Is Priority 600 a Good Choice? – [Priority 600 Review]

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Priority 600 Review

  • Price: $2399
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: WTB Horizon 650B Plus 47mm or Goodyear County Premium 650B 50mm
  • Gear: Belt Drive

What we like about it: The availability of wheel-powered lights that can guide the way forward in poor lighting conditions.

What we don’t like about it: The external alignment isn’t clean enough, and it’s not easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Priority 600
Priority 600

My friend recently moved to New York and wanted to buy a bike for commuting, and I believe many others face the same dilemma. I heard that the Priority 600 offers an excellent riding experience, so I was eager to see how it performs on the city streets during commuting.

Below, we’ll analyze the riding experience, main features, components, and specifications of the Priority 600. In the second part of this article, we’ll also compare it with several other top bike models. For more bike reviews, you can follow our updates.

Riding Experience

Priority 600


As a frequent commuter myself, I have ample experience with biking. On a fresh morning, I embarked on my journey to work. I started pedaling on the Priority Alloy Platform pedals and accelerated smoothly. The belt drive on the Priority 600 is impressively quiet, running smoothly and reliably, allowing me to focus on the road ahead.

Whether it’s uphill, downhill, or gliding on flat roads, the belt drive of the Priority 600 automatically adjusts gears according to my speed. It always finds the most comfortable gear ratio, allowing me to climb or descend steadily and efficiently with the right pedaling frequency. I can manage my energy better, avoiding exhaustion on a beautiful morning.

Navigating through city streets involves frequent turns, which tests the agility and responsiveness of the Priority 600. The design of the Alloy handlebar helps me make precise turns, and my biking experience allows me to find the best paths through complex situations, maneuvering flexibly and safely through the crowds. Even in unexpected situations, the Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, ensuring my safety.

Is that all?

Priority 600

I chose the WTB Horizon 650B Plus 47mm tires, which have low rolling resistance and enable me to ride swiftly on smooth city streets or crowded sidewalks. Additionally, the tubeless design minimizes the risk of punctures, ensuring a worry-free ride.

Moreover, the saddle I selected is the WTB Pure saddle, an excellent all-mountain and long-distance seat. With its dropped nose design and soft padding, it reduces pressure on my hips, allowing me to shift positions and change the center of gravity during turns. I can comfortably ride on this saddle for extended periods without feeling much fatigue—it’s just so comfortable.

Notably, even during rainy-day commutes, the bike is equipped with fenders to prevent mud and water from splashing onto my back. Additionally, the hub-powered lights provide excellent illumination when facing poorly lit roads at night. This gives me the confidence to see the road ahead clearly—the Priority 600 has truly impressed me.


The Priority 600 is an excellent electric commuter bike. It features a sturdy Ultralight 6061 T6 Aluminum frame and Ultralight 6061 T6 Aluminum fork. Moreover, it offers a choice between two saddle options: the WTB Pure/Volt saddle. The Pure is an outstanding all-mountain and long-distance seat that ensures all-day comfort, while the Volt is designed for speed and comfort.

Additionally, the Priority 600 comes equipped with Priority Alloy Platform pedals, saving riders the hassle of searching for suitable pedals. The bike offers two tire options: WTB Horizon 650B Plus 47mm or Goodyear County Premium 650B 50mm. The 47mm tires offer agility, while the 50mm tires provide excellent support on various road surfaces.

Furthermore, the Priority 600 is fitted with Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc brakes, delivering exceptional braking performance. Notably, its Belt Drive drivetrain is highly durable, lasting 2-3 times longer than traditional chains and equivalent to a 30-speed traditional chain.


What do we like about it?

  • Hub-powered lights that guide the way in low-light conditions.
  • There is an ongoing promotion; use the promo code SUM300 during checkout for an instant $300 discount.
  • Combining Pinon gearbox with Gates Carbon Drive and equipped with fenders, supporting riders for all-weather, all-season riding.
  • High-performance carbon fiber-reinforced belt offers outstanding durability, lasting 2-3 times longer than standard chains.

What don’t we like about it?

  • The external cable routing is not very neat and can be difficult to clean when it gets dirty.


  • Is this bike suitable for beginners?

Yes, both beginners and experienced riders can use this bike.

  • What is the difference between the belt drive of this bike and a traditional drivetrain?

The belt drive on this bike is equivalent to a traditional 30-speed chain system.

  • How long does it take for the bike to be shipped after purchase?

The ground shipping time for this bike is usually between 1 to 5 days.

  • How do I choose the right size?

The size chart is below:

These sizes are only general guidelines and the true fit may vary from person to person. The easiest way to find your size the best way is to try it out.

