Is Norco Scene 3 Splendid? – [Norco Scene 3 Review]

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Norco Scene 3 Review

  • Price: $759
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tire: 650B
  • Gear: 1×7

What we like about it: The variety of colors to choose from, the attractive design, and the comfortable riding experience.

What we don’t like about it: Some males may not prefer this type of hybrid bike.

Rating: (4.8/5)

Norco Scene 3
Norco Scene 3

The Norco Scene 3 is a relaxed and leisurely hybrid bike that makes cycling a breeze. The moment you hop on it, you unconsciously slow down your pace and fully immerse yourself in the scenery along the ride. In short, it’s a bike designed for relaxation.

In the following sections, we will analyze the riding experience, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Norco Scene 3.

Towards the end of this article, we will also compare it to a few top bicycle models. If you’re interested in more bike reviews, feel free to follow us.

Riding Experience

The Norco Scene 3 is a hybrid bike from the brand, equipped with 650B wheels. This allows for agile handling, although speed may not be the main focus for a hybrid bike.

It offers an upright riding position, a comfortable saddle, and ergonomic handlebar grips that cater to the human body.

To test its performance, I booked a ticket through Skyscanner to visit the picturesque town of Alexandria.

The roads there are mostly flat and smooth, with few potholes or steep uphill sections. The excellent road conditions make it an ideal location for exploring the Norco Scene 3.

Uphill and Downhill

When I rode the Norco Scene 3 on the uphill sections of the town, its aluminum frame and rigid front fork provided a sturdy feel without any noticeable loss of power, unlike a full-suspension mountain bike.

For the smaller inclines, the Norco Scene 3’s 36T chainring and 11-34T, 7-speed drivetrain made it easy for me to conquer those uphill segments.

Additionally, the entry-level Shimano Altus derailleur performed reliably, offering simple shifting and easy maintenance. In no time, I had conquered the uphill stretch.

After reaching the top of the hill, I enjoyed a long descent. Indeed, the comfort during downhill rides was excellent. Although the bike doesn’t have a suspension system, the Kenda Kwick Seven5 2.2-inch tires provided some vibration absorption on the road.

Furthermore, the Norco Scene 3 features the Tektro MD-M280 Mechanical Disc brake system, which is superior to many rim brake designs found on hybrid bikes.

I didn’t have to worry about reduced braking efficiency due to overheating during long descents. Even in wet weather, the brake discs performed well.

Lastly, I appreciated the bike’s ability to keep me in an upright riding position. Even after a long ride, I didn’t experience any lower back discomfort, and the upright riding posture allowed for better control of the bike.

Flat Road

The Norco Scene 3 is truly designed for leisurely rides on flat terrain. With its 1×7-speed drivetrain, 36T chainring, and 11-34T freewheel, it’s not built for high speeds, allowing me to focus more on the beautiful scenery along the road.

The Norco comfort saddle with Elastomers provides some suspension beneath it, ensuring a smoother ride over small bumps.

The Scene Aluminum handlebar, measuring 660mm with a 60mm rise and 30-degree backsweep, allows me to sit upright on the Norco Scene 3 and comfortably control the bike.

Overall, the Norco Scene 3 is indeed a hybrid bike that is perfect for leisurely outings, offering a lightweight and comfortable riding experience.


The Norco Scene 3 is available in four sizes, ranging from S to XL, and comes in four different color options. The frame features smooth welds at the joints, giving it a sleek appearance.

The Norco Scene 3 incorporates internal cable routing, providing a more streamlined look, and the noise-dampening treatment on the cable housing prevents any rattling during rides.

Furthermore, the Norco Scene 3 offers multiple mounting points, allowing for the installation of a rear fender rack.

The downtube also has provisions for attaching a water bottle cage, and the front fork can accommodate front cargo racks.

This highlights the bike’s impressive load-carrying capacity, making it suitable for long-distance rides.

Lastly, the Norco Scene 3 features a quick-release wheel design, which greatly facilitates tire replacement in case of a flat. Additionally, the built-in kickstand eliminates the need to search for a support point when parking the bicycle.


Other Versions

The Norco Scene 3 is a comfortable hybrid bike that provides a great riding experience. However, its 1×7-speed drivetrain may limit its speed and uphill performance on steeper roads.

