Is Transition Sentinel Alloy NX Splendid? – [Transition Sentinel Alloy NX Review]

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Transition Sentinel Alloy NX Review

  • Price: $4,099
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 29 inches
  • Gear: 1×12

What we like about it: Highly versatile, excelling on any terrain or in any environment.

What we don’t like about it: Lack of built-in chain guide design, requiring aftermarket installation.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Transition Sentinel Alloy NX
Transition Sentinel Alloy NX

The Transition Sentinel Alloy NX boasts excellent geometry coupled with reliable mountain bike components, making it suitable for riding in various environments. With an affordable price tag, it’s a bike that can be owned and enjoyed by riders of all levels.

Below, we analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX. In the latter part of this article, we also compare it with several other top bicycle models. If you’re interested in more bicycle reviews, feel free to follow our content.

Riding Experience

Equipped with a Fox Rhythm Float 36 front fork and a Fox Float X Performance rear shock, the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX is tailored to excel in demanding outdoor conditions and mountain bike parks. Its aggressive geometry makes it shine on rugged terrains and trail networks.

To explore its capabilities, I packed up the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX and headed to the Deer Valley Resort mountain bike park, where DH, AM, Trail, and XC routes cater to all styles. I opted for a moderately challenging route with climbs, rocky descents, winding paths, and sizeable jumps.


The Transition Sentinel Alloy NX features an exceptional suspension design that provides better support during climbs, reducing the sensation of pedal bob and enabling quicker ascents. Locking the front and rear suspension enhances the bike’s overall feel and prevents any sluggishness during climbs.

On steeper and longer uphill sections, the SRAM Descendant 6k DUB, 30t crankset paired with the SRAM PG 1230 (11-50t) freewheel offers versatile speed options. Shifting into larger freewheel gears allowed me to tackle steep inclines with ease, conserving energy effectively.

The slightly upright riding position of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX, along with dropper post assistance, maintained stability throughout the climbs. The weight distribution between the front and rear of the bike facilitated seamless power transfer while pedaling.

In summary, as a full-suspension bike, the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX demonstrates praiseworthy climbing performance, making it a bicycle that expends minimal effort for maximum uphill speed.


The true allure of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX lies in its downhill capabilities, fitting for an endurance mountain bike with full suspension. The Fox Float 36 Rhythm front fork and Fox Float X Performance rear shock provide 160mm and 150mm of travel, respectively. This setup absorbs impacts during significant drops, ensuring smooth landings and rider safety.

On lengthy rocky descents, the generous geometry combined with 29-inch wheels front and rear grants exceptional traction, allowing for faster downhill speeds while maintaining stability.

Additionally, the SRAM Guide RE four-piston brakes paired with SRAM Centerline (200mm) rotors respond with strong braking power upon light lever input. This quick deceleration enhances safety and enables a smooth transition into narrow trails. Maxxis large-knob tires (2.5 inches front, 2.4 inches rear) offer improved grip on tight corners, while the narrower rear tire enhances maneuverability, ensuring swift navigation through the trails.

In conclusion, the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX is an endurance mountain bike that naturally accelerates my speed, providing a faster riding experience in a full-suspension setup.


The Transition Sentinel Alloy NX comes in 5 sizes (S-XXL) and 2 color options for frame selection. This ensures that every rider ranging from 5’0″ to 6’10” in height can perfectly handle the bike, performing at the best level suited to their physique.

Furthermore, the internal cable routing design provides a cleaner and tidier appearance, while also facilitating easy cleaning. The layout of quiet cable guides, along with chain stay protection, reduces noise during rides.

The frame of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX features mounting holes on the downtube for water bottle placement and on the top tube for carrying riding tools, supporting long-distance rides.

Lastly, the dropper post design ensures riders maintain a stable balance between climbing and descending, ensuring continuous and smooth riding.


Other Versions

The Transition Sentinel Alloy NX is a comprehensively capable endurance mountain bike. However, its aluminum alloy frame ensures it’s not exceptionally lightweight, which might not be compelling enough for riders accustomed to carbon fiber materials.

To address this, we offer a model within the same brand that features a similar structural design but with a carbon fiber frame and higher-tier components, providing enhanced riding capabilities and catering to riders with a more generous budget.

Transition Sentinel Carbon GX

Transition Sentinel Carbon GX

The most significant change in the Transition Sentinel Carbon GX is the use of a carbon fiber frame, delivering a lighter riding experience. Additionally, the carbon fiber frame can absorb some road vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

In terms of drivetrain components, the higher-grade SRAM GX Eagle offers improved performance. The TRP DH-R-Evo brakes provide strong braking power, remaining reliable even in adverse conditions.

Therefore, the Transition Sentinel Carbon GX not only boasts frame upgrades but also employs higher-performance components.

Below, we will detail the specific specifications of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX and provide references to other similarly priced full-suspension endurance mountain bikes from different brands.

What do we like about it?

  • Hydraulic disc brakes exhibit reliable braking power in all conditions.
  • Dropper post design allows for adjusting the rider’s center of gravity between climbing and descending.
  • Downtube mounting holes support water bottle installation, while top tube mounting holes can carry additional riding tools.
  • Internal cable routing design maintains a clean appearance and facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Excellent generous geometry promotes a more stable riding stance.
  • Available in 5 sizes (S-XXL) and 2 color options for frame selection, ensuring suitability for riders ranging from 5’0″ to 6’10”.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Lack of built-in chain guide design, requiring aftermarket installation.


