Is Trek Powerfly 5 A Good Bike? [Trek Powerfly 5 Review]

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Trek Powerfly 5

  • Price: $4,199
  • Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminum
  • Tires: 29×2.60″ 27.5×2.8″
  • Gear: 1×12

What we love about it: The perfect pairing of the high-end Bosch e-MTB drive system with durable mountain bike components, it can accompany you on any trail.

What we don’t like about it: it’s too heavy and gets in the way when carrying it around.

Rating: (4.8/5)

2020 Trek Powerfly 5


When fans asked for a review of the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5, as someone who likes pure mountain bikes, I had little interest in the Trek Powerfly 5 off-road e-bike. But I was stunned when I saw its sturdy body, which is really a rare heavyweight in my review.

To be honest, when I saw it, I thought of technical climbs and less-populated trails, and I changed my mind and wanted to review such a bike. We can see the Trek Powerfly 5 with a premium Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame, a wide-range SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, versatile Bontrager XR3 Comp29x2.30″ tires, and a high-end Bosch Performance CX motor, we were blown away by the Trek Powerfly 5’s performance on technical climbs and thrilling descents.

Over four months of our review, the car accompanied me on challenging trails like Whistler Mountain Bike Park, traversing about 40 miles of desert terrain. Not only did I feel the car’s superior climbing performance and athletic ability on loose terrain, it also gave me an intuitive adrenaline rush.

Really awesome. It’s that free-spirited climb, like blending in with the trail, really got me hooked on the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5.

Below we break down the climbing and descending performance of the Trek Powerfly 5 as well as general ride, key features, components and specs, and other versions in the range.

If you want to know more, you can refer to our detailed explanation.

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Trek Powerfly 5 - Trek Black/Viper Red

In my experience, in general, full-suspension mountain bikes are better at climbing, and with the front and rear shocks, the damping effect will be good, making the ride more comfortable. The car’s climbing comfort probably can’t match it. Yet on this technically difficult climb, the Trek Powerfly 5 excels at the same price as a full-suspension bike or XC.

The Trek Powerfly 5 came across as bulky due to its bulky body. The Powerfly 5 weighs 50.70 lbs (with tubes), which is unwieldy for me. I can’t imagine how I’d be able to get up there without starting a climbing ride. But actual riding gave me the answer.

On a trail like this one at Whistler Mountain Bike Park, I started doing climbing reviews. The climbing trail has plenty of sharp rocks and mounds that bulge upwards.

But I have no fear with the Trek Powerfly 5. Its SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain, high-end Performance Line CX motor, and RockShox Recon Silver RL 120mm fork travel allowed me to reach unimaginable speeds when climbing, which is better than XC at the same price.

Also, we did rides on steep trails after the rain, but the results were not as good as we thought. Some people feel that the 29×2.60″ tires are a little floating, which may be a hindrance for beginners, but I have no obvious feeling, and even I think the driving force of the tires is very fast, and it can follow the trails tightly.

Overall, I think the Trek Powerfly 5 has a lot of power on the climbs, and its high-end Performance Line CX motor gives me enough power that it makes me enjoy climbing more.


 Trek Powerfly 5 - Solid Charcoal/Volt

I like the sprint on the descent, but I also value safety. The Powerfly 5 excels on the climbs, but I’m concerned that the weight of its body will introduce too much inertia when descending and it will hinder the descent. “everything is possible”.

The Powerfly 5 also exceeded my expectations on the descending. The Powerfly 5’s Bontrager XR3 Comp 29×2.30″ tires provide plenty of traction, and the prominent tread pattern adds to the tire’s grip.

Its RockShox fork and Solo air spring play a big part in the descent. The 120mm-travel RockShox fork encountered cliff-like jumps during the descent, and it provided responsive cushioning that allowed me to dampen vibrations even when I jumped from high places.

The air spring is more labor-saving and convenient while reducing weight. Not to mention, the power provided by the Performance Line CX motor and the braking of the Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc.

