Is Knolly Fugitive 138 XT Worth Buying? – [Knolly Fugitive 138 XT Review]

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Knolly Fugitive 138 XT Review

  • Price: $6699
  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Wheels: 29″ Aluminum
  • Gear: 1×12

What we like about it: Great for falling geometry.

What we didn’t like about it: The seat angle was a little slack.

Rating (4.8/5)

Knolly Fugitive 138 XT
Knolly Fugitive 138 XT

Knolly Bikes is a Canadian-based company that has been producing high-quality mountain bikes since 2004. Founded by Noel Buckley, Knolly has a strong reputation for manufacturing bikes that are designed to perform at the highest level of the sport, with a focus on innovative suspension design and exceptional manufacturing quality. The Knolly Fugitive series is a prime example of the company’s dedication to excellence. Each iteration of this bike builds on the last to create a machine that can handle even the most challenging terrain with ease.

The Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a full-suspension mountain bike designed to handle a wide range of terrain, from fast and flowy singletrack to technical descents and rough forest roads. This bike features 138mm of rear wheel travel and a 160mm travel RockShox Pike fork, making it ideal for riders who demand the highest levels of suspension performance and control. The Fugitive 138 XT also comes equipped with a Shimano XT 1×12 drivetrain, SRAM Guide RE brakes, and a KS Lev Integra dropper seatpost, making it a versatile and capable machine that can handle any challenge on the mountain. Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for new challenges or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoors, the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is the perfect choice for riders who want a bike that can keep up with their ambitions.

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Riding Experience

As a professional endurance mountain bike rider, I have had the opportunity to test some of the best bikes on the market. I can confidently say that the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is one of the best machines out there, capable of tackling technical terrain with speed and precision. Before the race started, I also booked accommodation on Skyscanner, so I could rest well and be prepared for the biking race the next day.

Race One

The most memorable ride I had on the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT was at the 2019 Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy. The course mixed steep descents, rocky technical sections, and fast-flowing singletrack, and the Fugitive handled it all with ease.

As I approached a particularly steep rocky section, I could feel the impact of the rocks on the suspension system. But the bike never bottomed out or felt unstable. The combination of a carbon fiber frame, 138mm of rear wheel travel, and a 160mm travel RockShox Pike fork provided an incredibly smooth ride that allowed me to maintain speed and momentum even on the roughest terrain.

Race 2

Another true demonstration of the capabilities of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT was during a trip to Squamish, British Columbia, where I decided to tackle a particularly challenging route involving some mountain descents. This required me to hike up to the summit, strap the bike to my backpack, and slide down the cliffs before I could get back on the bike. Once back on the bike, I immediately noticed the benefits of the Fugitive’s comfortable downhill geometry.

The bike felt incredibly stable, with a low center of gravity that allowed me to maintain control even when accelerating on steep technical terrain. As I rode through rocky turns and steep descents, I could feel the suspension system absorbing the impact of rocks and roots, keeping me on the right trajectory and giving me the confidence to push my limits.

Overall, the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a top-of-the-line off-road mountain bike designed for the highest level of the sport. With advanced suspension systems, comfortable geometry, and high-end components, this bike is perfect for riders who demand the best in speed, precision, and control. Whether you’re competing in risky enduro or just looking to push yourself to the limit on mountain trails, the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a machine that can help you achieve your goals and take your riding to the next level.


The Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a high-performance off-road mountain bike with premium manufacturing configurations. The 6066 aluminum frame is lightweight and features custom titanium hardware, providing durability and strength while maintaining a low weight. The bike is equipped with a Fox Float 36 Grip2 Factory front fork and Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock, offering a unique suspension system that can handle the roughest terrain with ease.

The Shimano XT groupset, featuring a 12-speed rear derailleur and 30T crankset, provides smooth and precise shifting. Meanwhile, the Shimano XT 4-piston M8120 brake system offers excellent stopping power and control. The bike is available with either Spank Oozy Trail 345 HEX or RaceFace Aeffect R 30 Trace wheels, both paired with Maxxis DHF 29″ 2.5″ tires for outstanding traction and grip. Overall, the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a high-performance extreme sports mountain bike designed to provide a top-level riding experience for serious riders.

