Is Transition Spur Carbon GX Splendid – [Transition Spur Carbon GX Review]

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Transition Spur Carbon GX Review

  • Price: $5,999
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Tires: 29 inches
  • Gear: 1×12

What we like about it: The SBG (Speed Balanced Geometry) technology ensures the bike maintains low-speed agility, front-wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while increasing confidence in steep terrain and high-speed riding.

What we don’t like about it: It doesn’t come with a chain guide, so riders need to purchase and install one themselves.

Rating: (4.9/5)

Transition Spur Carbon GX
Transition Spur Carbon GX

The Transition Spur Carbon GX features a lightweight carbon fiber frame and carefully selected components, making it excellent for both climbing and descending. In other words, it can be ridden by riders of any skill level.

We will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Transition Spur Carbon GX. In the latter part of this article, we will also compare it to several other top bike models. If you want to learn more about bike reviews, you can follow us.

Riding Experience

As a short-travel full-suspension trail bike, the Transition Spur Carbon GX offers excellent stability during high-speed riding and agility on narrow trails. I can’t wait to take it out for a ride and experience it myself.

To do so, I took the Transition Spur Carbon GX to the nearby forest. I booked a hotel in the vicinity in advance using the International Hotel Group (IHG). The terrain here is full of rocky and root-filled undulations, rugged winding trails, and some natural drop-offs.


I find the Transition Spur Carbon GX to be an efficient bike for climbing. The lightweight carbon fiber frame, combined with excellent suspension design, minimizes the loss of power while pedaling.

When I encountered steeper sections of the trail, the Transition Spur Carbon GX’s SRAM Stylo 7K DUB (32t/175mm, Small 170mm) crankset and SRAM XG 1275 (10-52t) freewheel, with a 1×12 drivetrain, proved advantageous. Using the larger freewheel gears allowed for lighter pedaling, facilitating easier ascent and reducing fatigue.

The excellent geometry, steep seat tube angle, and short fork offset help maintain front-wheel traction, providing stable uphill riding capabilities.

In summary, the Transition Spur Carbon GX is an outstanding full-suspension trail bike for climbing. It allows me to conquer uphill sections with minimal physical exertion.


The Transition Spur Carbon GX also excels in descending, offering reliable performance within its designed descending capabilities.

With the RockShox SID Select+ front fork and RockShox SID Select+ rear shock providing 120mm of travel each, I experienced no bottoming-out issues even when landing from small drop-offs on this type of trail terrain.

Next, I tackled long stretches of rocky and root-filled descents. The 29-inch wheels, paired with the Maxxis 2.4-inch wide tires front and rear, provided a smooth descent. The bike exhibited excellent traction and stability, easily reaching the desired speed for downhill riding.

Lastly, as I approached winding narrow trails and squeezed the brake levers, the SRAM G2 RS hydraulic brakes with SRAM Centerline (front: 180mm/rear: 160mm) rotors responded quickly and sensitively. I could instantly reduce my speed, entering the turns and narrow paths with stability and safety.

In conclusion, the Transition Spur Carbon GX is a powerful full-suspension trail bike. I thoroughly enjoyed riding this bike and had a fantastic experience.


The Transition Spur Carbon GX is available in four sizes (S-XL) with internal cable routing options. It comes standard with 29-inch wheels, providing better stability and traction during descents. The internal cable routing design gives it a clean and tidy appearance, making it easier to clean during daily maintenance.

The bike features dropper post routing, ensuring a stable riding position during climbs and descents. Chainstay and downtube protectors safeguard the expensive carbon fiber frame from damage caused by flying debris. They also reduce chain slap noise while riding.

The Transition Spur Carbon GX offers multiple mounting points, increasing the carrying capacity and enabling riders to embark on long-distance rides.


Other Versions

The Transition Spur Carbon GX is an outstanding all-mountain full-suspension bike with impressive performance in both climbing and descending. However, there are higher-end component versions available.