Rider heightSIZE
5’2″ – 5’7″SM
5’6″ – 5’11”MD
5’9″ – 6’2″LG



FrameUltralight 6061 T6 Aluminum
BB Standard: Pinion, Press Fit
ForkUltralight 6061 T6 Aluminum
Bottom BracketPinion, press-fit
HeadsetZS44 1-1/8″ Semi-integrated bearings
HandlebarAlloy, 31.8 clamp, 6 deg sweep, 680mm
SaddleWTB Pure/Volt
Seatpost27.2 Carbon Micro-adjust, 350mm
PedalsPriority Alloy Platform, Sealed


CrankPinion Forged Alloy
ShiftersPinion DS1.12
Cassette28T Gates CDX:SL
BrakesTektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Dual Piston 160mm rotor, with reach adjustment


RimsWTB ST i23 TCS 2.0 27.5″/650b – Tubeless Ready
Spokes14g Stainless Steel, Black
Front HubPriority Low Drag Dynamo 3W 6V, QR
Rear HubHigh-engagement single sprocket specific, sealed cartridge bearings, QR
TiresTubeless Ready: WTB Horizon 650B Plus 47mm or Goodyear County Premium 650B 50mm

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewTiresDrivetrainFrame MaterialGroupset
BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWOClick ViewVittoria Randonneur – 37mm1 x 12AluminumSRAM GX Eagle
CUBE TRAVEL, SLXClick ViewSchwalbe Marathon MondialBelt Drive, Internally Geared HubAluminumShimano Alfine
Canyon Commuter 8Click ViewSchwalbe Kojak 35 mmBelt Drive, Internally Geared HubAluminumShimano Alfine
BMC 257 AL ONE STClick ViewPirelli Angel GT – 37mmBelt Drive, Internally Geared HubAluminumShimano Alfine

Priority 600 vs BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO

BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO
BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO

The BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO is equipped with 700c aluminum wheels, providing strong traction and better off-road capability. On the other hand, the Priority 600 features 650b aluminum wheels, which offer greater agility and maneuverability. Additionally, the Priority 600 comes with Priority Alloy Platform pedals, making it convenient for riders as they don’t need to spend extra time searching for suitable pedals.

Furthermore, the Priority 600 is equipped with a belt drive, while the BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO features a 1×12 drivetrain. The belt drive runs smoothly, and quietly, and stays clean without the need for lubrication, requiring minimal maintenance. On the other hand, the 1×12 drivetrain is reliable and easy to maintain but requires lubrication for smooth operation.

So, if you prefer a more reliable drivetrain, I recommend the BMC Alpenchallenge AL TWO. If you value a quiet ride, the Priority 600 would be your best choice.

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Priority 600 vs CUBE TRAVEL SLX


The CUBE TRAVEL SLX comes with VP 615M pedals and ACID Travel Comfort grips, making it extremely convenient for riders who are looking to buy a bike for commuting. You don’t need to spend extra time searching for suitable pedals and grips as they are already provided.

Furthermore, the Priority 600 is suitable for riders between 5’2″ and 6’2″, while the CUBE TRAVEL SLX is recommended for riders between 4’11” and 5’11”. So, if you have a taller stature, the Priority 600 would be an excellent choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to purchase a complete bike package, the CUBE TRAVEL SLX will suit you well.

In conclusion, the Priority 600 is a great fit for taller riders, while the CUBE TRAVEL SLX is a perfect option if you want a complete and well-matched bike.

Priority 600 vs Canyon Commuter 8

Canyon Commuter 8
Canyon Commuter 8

The Canyon Commuter 8 features a Canyon F24 CF Disc fork, which is made of carbon. Although it offers excellent flexibility, it is susceptible to breakage when facing impacts from the sides. On the other hand, the Priority 600’s aluminum fork does not encounter such issues.

Furthermore, the Canyon Commuter 8 has internal cable routing, while the Priority 600 has external cable routing. Internal cable routing may provide a cleaner appearance, but it can become dirty and challenging to clean, making maintenance more complicated.

So, if you prefer a bike with internal cable routing, the Canyon Commuter 8 would better suit your needs. However, if you desire an aluminum fork, the Priority 600 would be a better choice for you.

Priority 600 vs BMC 257 AL ONE ST


The BMC 257 AL ONE ST is equipped with 700c wheels, offering strong performance on different terrains, while the Priority 600 features 650b wheels, providing more agility. However, the Priority 600 comes with Priority Alloy Platform pedals, which offer good pedaling efficiency and make it easier for riders to find suitable pedals.

Additionally, the BMC 257 AL ONE ST has a 180mm rotor, while the Priority 600 has a 160mm rotor. The larger rotor provides a longer leverage arm, resulting in better braking performance, and also saves the rider some effort.

In conclusion, if you are seeking excellent braking performance, I recommend the BMC 257 AL ONE ST. If you prefer a bike that comes with pedals, the Priority 600 will fulfill your needs.


The above is our review of the Priority 600. This outstanding commuter bicycle offers an exceptional commuting experience. Considering everything, we have given it a high rating of 4.7. If you want to find more information about bicycles, feel free to check out our other reviews.

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