  • Can this bike use a coil rear shock?

Yes. This bike is designed to accommodate both air and coil rear shocks.

  • Can this bike use a fork with more offset?

Yes, but this bike utilizes SBG (Speed Balanced Geometry) technology, which utilizes offset within the 42-44mm range.

  • How do I choose the right size?

We’ve provided a sizing chart for your reference. However, this isn’t a strict standard, and the best way to find the perfect size is to try it out.

Rider heightSIZE
5’0″ – 5’7″S
5’4″ – 6’0″M
5’8″ – 6’3″L
6’0″ – 6’7″XL
6’2″ – 6’10”XXL

Transition Sentinel Alloy NX Specs


FrameSentinel Alloy 150mmColors: Misty Green; Black Powder
ForkFox Float 36 Rhythm, (160mm)
Rear ShockFox Float X Performance, (205×62.5mm)
HeadsetFSA No. 57E
StemRaceFace Aeffect R (40mm)
HandlebarRaceFace Chester 35, SM/MD(780×20) LG/XL/XXL(780×35)
SaddleANVL Forge Cromo, or, SDG Bel Air 3
SeatpostOneUp Dropper Post, SM(150mm) MD(180mm) LG/XL/XXL(210mm)
GripsODI Elite Flow


Rear DerailleurSRAM NX Eagle
CrankSRAM Descendent 6k DUB, (30t/170mm)
ShiftersSRAM NX Eagle MMX
CassetteSRAM PG 1230 (11-50t)
ChainSRAM NX Eagle
BrakesSRAM Guide RE 4-Piston


RimsStans Flow D, or, WTB ST i30
SpokesPillar Double Butted
Front HubNovatech D791SB/D902SB
Rear HubNovatech D791SB/D902SB
TiresFront: Maxxis Assegai 3C EXO+ (2.5), Rear: Maxxis Minion DHRII 3C EXO+ (2.4)
Disk RotorsSRAM Centerline (200mm)

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewTravelFrame MaterialBrake TypeDrivetrain
Trek Slash 8Click View160mm rear, 170mm frontAluminumSRAM Code R1 × 12
Scott Genius ST 920Click View150mm rear, 160mm frontAluminumSRAM DB81 × 12
Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp AlloyClick View150mm rear, 160mm frontAluminumSRAM Code R1 × 12
YT Industries Capra Blaze 29Click View170mm rear, 170mm frontCarbonSRAM Code RSC1 × 12

Transition Sentinel Alloy NX vs. Trek Slash 8

Trek Slash 8
Trek Slash 8

They are both excellent full-suspension endurance mountain bikes under their respective brands.

Firstly, these two bikes differ in their suspension travel. The former benefits from a Fox fork, which provides better support, while the latter features a RockShox fork with a more sensitive initial stage.

In terms of drivetrain, both utilize SRAM’s gear-shifting systems. However, the latter employs components of a higher grade, offering enhanced transmission efficiency and a more advanced shifting experience.

Ultimately, the performance of the latter bike is slightly better, but the difference isn’t substantial. Considering the slightly lower price of the former, both bikes are worthy choices.

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Transition Sentinel Alloy NX vs. Scott Genius ST 920

Scott Genius ST 920
Scott Genius ST 920

These two bikes share the same suspension travel, but the former benefits from a Fox suspension fork with better support, making it more adept at handling large drops. On the other hand, the latter comes equipped with a RockShox fork with a sensitive initial stage, making it suitable for continuous rough terrain.

In terms of the drivetrain system, the SRAM components on the former are of a higher grade than those on the latter, giving it an advantage in both gear-shifting operation and transmission efficiency.

Moving on to frame design, the hidden rear suspension on the latter bike lends it a cleaner appearance, though maintenance could be a bit more complex. I lean towards the frame design of the former.

Ultimately, between these two bikes, I prefer the design of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX.

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Transition Sentinel Alloy NX vs. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy
Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy

When comparing these two bikes, they are two very similar full-suspension endurance mountain bikes.

Firstly, in terms of suspension, both bikes have the same front and rear suspension travel as well as Fox suspension systems. In terms of drivetrain components, the same SRAM NX components and SRAM brake components with similar performance are used.

Lastly, regarding geometry, the former has a more relaxed head tube angle, making it more stable for downhill riding, while the latter offers slightly better overall performance.

Therefore, when choosing between these two bikes, you can make your decision based on which brand and design style you prefer.

Transition Sentinel Alloy NX vs. YT Industries Capra Blaze 29

YT Industries Capra Blaze 29
YT Industries Capra Blaze 29

When comparing these two bikes, the latter utilizes a carbon fiber frame, resulting in a lighter riding experience.

Furthermore, in terms of drivetrain components, the latter employs SRAM components of a higher level than the former, offering improved transmission efficiency. Additionally, the tension of the rear derailleur is higher in the latter, contributing to greater stability during intense downhill riding.

Regarding braking components, the SRAM Code RSC brakes on the latter also provide better braking capability and performance compared to the SRAM brakes on the former.

In conclusion, the YT Industries Capra Blaze 29 offers better performance than the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX and is more worthy of recommendation.


Above is my riding review of the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX. In our view, it’s a powerful all-mountain endurance mountain bike with a suitable price point, which is why we’ve given it a rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in learning about other all-mountain endurance bikes, we have a variety of reviews on bikes across different price ranges that you might find interesting. Feel free to explore our other reviews as well.

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