Is Orbea ALMA M LTD A Perfect Selection? – [Orbea ALMA M LTD Review]

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Orbea ALMA M LTD Review

  • Price: $8,599
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Tires: 29″ Carbon
  • Gear: 1 × 12 Electronic

What we like about it: A lightweight carbon fiber frame and fork, coupled with top-tier components, make it the ultimate off-road weapon.

What we didn’t like about it: It comes with a high price tag, making it less suitable for budget-conscious riders or beginners.

Rating: (4.9/5)


The Orbea ALMA M LTD is a nimble and fast hardtail mountain bike, often outpacing other riders on uphill climbs.

In the sections below, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Orbea ALMA M LTD. Furthermore, in the latter part of this article, we have selected a few other bicycles for comparison. If you’re interested in more bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

Uphill Climbs


Riding the Orbea ALMA M LTD uphill feels incredibly swift. It’s one of the fastest-performing off-road bikes I’ve ever encountered during ascents.

Thanks to the ultra-light carbon fiber frame and rigid carbon fiber fork, the entire bike feels exceptionally integrated. Each pedal stroke I take during uphill climbs transforms into a powerful surge forward, without any sense of energy loss. At that moment, it’s as if I’m riding a rocket, swiftly ascending like a gravel bike.

Moreover, the SRAM XX1 top-tier drivetrain offers a rich selection of speeds. On steeper sections, I can change gears with ease, making my uphill journey much less demanding on my physical strength.

Lastly, the excellent geometry of the bike ensures my weight distribution is well-balanced between the front and rear ends, making the transmission of pedaling power smooth.

Downhill Descents

Even though the Orbea ALMA M LTD is a rigid, unsuspended off-road bike, it handles well on less rugged downhill sections. The carbon fiber frame and fork manage to absorb some of the vibrations, enhancing my riding comfort.

Furthermore, equipped with 29-inch carbon fiber wheels and Maxxis Rekon Race 2.40″ knobby tires, the bike provides robust traction during downhill rides. The ample tire width also helps dampen road vibrations and minimizes the risk of punctures, resulting in a more stable and comfortable ride. The tire’s grippy knobs offer substantial traction for navigating narrow trails, allowing me to pick up speed with confidence.

The SRAM Ultimate Carbon Black hydraulic disc brakes offer potent and reliable braking capabilities. They grant me full control over my speed during downhill rides, ensuring strong braking performance in all weather conditions.


The Orbea ALMA M LTD comes in four frame sizes with internal cable routing options. This makes it suitable for riders with heights ranging from 5’1″ to 6’6″, accommodating nearly all cyclists. The internal cable routing design not only gives the bike a clean and tidy appearance but also simplifies routine cleaning.

The SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS top-tier electronic drivetrain operates crisply and precisely, allowing for rapid and accurate gear changes. The setup of the electronic shifting is also convenient and straightforward.

The SRAM Ultimate Carbon Black hydraulic disc brakes exhibit efficient braking capabilities, regardless of the environment, and are reliable and high-end.


Other Versions

The Orbea ALMA M LTD is a lightweight carbon fiber mountain bike equipped with top-tier components, offering strong performance in various aspects.

However, this bike also comes in other versions, featuring the same top-tier components but at a slightly more affordable price point. These are well-suited for riders on a tighter budget.



The Orbea ALMA M TEAM also utilizes the same carbon fiber frame, ensuring a lightweight build while maintaining ample strength.

This bike incorporates a suspension fork with a 100mm Fox Factory Float 32 front fork, offering a smooth and comfortable ride over rough terrain. The dropper post design ensures rider stability during both ascents and descents, ensuring a continuous riding experience.

The top-tier Shimano XTR drivetrain components provide smooth and efficient shifting, while the Shimano XTR hydraulic disc brakes offer top-tier braking performance. With single-finger operation, these brakes deliver reliable and powerful stopping power.

Below, we will provide detailed specifications for the Orbea ALMA M LTD and list some other off-road bikes from similarly priced brands for your reference.

What do we like about it?

  • The 830g OMX frame is a pinnacle of carbon fiber bike construction.
  • Orbea offers a lifetime warranty for your bike’s frame once the statutory warranty period expires.
  • Using Orbea’s straightforward MyO configurator, you can create a frame with a unique, exclusive color.
  • Top-tier SRAM electronic drivetrain components provide powerful transmission efficiency, precise, and rapid shifting.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes maintain their reliability in all weather conditions, offering all-weather braking performance.
  • Internal cable routing results in a quiet ride without any friction or rattling noise.

What don’t we like about it?

  • It comes with a high price tag, making it less suitable for budget-conscious riders or beginners.


  • Where are Orbea bikes manufactured?

Orbea manufactures and assembles bikes in its factory in Mallabia. Other models are manufactured in Portugal, while the frames come from China.

  • How are Orbea mountain bikes reviewed?

Orbea bikes are an excellent choice for cyclists at all levels. They offer excellent quality, durability, and performance, and their bikes are sure to last for many years. If you’re seeking a high-quality bike that can handle any terrain, Orbea is likely your best choice.

  • How do I choose the right size?

We provide a sizing chart for your reference. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to adhere to this standard. The best way to find the most suitable size is by test riding.