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What do we like about it?

  • DURABLE: KHS’ VITAMIN A bike is built to last, with a sturdy steel fork and a durable aluminum frame.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: This bike requires minimal maintenance, making it an affordable and practical choice.
  • Comfort: This bike is designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring handlebars, suspension and a padded seat for a comfortable ride.
  • HYBRID: The KHS VITAMIN A bike is a hybrid, meaning it combines the benefits of a traditional bike and an electric bike.
  • Reasonable price: The KHS VITAMIN A is very competitively priced compared to many other hybrid bikes on the market.
  • Efficient: The hybrid system makes this bike more efficient than conventional bikes, allowing riders to go further with less effort.
  • Versatile: The KHS VITAMIN A can handle all kinds of terrain, from city streets to dirt roads.
  • Lightweight: Despite its durable construction, this bike is still relatively light, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Environmentally friendly: The hybrid system on this bike produces fewer emissions than a traditional gas-powered vehicle, making it a more environmentally friendly transportation option.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Riding angle: The seat angle is a bit slack.


  • What is the weight of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike?

The bike weighs about 25 pounds.

  • Does the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike come with a warranty?

Yes, the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on parts.

  • Can the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike be used off-road?

While the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike is suitable for riding on gravel and dirt roads, it is not designed for heavy trail riding.

  • Can the handlebars of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike be adjusted?

Yes, the handlebars of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike can be adjusted to fit the rider’s preferred riding position.

  • What is the size range of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT bike?

It is suitable for riders between 5 feet 0 inches and 6 feet 3 inches in height.

Knolly Fugitive 138 XT Specs


Frame6066 Aluminum, Custom Titanium Hardware
BB Standard: BSA, 73mm, Threaded
Colors: Raw; Tequila Sunrise; Moss Green; Anodized Black
ForkFox Float 36 Grip2 Factory 150mm, 44mm offset
Rear ShockFox Float X2 Factory Series 185×55, CL RM
Bottom BracketShimano XT MT800 BSA
HeadsetFSA Orbit ZS44/56
StemRaceFace Aeffect R 35mm x 40mm
HandlebarRaceFace Next R 35mm x 800mm, 20mm Rise
SaddleChromag Lynx DT
SeatpostSDG Tellis 170mm, 31.6
GripsChromag Basis Black


Rear DerailleurShimano XT M8100 12spd, Shadow Plus
CrankShimano XT M8130 30T, 170mm
ShiftersShimano XT 12spd M8100 (I-Spec EV)
CassetteShimano XT M8100 12spd, 10-51T, Hyperglide+
ChainShimano XT M8100
BrakesShimano XT 4 Piston M8120


RimsSpank Oozy Trail 345 HEX 32h J-Bend (MS) OR RaceFace Aeffect R 30 Trace 28h J-Bend (MS)
TiresMaxxis DHF 29″ 2.5″ 3C Maxx Terra EXO
Disk RotorsShimano XT 203mm / 180mm (6-Bolt) SM-RT76


Comparison Table

BicyclesClick ViewDrivetrainFrame materialGroupset
Canyon Neuron CF 9 SLClick View1×12 electronicCarbon FiberSram GX Eagle AXS, X1
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XTClick View1×12Carbon FiberShimano XT
Ibis Ripley V4S X01Click View1×12Carbon FiberSram X01 Eagle
Yeti SB130 C1Click View1×12Carbon FiberShimano SLX

Knolly Fugitive 138 XT vs Canyon Neuron CF 9 SL

Canyon Neuron CF 9 SL
Canyon Neuron CF 9 SL

When comparing the Canyon Neuron CF 9 SL to the Lindo Trail mountain bike, one of the main differences is the wheelset. the Lindo Trail uses a 29-inch wheelset, while the Neuron CF 9 SL has a combination of 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheelsets. the Neuron also has a higher-end Fox Factory Float The Neuron also has a higher-end Fox Factory Float 34 fork, while the Lindo Trail uses a Fox Factory Float 36.