When I challenged the descending trail with the Powerfly 5, the ground was slippery due to the accumulation of water on the ground, and the fallen leaves created unforeseen obstacles.

In fact, the speed performance of the Trek Powerfly 5 is not as good as before, but its stability is on full display here. I think stability is a measure of bike quality in situations like this, and the Trek Powerfly 5 gives me a sense of security.

All in all, the Trek Powerfly 5 is good enough for me in both climbing challenges and descending performance, and the price is reasonable.

General Riding

My cycling started with my family. My father was an amateur cyclist and he had many beneficial influences on my riding.

I know he has a Powerfly 5, but I really never paid much attention to it. When my dad learned that I was reviewing the Powerfly 5, I had a rare family time with my dad after a long time, and discovered how important the Powerfly 5 is to my dad and why he loves the 2020 Powerfly 5 reasons.

I still had a little leg problem due to hard work when I was young, and my cycling dad couldn’t go on long rides. The drive provided by the Powerfly 5’s Performance Line CX motor solves that problem.

The Powerfly 5 was there for my dad, whether it was for the usual bodybuilding, commuting, or even climbing the slightest incline.

The versatility of the Powerfly 5 was exceptional with my dad, and I seem to have felt the designer’s deepest mind here. The Powerfly 5 is not only our best friend, but also a great companion for those who love to ride, but can’t ride very far.

If your family loves the Powerfly 5 too, take them to experience the Powerfly 5.

Main Feature

Trek Powerfly 5 Frame

The Trek Powerfly 5 has an Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame with an overall weight of 50.70 lbs (with tubes), but I wouldn’t think it’s a frame issue, since aluminum is light and strong. We can notice that the Powerfly 5 doesn’t have a single superfluous line as a whole, thanks to Control Freak’s clean internal routing.

In addition, the removable integrated battery (RIB) also brings us enough driving force and convenience. Not only that, the proper frame space makes my ride more comfortable, and the two water bottle mounting holes make it easy for me to carry enough water.

Even when riding in harsh conditions, I think the Powerfly 5 is a reliable enough comrade-in-arms.


The ride comfort of the Trek Powerfly 5 I think has a lot to do with geometry. The body-friendly geometry not only makes it look balanced and beautiful but also enhances rider comfort.

The 2020 Trek Powerfly 5’s steep seat tube angle (LG 71.7°) allows the rider to maintain a comfortable upright ride while increasing pedalling efficiency. Its slack head angle (LG 67.7°), while perhaps making the bike’s steering less responsive than the tight head angle, made it easier for me to descend.

Plus, the Powerfly 5 has the right chainstay length (45.5mm) to stay stable on the descents and help on the climbs. Powerfly 5 Proper Reach (LG 42.7cm) allows you to achieve a good balance between the front of your body and your arms without your arms getting sore.

However, if you ride on bumpy terrain for a long time, it will still make your arms feel tired. The comfy Powerfly 5, at this price point I think it’s an A.

If you value not just performance but comfort, you can try the Trek Powerfly 5.

Components and Specifications

SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 Speed

SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 Speed

As we all know, SRAM has almost taken the shifting system of mountain bikes by storm with the Eagle series of 12-speed groupsets in recent years. Almost every mountain bike I’ve seen with a 12-speed is using SRAM.

The SX Eagle 1×12 speed we saw used in the 2020 Powerfly 5, some thought it might not be as good as the NX. The SX doesn’t cost much, and in my riding experience, it’s smooth and responsive too quickly.

In addition, the 12-speed range is sufficient for climbing or commuting, and the larger gear ratio range of 11-50t allows you to quickly change to the appropriate gear in different situations.

The only thing I feel like a bit of a complaint about the shifting system is that it’s a little heavy, wish it could have been replaced with lighter and better gears.

Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc Brake

I prefer Shimano to the Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc, but that’s not to say the Tektro HD-M275 is bad. The 2020 Powerfly 5 Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic discs are lighter in weight than mechanical discs and are much gentler on braking without harshness.

