Is It The Rising Star? – Exploring Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles

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We’ve reviewed Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles for your reference.

Today, “low-carbon living,” “green transportation,” “sustainability,” “new energy,” and other topics have become popular in society. In my opinion, electric bicycles are the perfect combination of these themes.

With their electric power-assist system, they offer riders more possibilities, allowing cycling enthusiasts to effortlessly navigate city streets. Riders who enjoy mountain biking can also benefit from the added power to conquer challenging off-road terrain.

Yes, electric bicycles are rapidly capturing the hearts of every cyclist. They are not just a means of transportation but also the best companions for exploring the world.

Recently, Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles caught my attention within my cycling community. To satisfy my curiosity, I conducted a series of evaluations and research on the brand’s existing four electric bicycles.

Vrnpowers currently offers four electric bicycles, each demonstrating great sincerity in terms of their design and component configurations.

In the following analysis, we will explore the riding experience, key features, components, and specifications of Vrnpowers’ four electric bicycles. If you want to learn more about bicycle reviews, feel free to follow us.

PS: We did not conduct the test rides for these four bicycles on the same day.

Vrnpowers Recommended Models

BikesPriceMotor BrakesTires
City Vanture $1699 350W pedal-assist rear hub motor  Tektro® Hydraulic Disc Brakes 700c×28C
Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae  $1999 750W 85 N·m BAFANG® LOGAN® Mechanical Disc Brakes  26″ × 4.0″
Vrnpowers R7 $1299 High-Performance Brushless Rear-Hub Motor Tektro® Hydraulic Disc Brakes 700C×28C
Retro e-bik Seine $2699 BAFANG® 500W Mid-Drive Motor Tektro® Hydraulic Disc Brakes 700C×40C

City Vanture

City Vanture
Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles – City Vanture
  • Price: $1699
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Net Weight: 34.17 lbs
  • What we like about it: Attractive frame construction, lightweight and efficient riding experience, and wide range of color options.
  • What we don’t like about it: In my opinion, it may struggle with slopes and rough terrain.

If you judge solely based on its appearance, you wouldn’t think this bike is an electric bicycle. Not only is it incredibly lightweight at just 34.17 lbs, but initially, I didn’t even notice where the battery was housed.

To explore the uniqueness of its frame design, we obtained an unassembled unit. During the assembly process, I discovered that its battery is cleverly concealed within the bike’s frame tubing.

Moreover, its frame assembly utilizes the ancient and mysterious Chinese architectural structure called “mortise and tenon.” It’s worth noting that buildings constructed with this mortise and tenon structure in ancient China have stood for centuries without the use of a single nail.

Vrnpowers City Vanture combines this unique craftsmanship with modern technology, showcasing not only innovation but also fusion. Additionally, Vrnpowers provides a complete set of tools and a detailed user manual, showing their thoughtfulness. Furthermore, I noticed that this bike has passed 25 quality inspections, so I have no concerns about its safety. After quickly completing the installation, we were ready for a ride to experience whether it could deliver the desired cycling performance.

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path

Once assembled, we embarked on an urban exploration. We rode along the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path in New York. As we know, this bridge holds historical significance and offers not only beautiful scenery but also a surface consisting mostly of wooden planks and asphalt.

While the overall terrain is mostly flat, I considered the need for cautious riding due to the large number of pedestrians and fellow cyclists on the bridge. Additionally, given the recent weather conditions, there might be wind on the bridge, requiring me to exert more effort.

Riding Experience

In fact, with its 350W pedal-assist rear hub motor, the Vrnpowers City Vanture allowed me to swiftly and easily pass through the bridge, surpassing most of my fellow riders.

Furthermore, the easier-to-handle Promax® Aluminum Alloy flat handlebar, coupled with the typical road bike head tube angle of up to 74°, made my maneuvers exceptionally smooth and responsive, enabling me to navigate through the crowds with ease.

Additionally, the IP66 Waterproof TFT Colored LCD Display provided clear and concise information about my ride after an extended cycling session, eliminating concerns about insufficient battery charge during the journey.

Is that all? This Vrnpowers City Vanture’s All-in-One Motor, Sensor, and Controller reduce the complexity of traditional motors, sensors, and controllers, enhancing efficiency. The control is also precise, making it easier for me to ride.

It’s worth mentioning that this bike features a Gates® CDN™ Carbon Drive™ Belt, replacing the traditional chain drive. This carbon fiber belt drive is smoother, more efficient, and more durable. Unlike a traditional chain, it doesn’t require lubrication or metal components, making the drivetrain cleaner and eliminating the need to deal with dirt, grease, or dust, significantly reducing maintenance work.