For this reason, we offer another full-suspension trail bike from the same brand, utilizing the same frame but equipped with top-of-the-line components. This version fully unleashes the potential of the frame, providing an enhanced riding experience and catering to budget-conscious expert riders.

Transition Spur Carbon X01

Both the Transition Spur Carbon X01 and the Transition Spur Carbon GX use the same carbon fiber frame, but the former boasts top-of-the-line components and delivers powerful performance.

In terms of suspension, the Spur Carbon X01 features the Fox Float 34 Factory Fit 4 fork and Fox DPS Factory rear shock, providing increased support to handle more aggressive downhill riding.

The drivetrain features a mix of SRAM electronic components, delivering crisp and precise shifting. The electronic shifting system offers convenient adjustment and reliable performance.

Finally, the SRAM G2 RSC brakes provide top-level braking power and responsive brake reaction, making them trustworthy brakes.

Below, we will provide specific details and list some similarly priced all-mountain enduro bikes from other brands for reference.

What do we like about it?

  • Frame sizes (S-XL) that cater to riders ranging from 5’0″ to 6’7″.
  • The bike features internal cable routing, giving it a cleaner and neater appearance while also making cleaning easier.
  • The dropper post design helps maintain rider stability during both climbs and descents.
  • The GiddyUp suspension system offers a smooth riding experience with its integrated flex stay rear triangle.
  • Transition Bikes provides a lifetime warranty program that covers collisions during riding.
  • The design includes silent cable routing and chainstay protection, reducing noise during intense rides.

What don’t we like about it?

  • No built-in chain guide, requiring riders to purchase and install one themselves.


  • What wheelset does the bike use?

It uses the Stans Arch S1 Team wheelset.

  • Does it have ISCG mount?

The lightweight carbon fiber frame, along with appropriate components, weighs 26.9 lbs/12.2 kg (Size MD).

  • How to choose the right size?

We provide a sizing chart for reference. However, the best way to find the perfect fit is to try it out yourself, as individual preferences may vary.

Rider heightSIZE
5’0″ – 5’7″S
5’4″ – 6’0″M
5’8″ – 6’3″L
6’0″ – 6’7″XL



Frame Spur Carbon 120mm
Colors: Aqua; Raw Carbon; Deep Sea Green; Black Powder
ForkRockShox SID Select+, (120mm/44mm Offset)
Rear ShockRockShox SIDLuxe Select+
HeadsetFSA No.57E
StemRaceFace Aeffect R (50mm)
HandlebarANVL Mandrel Alloy, (800mm x 20mm)
SaddleANVL Forge Cromo
SeatpostOneUp Dropper Post
GripsODI Elite Flow


Rear DerailleurODI Elite Flow
CrankSRAM Stylo 7K DUB, (32t/175mm, Small 170mm)
ShiftersSRAM GX Eagle
CassetteSRAM XG 1275 (10-52t)
ChainSRAM GX Eagle
BrakesSRAM GX Eagle


RimsStans Arch S1 Team
SpokesSapim Race Double Butted
Front HubStans Neo Durasync
Rear HubStans Neo Durasync
TiresFront: Maxxis Dissector 3C EXO (2.4), Rear: Maxxis Rekon 3C EXO (2.4)
Disk RotorsSRAM Centerline (180/160mm)

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTravelFrame materialBrake TypeDrivetrain
Orbea OIZ M20Click View120mm rear, 120mm frontCarbonHydraulic Disc1 × 12
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX AXSClick View120mm rear, 130mm frontCarbonHydraulic Disc1 × 12 Electronic
YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29Click View120mm rear, 120mm frontCarbonHydraulic Disc1 × 12 Electronic
Ibis Ripmo V2S GXClick View147mm rear, 160mm frontCarbonHydraulic Disc1 × 12

Transition Spur Carbon GX vs Orbea OIZ M20

Orbea OIZ M20
Orbea OIZ M20

These two bikes both feature top-of-the-line carbon fiber frames paired with carefully selected components, making them powerful all-mountain full-suspension bikes.