Therefore, we have found hybrid bikes with higher speeds that offer the same upright riding posture and comfortable riding experience.

Norco Scene 2

Norco Scene 2

Compared to the Norco Scene 3, the Norco Scene 2 shares the same aluminum frame with internal cable routing and the same wheel size, ensuring a strong load-carrying capacity for both bikes.

The main difference between these two models lies in their drivetrain systems. The Norco Scene 2 features a Shimano Altus FC-M311, 48/38/28T chainring paired with a Shimano CS-HG31, 11-32T, 8-speed freewheel.

This gives the Norco Scene 2 a wider gear range (3×8-speed), allowing you to use the large chainring for faster speeds and the small chainring for uphill climbs.

The difference in drivetrains makes the Norco Scene 2 more suitable for longer-distance rides compared to the Norco Scene 3’s drivetrain (1×7-speed).

Both models utilize the same brake and tire components, offering similar performance.

Choosing between these two bikes depends on your specific needs. If you want to ride longer distances, the Norco Scene 2 is a better option.

However, if you’re primarily using the bike for daily commuting and leisurely outings, the Norco Scene 3 is already sufficient.

Next, we will provide detailed specifications for the Norco Scene 3 and present similar hybrid bikes from other brands in a similar price range for your reference.

What do we like about it?

  • Multiple frame sizes and color options are available for this bike.
  • Clean appearance with internal cable routing and smooth welds.
  • Comfortable geometry that promotes an upright riding posture and prevents discomfort during long rides.
  • Built-in kickstand, allowing for convenient parking anywhere.
  • Shock-absorbing saddle enhances riding comfort while providing adequate support.
  • Ample mounting points for accessories, enabling longer rides and greater load capacity.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Some male riders may not prefer its aesthetics.


  • What kind of wheelset does this bike use?

The front wheelset is Alloy, Weather Sealed, 9x100mm, 6 Bolt. The rear wheelset is Alloy, Weather Sealed, 10x135mm, HG, 6 Bolt.

  • What kind of person is this bike suitable for riding?

It is suitable for everyone, whether they are beginners or experienced riders.

  • How do I choose the right size for Norco Shore 2?

Here we have a size chart for you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be according to this standard, and the best way to find the most suitable size is to try it out.

Rider heightSIZE

Norco Scene 3 Specs


FrameAluminum Step-Thru, Smooth Welds, Internal Calbles, Fender Mounts
BB Standard: BSA, Threaded
Colors: Sunburst Yellow; Brown / Copper; Wet Cement; Blue
ForkHi-Tensile Steel
Bottom BracketCartridge Bearing, BSA Threaded
HeadsetZero-Stack Internal Semi-Cartridge Bearing
StemAluminum, 70mm Length (S, M), 80mm (L, XL), 31.8mm Clamp
HandlebarAluminum, 70mm Length (S, M), 80mm (L, XL), 31.8mm Clamp
SaddleNorco Comfort Saddle with Elastomers
SeatpostAluminum, 27.2mm
PedalsCity, Black
GripsDual Density Ergonomic


Rear DerailleurShimano Altus RD-M310
CrankAluminum, 36T, 165mm (S), 170mm (M, L, XL)
ShiftersShimano Altus SL-M310
Cassette11-34T, 7 Speed
ChainKMC Z7
BrakesTektro MD-M280 Mechanical Disc
Brake LeversAlloy 2-Finger, Reach Adjust


RimsDouble Wall Aluminum, 27.5″
Front HubAlloy, Weather Sealed, 9x100mm, 6 Bolt
Rear HubAlloy, Weather Sealed, 10x135mm, HG, 6 Bolt
TiresKenda Kwick Seven5 2.2″
Disk RotorsTektro 160mm

Comparison Table

BicyclesClick viewDrivetrainFrame materialBrakeWheels
Trek FX 1 Disc StaggerClick view2 × 8AluminumMechanical Disc700c Aluminum
Giant Roam Disc 3Click view2 × 8AluminumHydraulic Disc700c Aluminum
Co-op CTY 2.1Click view2 × 8AluminumHydraulic Disc700c Aluminum
Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step ThroughClick view2 × 7AluminumMechanical Disc700c Aluminum

Norco Scene 3 vs Trek FX 1 Disc Stagger

Trek FX 1 Disc Stagger
Trek FX 1 Disc Stagger

These two bikes are both hybrid bicycles. However, they have completely different focuses.