Rider heightSIZE
5’1″ – 5’7″S
5’4″ – 5’11”M
5’10” – 6’3″L
6’0″ – 6’6″XL



Frame Orbea Alma Carbon OMX, Boost 12×148, PF BB, Internal cable routing.Colors: Digital Lavender (Gloss) – Carbon Raw (Matt); Wine Red Carbon View (Gloss) – Carbon Raw (Matt)
ForkOrbea Spirit Rigid Carbon 15×110
Bottom BracketCartridge bearing square
HeadsetAcros 1-1/8 – 1-1/2″ Semi-intergated Block Lock
StemOC Mountain Performance MP20, -8º
HandlebarOC MP10 Mountain Performance Carbon, Width 760, Sweep 9
SaddleSelle Italia SLR Boost Fill Carbon Rail Ø7×9 mm
SeatpostOC Performance XP10 Carbon, 27.2mm, Setback 0


Rear DerailleurSRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
CrankSRAM XX1 Eagle Dub Grey Boost 34t
ShiftersSRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
CassetteSRAM XX1 XG-1299 Eagle 10-50t 12-Speed Rainbow
ChainSRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed rainbow
Chain GuideOrbea Alma Carbon OMR & OMX. Compatible up to 36T
BrakesSRAM Ultimate Carbon Black Hydraulic Disc


RimsOQUO Mountain Performance MP30LTD Carbon
TiresMaxxis Rekon Race 2.40″ WT 120 TPI Exo TLR

Comparison Table

BikesClick viewTravelFrame MaterialBrake TypeDrivetrain
Specialized Epic Hardtail ProClick View100mm frontCarbonSRAM Level TLM1 × 12 Electronic
BMC Twostroke 01 ONEClick View100mm frontCarbonSRAM Level TLM1 × 12 Electronic
Niner AIR 9 RDO 4-STAR SHIMANO XTClick View100mm frontCarbonSHIMANO XT M81001 × 12
Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD UltimateClick View110mm frontCarbonSRAM Level Ultimate1 × 12 Electronic

Orbea ALMA M LTD vs. Specialized Epic Hardtail Pro

Specialized Epic Hardtail Pro
Specialized Epic Hardtail Pro

Both of these bikes feature lightweight carbon fiber frames. However, the latter comes with a 100mm suspension fork, which can absorb more vibrations during downhill rides, making it suitable for tackling rough and bumpy terrains.

Regarding the drivetrain components, both bikes use SRAM electronic versions. However, the former boasts higher-grade components, providing a lighter weight and superior performance.

In terms of braking components, they both feature SRAM hydraulic disc brakes. They offer reliable and powerful braking capabilities, making them trustworthy choices for brakes.

In summary, the components of the Orbea ALMA M LTD are more high-end, resulting in a lighter weight and swifter performance during uphill rides.

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Orbea ALMA M LTD vs. BMC Twostroke 01 ONE

BMC Twostroke 01 ONE
BMC Twostroke 01 ONE

Comparing these two bikes, the former is lighter overall, and its rigid frame makes climbing feel more agile. The latter boasts a 100mm suspension fork, which absorbs more shocks during downhill rides, providing added comfort.

When it comes to drivetrains, the former is equipped with the top-tier SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS, which surpasses the level of the SRAM GX Eagle AXS on the latter. Not only does it respond quicker, but it’s also lighter in weight.

In the end, between these two bikes, I’d prefer the lighter Orbea ALMA M LTD because its weight allows for faster riding and saves more energy.

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Comparing these two bikes, the latter one is equipped with a 100mm Fox Factory Float 32 suspension fork, which can handle more intense and complex terrain during downhill rides.

In terms of drivetrain components, the latter features Shimano XT M8100 components, known for their smooth and precise operation, and they belong to Shimano’s high-end mountain bike component lineup. The former, on the other hand, is equipped with the top-tier SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS, which is of a higher grade than the components on the latter, offering crisp and precise shifting.

Regarding the braking components, the former is equipped with SRAM Ultimate Carbon Black brakes, which provide a strong and immediate braking feel. The Shimano XT M8100 brakes on the latter feel more linear.

In conclusion, between these two bikes, the former is lighter, and its power transfer during pedaling is more direct. Additionally, it features higher-end components and top-tier specifications, which I prefer.

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Orbea ALMA M LTD vs. Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate
Cannondale Scalpel HT Hi-MOD Ultimate

These two bikes are both classic mountain bikes.

The latter one is characterized by its Cannondale Lefty Ocho Carbon fork, which is lightweight and offers 110mm of suspension travel, easily handling rough terrain.

Both bikes feature top-of-the-line SRAM electronic drivetrain components, known for their efficient power transfer and exceptional performance. In terms of braking components, both bikes also use SRAM’s high-end hydraulic disc brake components, delivering strong and reliable braking power.

In summary, these two bikes are top-tier mountain bikes. However, if the budget allows, the latter option is the better choice.

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The above is my review of the Orbea ALMA M LTD. In our opinion, it’s a nimble and agile mountain bike that offers an unparalleled climbing experience. That’s why we’ve given it a rating of 4.9.

Of course, if you’re interested in other mountain bikes, we review a wide range of bikes with various price points and unique features. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

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