In terms of suspension travel, both bikes have 120mm of travel. However, the former boasts a RockShox SID Select+ fork, offering better sensitivity and lighter weight. The latter features a Fox Performance Float 34 fork, providing superior support for handling larger drops.

For the drivetrain, both bikes utilize SRAM GX Eagle components. As a result, they deliver crisp and precise shifting with a high-tension rear derailleur.

In the braking department, the Transition Spur Carbon GX features the more aggressive SRAM G2 RS brakes, offering a more aggressive braking feel. The Orbea OIZ M20, on the other hand, uses Shimano M6100 brakes, providing a more linear and gentle braking experience.

Both of these all-mountain full-suspension bikes are excellent choices, and you won’t regret choosing either one.

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Transition Spur Carbon GX vs Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX AXS

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX AXS
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 GX AXS

Between these two bikes, firstly, the latter has a longer fork travel, which allows it to handle more challenging terrain during descents.

In terms of the drivetrain, both of these all-mountain full-suspension bikes feature SRAM GX series components, delivering precise and rapid shifting with a powerful rear derailleur. However, the latter uses the electronic shifting version of SRAM GX, making it more convenient to adjust and less susceptible to external interference.

Regarding brakes, both bikes are equipped with SRAM G2 RS brakes. They provide strong braking power and responsive speed, instilling confidence during downhill rides.

Finally, between these two bikes, the former excels in climbing ability, while the latter showcases superior downhill riding capabilities.

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Transition Spur Carbon GX vs YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29

YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29
YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29

Both bikes feature excellent geometry and suspension design.

In terms of the suspension system, the Spur Carbon GX is equipped with the RockShox SID Select+ fork. On the other hand, the Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29 uses the higher-level RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate fork, giving it a performance advantage.

In the drivetrain department, the latter bike utilizes the top-tier SRAM XX1 EAGLE AXS. This provides a higher level of performance, better functionality, and lighter weight compared to the SRAM GX found in the former.

Finally, when it comes to braking components, both the Spur Carbon GX with its SRAM G2 RS and the YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 with its SRAM G2 Ultimate brakes offer powerful braking capabilities and responsive brake reaction speed.

Therefore, the YT Industries Izzo UNCAGED 7 29 can be seen as a high-performance version of the Transition Spur Carbon GX. The choice between the two can be based on personal budget considerations.

Transition Spur Carbon GX vs Ibis Ripmo V2S GX

Ibis Ripmo V2S GX
Ibis Ripmo V2S GX

When comparing these two bikes, the latter utilizes the Fox Factory Float 38 fork and Fox Float Factory Series rear shock, offering 160mm and 147mm of travel respectively. This surpasses the former’s 120mm of travel both in the front and rear, making it better equipped for intense rides and absorbing more vibrations during high drops.

In terms of drivetrain components, the Transition Spur Carbon GX employs SRAM GX, while the Ibis Ripmo V2S GX utilizes a combination of SRAM NX and SRAM GX. As a result, the Transition Spur Carbon GX delivers better transmission efficiency.

Regarding the braking components, both of these full-suspension trail bikes utilize similar SRAM G2 components. Therefore, they can provide excellent braking power and reliable performance.

In summary, if you’re seeking intense downhill riding, the Ibis Ripmo V2S GX can meet your needs. If you’re looking for a more balanced riding capability, the Transition Spur Carbon GX is a better fit.

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Above is my ride review of the Transition Spur Carbon GX. In our opinion, it is a high-quality full-suspension trail bike with outstanding climbing and descending performance, which is why we gave it a rating of 4.9.

Of course, if you’re interested in learning about other full-suspension trail bikes, we also conduct evaluations on various models at different price points, all of which are equally fascinating. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

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