While reviewing the Powerfly 5, I did a brake test. Riding on muddy and twisty country trails and going fast on the road after the rain, its braking remains extremely stable. If you like safe, stable, and smooth braking, I think you’ll be interested in the Powerfly 5.

Bontrager Commuter Comp Bicycle Saddle

The moment I sit in the seat, I feel what is called comfort. From the appearance, we can clearly see that the middle of the seat is empty, which will be very breathable. The Trek Powerfly 5’s saddle combines a full open cell with air foam and dual-density shell to give me soft comfort and support while riding.

Not only that, the material is more durable, but its cover material protects the saddle’s dual-density shell and air-foam construction, and it’s even waterproof. Provides lasting comfort no matter where you ride.

Plus, the deceptively simple integrated Blendr mount makes it easy to add Bontrager Flare taillights to your needs. Even when riding in the evening, it can be noticed by others and not bumped into people. Of course, this possibility is almost 0.

Bontrager XR Endurance Comp Grips

Trek Powerfly 5 Grips

Many people will ignore the role of the grip, we must know that we rely on the grip to control the direction. The 2020 Trek Powerfly 5’s grips are literally in the top 5 of the bikes I’ve reviewed in terms of looks and fit.

Not only does the XR Endurance Comp Lock-On Grip feature an ergonomic supportive shape for great support without sacrificing your comfort, but it also lets you go further.

Additionally, the pattern protects your palm (because of the padding) and your fingers stay in place at all times. I’ve had a bruised palm from grip issues a lot of the time on long rides, but the grips on the Trek Powerfly 5 not only alleviated that symptom, but made my rides easier.

Bosch Performance CX Motors

Bosch Performance CX Motors

The Trek Powerfly 5 isn’t your average hardtail mountain bike, it’s electric, and that’s what the Performance Line CX motor has to say. The high-end Performance Line CX motor is networked with other components on the e-bike via an intelligent system, and thanks to the eBike Flow app, I can easily keep track of the bike’s trajectory.

Some people may think how can electric motors achieve the effect of fitness? But the truth is that the Trek Powerfly 5 does improve your health (my dad is one example).

You can appreciate the convenience brought by technology, the support of intelligent systems provides better protection for you and your e-bike, and the enhanced control brings you more riding pleasure.

Trek Powerfly 5 Tires – Bontrager XR3 Comp MTB

Trek Powerfly 5 Tires

The tires of any bicycle are like the steps that carry us forward. The Trek Powerfly 5’s Bontrager XR3 Comp 29×2.30” mountain bike tires are not only for mountain trails, but their excellent traction kept us going even on steep hills.

Its versatile tread also gripped the corners firmly when I faced sharp turns. Whether it’s on a quick descent or a steady ascent, the Trek Powerfly 5’s tires are on full display.

Other Versions of Trek Powerfly 5

2019 Trek Powerfly 5
2019 Trek Powerfly 5

For a more comprehensive review of the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5, we also looked at the 2019 Trek Powerfly 5 and 2018 Trek Powerfly 5. After a comprehensive comparison, we found that although the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 is a bit more expensive, its component upgrades are obvious to all.

First off, the 2018 and 2019 Trek Powerfly 5’s drivetrain is 1×10, and the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 is 1×12, with a wider shift range without ignoring shift comfort. Second, the 2018 and 2019 Trek Powerfly 5s have Shimano brakes that I like, but they’re rudimentary Shimano brakes, and I’m a little disappointed at this price.

Finally, with the advancement of technology, the components and motors of the Trek Powerfly 5 have been upgraded. Even if the price will be a little more expensive, I am still willing to pay for the Trek Powerfly 5 from the sense of technology and applicability.

What do we like about it?