Moreover, during my ride across the bridge, this drivetrain produced no traditional chain friction or noise, allowing me to pass quietly and smoothly.

Battery Expansion

Of course, if you need more power, there’s no need to worry. The Vrnpowers City Vanture not only comes with its built-in concealed downtube battery but also offers the option to install an Additional Battery.

With the Additional Battery installed, when the Vrnpowers City Vanture detects insufficient charge in the primary battery, it automatically links to the extended battery. Adding just 2.5 kg of weight extends the range from the original 50 miles to approximately 80 miles. This is more than enough for a relaxed and enjoyable weekend cycling trip.

In conclusion, the Vrnpowers City Vanture is a highly cost-effective electric bicycle, both in terms of its design and performance.

Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae

Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae
Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles – Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae
  • Price: $1999
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Net Weight: 31 kg
  • What we like about it: Powerful fat tire off-road mountain bike for challenging and exhilarating rides.
  • What we don’t like about it: The relatively larger weight can be a hindrance.

After experiencing the Vrnpowers City Vanture, we couldn’t miss out on the Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae. The Manidae is a completely different type of bike compared to the Vanture.

At first glance, it may appear to be a reassuring “big beast.” However, when riding, you’ll find that it only looks slightly bulky. But once you start riding, you’ll feel excited by its agility and reliability.

Riding Experience

By chance, I had to travel to Florida. So I took the opportunity to pack up the Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae, booked my flight on Skyscanner, and reserved a hotel with IHG Hotels & Resorts, intending to explore Tallahassee and go for a ride at St. Marks Island State Park.


After finishing my work, I eagerly headed to Tallahassee with my partner, Eve. Our destination was St. Marks Island State Park, known for its beach bike paths loved by many fat tire bike enthusiasts.

I had prepared and learned that I could ride on the park’s beaches, as well as choose from the paved roads and nature trails within the park. The beach surface is relatively soft, but it posed no problem for me.

Beach Riding

With the basic knowledge in mind, I stepped onto the pedals of the Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae. I must say that the downward-sloping top tube is friendly to riders with a smaller stature. As I settled onto the saddle, I realized that maintaining an upright riding position was effortless. This feature greatly relieved pressure on my lower back during the long ride.

Riding on the beach at St. Marks Island State Park can be a significant challenge for many regular bicycles. However, with the Manidae equipped with Kenda® 26″ × 4.0″ Fat Tires, it was no issue at all. The large tire size allowed me to feel how firmly it gripped the road surface during the ride. The raised knobs added to its traction, and I experienced no slipping whatsoever.

After passing through the beach, I moved on to the park’s paved roads. Thanks to the 95mm travel RST® suspension fork and wide tires, I didn’t feel any harshness from the road surface. On the contrary, with the support of the Selle Royal saddle, I experienced a comfortable ride.

Yes, during the long ride, I didn’t feel much fatigue. Instead, I wanted to prolong my journey due to the beautiful scenery along the way.

Is that all? – Component Features

After completing this cycling adventure, I became enamored with this bike.

In addition to the mentioned component features, the Thumb Throttle stood out. This design enhanced my riding experience, allowing me to adjust my speed at any time.

You may have noticed that I relied very little on my physical strength during the ride, almost exclusively utilizing its electric power. With a powerful 650W battery, my riding distance increased significantly.

Not only does it have high energy storage, but the battery is also removable and rechargeable, making it convenient for charging at home.

Furthermore, if you enjoy carrying essential items for longer camping trips, the Fat Tire e-Bike Manidae can be equipped with a compact rear rack. This durable and lightweight rack fits perfectly with the bicycle.

Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles -

However, one thing to note is that this bike has a front headlight but lacks a rear light. For better safety during nighttime rides, in my experience, it’s advisable to install a rear light to make yourself more visible to those behind you and avoid any potential accidents.

Indeed, one of the appealing aspects of this bike is its price, which is affordable for most families, considering its excellent performance.

Vrnpowers R7

Vrnpowers R7
Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles – Vrnpowers R7
  • Price: $1299
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Net Weight: 17 kg
  • What we like about it: Stylish and minimalist appearance, relatively lightweight, making your daily commute simple, fast, and enjoyable!
  • What we don’t like about it: Limited color options.