From the geometry of the latter, it is evident that it prioritizes speed. It features a Forged alloy 46/30T chainring and Shimano HG31 11-32T 8-speed freewheel.

With its 2×8-speed drivetrain and 700x35c wheelset, it is faster and more suitable for uphill climbs compared to the former.

However, the Norco Scene 3 offers an upright riding posture, along with ergonomically designed saddle and handlebar grips, making it a more comfortable ride than the latter.

Finally, both bikes are equipped with mechanical disc brakes, providing impressive braking power. Additionally, they both feature multiple mounting points on the frame.

Choosing between these two bikes is straightforward. If you prioritize higher efficiency and speed, go for the Trek FX 1 Disc Stagger. If you prefer a comfortable riding posture, the Norco Scene 3 would be a better fit.

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Norco Scene 3 vs Giant Roam Disc 3

Giant Roam Disc 3
Giant Roam Disc 3

When comparing these two bikes, the latter has higher specifications, and therefore, it also comes with a higher price.

As a hybrid bicycle, the Roam Disc 3 features a front fork with 63mm of suspension travel. This gives it an advantage when tackling rougher road surfaces compared to the former.

In terms of the drivetrain, the latter offers a 2×8-speed setup, which provides better performance in terms of speed and uphill riding.

However, the Norco Scene 3 offers a more upright riding posture, making it more comfortable for longer rides than the Giant Roam Disc 3. Additionally, I like the saddle on the former—it’s genuinely plush, like a sofa.

In terms of braking, the hydraulic disc brakes used in the Giant Roam Disc 3 offer more reliability compared to the mechanical disc brakes of the Norco Scene 3. They are less prone to a decrease in braking power due to cable aging.

If you prefer a more aggressive hybrid bike with a sportier feel, then the Giant Roam Disc 3 is the choice for you. If you don’t want to spend more money and prioritize comfort, then Norco Scene 3 is the better option.

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Norco Scene 3 vs Co-op CTY 2.1

Co-op CTY 2.1
Co-op CTY 2.1

The Co-op CTY 2.1 and the Giant bike mentioned earlier belong to the same category. It also features a 63mm suspension travel front fork.

Additionally, it is equipped with a Shimano 46/30T chainring and a Shimano Altus, 11-34T freewheel. This gives it an advantage in terms of cruising on flat roads compared to the Norco Scene 3.

However, the Co-op CTY 2.1 does not have the same internal cable routing design as the Norco Scene 3.

In terms of appearance, it doesn’t have the same clean and streamlined feel as the former.

External cables can easily accumulate dirt and are not easy to clean during everyday riding.

Furthermore, the Co-op CTY 2.1 has slightly smaller wheels compared to the Norco Scene 3.

While it may not be as efficient in terms of cruising speed on rough terrain, it offers greater agility and maneuverability.

Additionally, the wider tires on the Co-op CTY 2.1 significantly reduce the risk of tire punctures compared to the latter.

Norco Scene 3 vs Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through

Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through
Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through

They are two similar bikes. From the geometry of both bikes, it’s evident that they are designed to provide a comfortable riding position.

However, there are still some small differences between them. The Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through features a 2×7-speed drivetrain, offering slightly different pedaling efficiency compared to the 1×7-speed drivetrain of the Norco Scene 3.

In terms of wheels, the Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through has larger diameter wheels, which allows for faster cruising on flat roads compared to the Norco Scene 3.

However, the Norco Scene 3’s 2.2-inch tires are more versatile and suitable for a variety of road surfaces, providing some shock absorption as well.

Lastly, the Norco Scene 3’s suspension seatpost provides a more comfortable ride compared to the Specialized Crossroads 2.0 Step Through. However, the latter’s suspended seatpost offers better absorption of larger shocks.

When it comes to choosing between these two bikes, it can be a difficult decision. I prefer the riding experience offered by the Norco Scene 3.


Above is our ride review of the Norco Scene 3. In our opinion, it is a hybrid bike designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for everyone. That’s why we gave it a rating of 4.8.

Of course, if you’re interested in learning about other hybrid bikes, we also review a wide range of bikes at various price points, making it an exciting read. Feel free to check out our other reviews.

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