  • The speed range of 1×12 can be applied to more situations.
  • The high-end Performance Line CX motor provides plenty of assistance, allowing you to experience more riding pleasure.
  • Body-fitting geometry makes you more comfortable while riding.
  • It is one of the great gifts for your family.
  • Comfortable grips make you fall in love with riding.
  • The comfortable saddle makes me reluctant to get off.

What do we not like about it?

  • Some people may think that the body is too bulky.
  • The color selection of the car paint can be more abundant.


  • What is the frame material of the Trek Powerfly 5?

The frame of the Trek Powerfly 5 is Aluminium.

  • What is the drivetrain of the Trek Powerfly 5?

The drivetrain on the Trek Powerfly 5 is an SRAM SX Eagle, 12-speed.

  • What is the fork travel on the Trek Powerfly 5?

The Trek Powerfly 5 has 120mm of fork travel.



FrameAlpha Platinum Aluminum, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), tapered head tube, Control Freak internal routing, Motor Armor, Boost148, 12mm thru axle
*ForkSize: S
RockShox Recon RL, Solo Air spring, Motion Control damper, e-MTB optimized, tapered steerer, 46mm offset, Boost110, 15mm Maxle Stealth, 120mm travel
Size: M , L , XL
RockShox Recon RL, Solo Air spring, Motion Control damper, e-MTB optimized, tapered steerer, 42mm offset, Boost110, 15mm Maxle Stealth, 120mm travel
Max compatible fork travel120mm (XS & S: 100mm)


Hub frontBontrager sealed bearing, alloy axle, 6-bolt, Boost110, 15mm thru axle
Hub rearBontrager alloy, sealed bearing, alloy axle, 6-bolt, Shimano 8/9/10 freehub, Boost148, 12mm thru axle
Skewer rearBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
RimBontrager Kovee, double-wall, Tubeless Ready, 32-hole, 23mm width, presta valve
*TireSize: S
Bontrager XR3 Comp, wire bead, 30 tpi, 27.5×2.35”
Size: S
Bontrager XR3 Comp, wire bead, 30tpi, 27.5×2.35”
Size: M , L , XL
Bontrager XR3 Comp, wire bead, 30 tpi, 29×2.30”
Size: M , L , XL
Bontrager XR3 Comp, wire bead, 30tpi, 29×2.30”
Max tire size29×2.60″ or 27.5×2.8″ (XS & S: 27.5×2.60″)


ShifterSRAM SX Eagle single-click, 12 speed
Rear derailleurSRAM SX Eagle
CrankSRAM X1 1000, 34T, 165mm length
CassetteSRAM PG-1210 Eagle, 11-50, 12 speed
ChainSRAM SX Eagle, 12 speed
PedalVP-536 nylon platform
Max chainring size36T


SaddleBontrager Commuter Comp
*SeatpostSize: S
Bontrager alloy, 31.6mm, 12mm offset, 330mm length
Size: M
Bontrager alloy, 31.6mm, 12mm offset, 360mm length
Size: L , XL
Bontrager alloy, 31.6mm, 12mm offset, 400mm length
*HandlebarSize: S
Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 720mm width
Size: M , L , XL
Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 750mm width
GripsBontrager XR Endurance Comp, lock-on
*StemSize: S , M
Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 60mm length
Size: L , XL
Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 70mm length
HeadsetFSA IS-2, 1-1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
Brake rotorTektro, 6-bolt, 203mm
Brake SetTektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc


BatteryBosch PowerTube 500Wh
ChargerBosch compact 2A, 100-240V, smart system
ControllerBosch Purion
MotorBosch Performance CX, magnesium motor body, 250 watt, 85 Nm, 20mph or 32km/h max assist


WeightM – 23.00 kg / 50.70 lbs (with tubes)
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).