To be honest, when I saw this bike, it immediately reminded me of the Vrnpowers City Vanture. Upon closer inspection, I found that the R7 doesn’t differ much from the City Vanture in terms of component configuration. However, the City Vanture offers the option to add a battery for an extended range and has a wider range of color choices.

But if you’re looking for a bike primarily for daily commuting and are not too concerned about color options, getting the R7 at a lower price for a similar riding experience and performance would be a great choice in my opinion.

Of course, my opinion is not without factual basis; it comes from experience.

Riding Experience

This time, I didn’t venture far; it was just my daily commute. With the support of the LG Cell Lithium-Ion Downtube Battery, which provides a range of 80 kilometers, I didn’t have to worry about running out of battery during my workday. Even if your commute is longer, it only takes 2 to 3 hours to charge, so it won’t significantly impact your time.

While its fork is rigid, the comfortable integrated saddle reduced pressure on my hips when riding over some rough sections of the road.

I must say, while waiting at traffic lights, riding this bike drew inquiries from many people. When they found out that I paid less than $1500 for it, they were quite surprised. The bike has a high-end look, which makes it appear much more expensive.

Honestly, I understand their surprise! After all, the R7 offers impressive features such as its battery range, Gates® Carbon Belt Drive, and Tektro® Hydraulic Disc Brakes, which one would expect to come with a higher price tag.

Furthermore, its backlit LCD display allows for clear visibility of all the necessary information at any time of the day.

In conclusion, the R7 is a bike somewhat similar to the City Vanture. Regardless of your choice, both bikes offer great value for money. If you like them and have the budget, you might even consider getting both bikes for different purposes.

Retro e-Bike Seine

Retro e-Bike Seine
Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles – Retro e-Bike Seine
  • Price: $2699
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Net Weight: 27 kg
  • What we like about it: Design without a top tube for easier mounting and dismounting, high-quality motor for a stable and smooth ride.
  • What we don’t like about it: The long battery range may not be ideal for riders who prefer bike exercise.

If it weren’t for my relatively thorough experience with Vrnpowers’ previous bikes, this one probably wouldn’t have caught my attention. Neither the color design nor the overall appearance aligns with my preferences. However, as a seasoned rider, I won’t let these factors deter me from evaluating this bike.

I’m glad I didn’t let personal preferences get in the way of experiencing this bike because it truly surprised me. As I needed to travel to my grandmother’s house frequently during this time, and driving wasn’t a convenient option, I happened to have the Retro e-Bike Seine on hand.

Riding Experience

The route to my grandmother’s house isn’t entirely paved with concrete or asphalt; there are sections with gravel and country dirt roads. Additionally, due to recent rainfall, I anticipated encountering muddy conditions.

In reality, none of the difficulties I was concerned about actually occurred. The Retro e-Bike Seine, equipped with 700C × 40C Kenda® tires, rolled smoothly over the gravel roads. The 40C tire width and unique tread pattern provided excellent traction on muddy surfaces. Furthermore, the design of the front and rear fenders kept the bike mostly clean.

I was able to make three round trips on a single charge. Its battery range is exceptional at this price level, and it can reach speeds of up to 26 miles per hour. The Shimano® Deore 10-speed transmission system allowed me to quickly switch to the appropriate gear when facing variable terrain. It’s worth mentioning that the KMC® rust-resistant chain allowed me to confidently traverse the muddy terrain.

During the ride, I encountered some small slopes. But with skill and the Chunma® hydraulic suspension fork of the Seine, I was able to maneuver smoothly over them without significant vibrations.

Is that all?

Not at all. The highly responsive BAFANG® LCD display made it easy for riders to monitor their riding conditions.

Furthermore, if you’re not a fan of keeping your phone in a bag or your pocket, the handlebar-mounted phone holder would be a convenient feature for you. Additionally, the design with a front basket allows you to carry items, and the front light illuminates the path ahead.

Moreover, the Tektro® HD-M285 hydraulic brakes performed exceptionally well during my ride, offering responsiveness and stopping immediately.

In conclusion, during my riding experience, the Retro e-Bike Seine proved to be a reliable companion. At its price range, I believe it offers excellent value for money.

Related Questions

  • Range
  • Design and appearance
  • Quality and durability
  • Safety

Based on our data survey, these are some of the questions that many riders have regarding electric bicycles. To address these concerns, I have combined my personal experience with some questionnaire results to provide the following answers, hoping they will be helpful.

Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles


Range refers to the maximum distance a bicycle can cover on a single charge. This is a significant consideration for many riders as it relates to the purpose of using the bicycle.

In my personal experience, a bike with a longer range is a better choice. Longer range capabilities provide greater convenience and flexibility.

Flexibility and Convenience

As an outdoor enthusiast, I tend to prefer electric bicycles with longer-range capabilities. This allows me to choose more remote locations for camping without worrying about running out of battery power along the way. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone needs a bike with a powerful range. After all, bikes with longer-range capabilities generally have heavier batteries in normal circumstances.

Therefore, if you want a bike that can take you on long rides while also providing an opportunity for physical exercise, you can consider the City Vanture and Vrnpowers R7 mentioned above. Despite having sufficient range, they are not bulky in weight. On the contrary, their unique design allows for greater flexibility and the ability to switch to pedal mode when needed, providing an opportunity for users who want to stay fit.

Furthermore, even as a city commuter, an electric bike is easier to navigate through narrow alleys, maneuver around traffic congestion, and find parking spots compared to cars. This convenience is one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing electric bicycles.

Design and Appearance

Are there significant differences in appearance between electric bicycles and regular bicycles? In my opinion, the placement of the motor and the display screen on an electric bicycle is the biggest distinction from a regular bicycle. Therefore, in terms of design, I prefer a sleek and clean look.

The City Vanture from Vrnpowers mentioned above perfectly matches my aesthetic preferences. It has a highly practical design while also being visually appealing. This is particularly true for a city bike. In my past experiences, I have also tried a full-suspension electric bike, the 2023 Canyo Spectral:ON CFR. Its streamlined design and visually striking appearance allowed me to showcase my skills on endurance race tracks. However, the only drawback I felt was that the placement of the motor was quite prominent, but this is often unavoidable.

Therefore, when it comes to the design and appearance of bicycles, everyone has different opinions.

Quality and Durability

Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles

As a consumer, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and durability of a product. Although Vrnpowers is a relatively new brand, each of their bicycles has passed official testing and obtained certification, making them reliable in terms of quality.

Moreover, based on my firsthand experience, I am impressed with their solid build quality. Additionally, they utilize mortise and tenon joints in their bicycle construction, which is a breakthrough. The frame material, 6061 aluminum alloy, not only offers durability but also avoids adding unnecessary weight. This provides stability and comfort during rides.

It is worth mentioning that Vrnpowers offers a warranty of up to 6 years, covering 25 components. This is a reliable commitment.


Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles

When riding, it is essential to abide by traffic rules and, to ensure personal safety, wearing a helmet is a basic requirement. So, when it comes to electric bicycles, what safety aspects should we consider?

One concern is waterproofing and rust resistance. In hot weather conditions, it is crucial to ensure the safety of the battery. Overall, it is important to evaluate whether the bike can perform optimally in different environments.

Waterproofing and rust resistance are major concerns for many users. When it comes to electric bicycles, users have higher expectations and prefer those manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and rigorous production processes.

Additionally, battery life and performance are critical for electric bicycles as the battery is a key component. Batteries can generate heat during extended periods of high load or charging, which can pose risks. Manufacturers typically take necessary measures to address this, such as installing heat sinks or using high-quality battery management systems to monitor and control battery temperature.

Regarding these concerns, the tested bicycles mentioned above have performed well. In terms of waterproofing and rust resistance, the high-quality aluminum frame and the Gates® CDN™ Carbon Drive™ Belt transmission used in the Vrnpowers City Vanture are effective in preventing rust.

Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles


I have been exploring new ways of commuting, transitioning from four-wheeled fuel-powered cars to bicycles, and I intend to continue using bicycles for transportation.

Both modes of transportation have their pros and cons. Cars offer convenience and speed, but rising fuel prices and environmental pollution have made me realize that it is not the ideal choice. Cycling aligns more with my desire for “green transportation,” but as someone who needs to commute long distances, my physical stamina is not sufficient for such journeys.

The emergence of electric bicycles has greatly addressed this issue for me. They are not only convenient but also agile, allowing me to navigate through cities more freely. Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles just meet the needs of people like me.

Is that all? Electric applications are not limited to urban commuting alone. Electric-assisted full suspension, hardtail mountain bikes, fat-tire bikes, and various other types of bicycles are increasingly incorporating electric features. This blurs the boundaries of traditional bicycles, enabling versatility and providing more choices for ordinary riders.

I hope the above review of Vrnpowers Electric Bicycles can be helpful to you. Thanks for your reading and support!

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