can say is that no matter which one you choose, they will bring you a pleasant enough riding experience.

2020 Canyon Commuter Sport 8.0 vs 2023 Trek District 4 Equipped

From the first glance at the Canyon Commuter, I could easily spot the obvious difference between the Canyon Commuter and the Trek District. The Canyon Commuter’s tires are thinner and have a longer reach.

As I suspected, the Canyon Commuter has a lighter body weight by comparison. But as I mentioned earlier, as a commuter bike, it’s not designed to be ridden faster. So the Canyon Commuter’s lightweight and thin tires didn’t make me feel too happy, but rather I appreciated the calm and secure feeling the Trek District gave me.

In terms of components, both also chose the more classic Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, as well as the more durable belt drive in the drivetrain. In terms of components and riding experience, I feel that their riding experience is similar.

So my recommendation is that if you’re looking for a faster ride, then I recommend the Canyon Commuter. Conversely, if you want a more sedate ride, then I recommend the Trek District.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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