Comparison Chart

Trek Powerfly 7$39991×1229×2.60’’Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic DiscClick View
Giant Stance E+ 2$44001×1029×2.4’’Tektro M745 Orion HydraulicClick View
Norco Fluid VLT A2$54981×1029×2.4’’Tektro
Click View
Transition Scout Alloy GX$4,9991×1227.5×2.4’’TRP DH-R EvoClick View

2020 Trek Powerfly 5 vs Trek Powerfly 7

Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus
Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus

We can see that the fork travel is different between the Trek Powerfly 5 and the 2017 Trek Powerfly 7. Although only a short 20mm difference, this makes a huge difference in the actual riding experience.

The 2020 Trek Powerfly 5’s 120mm fork travel has better cushioning and shock absorption. Also, the 2017 Trek Powerfly 7Shimano Deore M8000 XT 1×11 has a smaller transmission range than the Trek Powerfly 5 SRAM SX Eagle 1×12.

In actual riding, I prefer the smooth shifting of the SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 and the wide 11-50t range. I think it’s important to get the Trek Powerfly 5 for $200 more, which is more than enough for me.

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2020 Trek Powerfly 5 vs 2021 Giant Stance E+ 2

2021 Giant Stance E+ 2

In fact, the 2021 Giant Stance E+ 2 is a full-suspension off-road electric bike with 130mm of fork travel and 120mm of rear fork travel. Like most full-suspension bikes, it’s well damped on both descents and climbs, and its slack head angle (67°) makes it easier to descend.

However, the 2021 Giant Stance E+ 2 drivetrain is a Shimano Deore, 1×10 speed, and I think its drivetrain could be improved a bit at this price. Also, its single paint color feels too little choice (although this balsamic green looks good too).

Let’s take another look at the Trek Powerfly 5, which has a 1×12-speed drivetrain with a wide range of speed options that allows me to experience the feel of different speeds. The Trek Powerfly 5 also has more paint options in three colors.

Not to mention that the Trek Powerfly 5 is $201 cheaper than the 2021 Giant Stance E+ 2. If you’re after value for money, you can try the Trek Powerfly 5.

2020 Trek Powerfly 5 vs 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2

2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2

When I saw the price of the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2, I thought it would most likely be a carbon frame bike. But it’s an aluminum frame, although aluminum isn’t bad.

It is undeniable that the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 is a full-suspension electric bike. It has a front fork of 140mm, a rear fork of 130mm, and a dropper post configuration, which makes the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 full of shock absorption. However, the gearing of the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 1×10 gave me a bit of a gripe, and I wish it could be improved.

After all, the 1×10 transmission seems a bit outdated now, of course, this is not to say that the 1×10 is bad, but at this price, I think the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 can do better. As many of you who know the Trek Powerfly 5 know, it has a 1×12 transmission.

Although not much, there is still a big difference in the actual riding experience. Not only that, the charger of the 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 is a Bosch compact 2A (100-240V) charger, which allows it to supplement energy at a voltage of 100-240V so that it cannot be freely charged due to voltage limitations.

While the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 is a little better than the Trek Powerfly 5 in terms of braking, the 2022 Norco Fluid VLT A2 isn’t bad either, with stable braking even in the rain. At this price, I think the Trek Powerfly 5 is adequate.

If you’re looking for a $1290 cheaper Trek Powerfly 5, I think it’s a no-brainer.

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Trek Powerfly 5 vs 2022 Transition Scout Alloy GX

Looking at the 2022 Transition Scout Alloy GX full suspension trail bike, we must mention its 140mm chainstays, 150mm fork travel, and its dropper post. This allows it to adapt to more rough terrain and allows for a more comfortable ride.

Not only that, but the 2022 Transition Scout Alloy GX also has a 1×12 drivetrain, and its TRP DH-R Evo brakes very smoothly. In fact, my only complaint is the high price, and I think a carbon fiber frame might make me more willing to pay for it.

Not only is the Trek Powerfly 5 $800 cheaper, but it’s also 1×12 speed. Some might think its transmission isn’t advanced enough, but in this price range, it’s adequate and I feel very stable in terms of braking.

If you’re after value for money, you can try the Trek Powerfly 5.

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