In terms of the drivetrain, both bikes use 1×12 gears. However, the Neuron CF 9 SL uses the Sram GX Eagle AXS and X1 electronic shift kit. And Lindo Trail uses Shimano XT 1×12 gearing kit. In addition, the Neuron CF 9 SL uses a carbon fiber wheelset, which helps reduce weight. Overall, while both bikes are top-of-the-line trail bikes, the Neuron CF 9 SL offers a higher-end and technologically advanced package, while the Lindo Trail offers a more straightforward and reliable option.

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Knolly Fugitive 138 XT vs Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT

The Knolly Fugitive 138 XT is a full-suspension trail bike designed to be versatile and efficient on technical terrain. It shares many features with the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT, also a full-suspension trail bike with a 29-inch wheelset and Shimano XT 1×12 shift kit. However, the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT comes with a RockShox Pike Select fork. This is a more advanced and adjustable suspension system than the Fox Factory Float 36 fork on the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT. In addition, the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT has a carbon fiber wheelset. It provides better stiffness and reduced weight compared to the alloy wheelset on the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT.

Both are good choices for riders looking for a high-performance, full-suspension trail bike. the Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT may be a better choice for riders who prioritize suspension adjustability and weight reduction. The Knolly Fugitive 138 XT, on the other hand, may be more appealing to riders looking for a versatile, all-around bike that can handle technical terrain with ease.

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Knolly Fugitive 138 XT vs Ibis Ripley V4S X01

Ibis Ripley V4S X01
Ibis Ripley V4S X01

The Ibis Ripley V4S X01 and the bikes mentioned above are both full-suspension trail bikes and have many similarities. However, the Ibis Ripley V4S X01 has an advantage over the bikes mentioned above. This is because it features the Sram X01 Eagle 1×12 shift kit, which offers a wider range of gears and more precise gear changes. This is especially beneficial for riders who like to tackle steep climbs and technical trails. On the other hand, this bike also uses a 29-inch wheelset and Fox Factory Float 36 fork. This makes it more suitable for aggressive riding styles.

Another difference between these two bikes is their frame material. the Ibis Ripley V4S X01 has a carbon fiber frame, which is known for its lightness and stiffness, which enhances its overall performance. On the other hand, the bike features an aluminum frame, which strikes a balance between durability and affordability. While both materials have their pros and cons, the Ibis Ripley V4S X01’s carbon fiber frame gives it an advantage over the aforementioned bikes in terms of weight and stiffness.

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Knolly Fugitive 138 XT vs Yeti SB130 C1

Yeti SB130 C1
Yeti SB130 C1

The Yeti SB130 C1 and this bike share many similarities as both are full-suspension mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels and 150mm of front suspension. However, the rear suspension on the Yeti SB130 C1 is 130mm, slightly shorter than the 138mm on this bike, which may make it more nimble to handle. The Fox Performance Float 36 front fork on the Yeti is a step down from the Fox Factory Float 36 on this bike, but both have excellent suspension performance.

In terms of the drivetrain, Knolly uses the Shimano XT 1×12 system while the Yeti SB130 C1 uses the SLX 1×12 system. Clearly, the Shimano XT is a higher-end choice. For those seeking high-performance full-suspension mountain bikes, both of these bikes are great choices, but the subtle differences in suspension and drivetrain components may lead riders to choose one over the other based on their specific needs and preferences.

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Above is our test of the Knolly Fugitive 138 XT. It is a top-of-the-line endurance full-suspension mountain bike with high-end componentry and top-notch frame geometry. If you are a professional rider or a serious enthusiast, this bike is a great fit for you and worth trying out. But if you’re a budget-conscious commuter rider, check out our more affordable bike reviews.

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