Is Salsa Warroad C Ultegra Worth Buying? [Salsa Warroad C Ultegra Review]

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Our review of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra

  • Price:$4599
  • Frame: Warroad
  • Gear: 2×11
  • Tires: 700c x 32mm

What we like about it: A lightweight, fully functional road bike that allows for a comfortable and relaxing ride in any scenario.

What don’t we like about it: One paint color, with a single option available.

Rating (4.7/5)


2022 Salsa Warroad C Ultegra

On the road, I’m always constantly striving for the lightest, stiffest, and even the least amount of air resistance I can think of. So I have to say, my friends say I’m a perfectionist which fits me. 

Indeed, on the road, I need a bike that is lightfast and comfortable. This Salsa Warroad C Ultegra bike’s lightweight Warroad carbon frame, multi-shift Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 drivetrain, and light, soft Teravail Rampart 700c x 32mm tires are among the components that make it incredible for speeding down the road.

After three months of review, this bike took us on a road race, conquered rugged gravel trails, and not only felt the bike’s effortless shifting and speed shifting but was impressed by its gravel performance.

Yes, the bike’s excellent and comfortable riding experience makes me want to be with it almost every minute of every day. Whether it’s its wide enough speed options or its hydraulic disc brakes that are strong and stable no matter what the conditions are, I was deeply impressed.

Here’s our breakdown of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra for road riding and gravel riding, key features, components and specs, and other versions.

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Road Riding

2022 Salsa Warroad C Ultegra

Road bikes are a bit underwhelming on rough uphill trails – after all, this terrain is more welcoming to hardtails.

However, riding this Salsa Warroad C Ultegra on the road will likely make you thoroughly enjoy the speed and excitement of the experience.

Whether it’s the actual riding experience or a comparison of speed and comfort for the same price point, this bike has completely captured my attention.

On this road ride, my partner Eve and I went to Blue Ridge Parkway.

It’s worth mentioning that the early autumn scenery of Blue Ridge Parkway lets us enjoy the beautiful scenery on the ride after the race. I was a bit nervous at first when I faced my partner Eve who is good at road riding.

When I let him follow my bike’s I couldn’t contain my joy when I left him far behind on the back of my bike.

But also because I was too confident, I lost in the second half under Eve’s superior skills. But what made me happy was that the lightweight 19 lb 4 oz Salsa Warroad C Ultegra bike gave me a full taste of speed.


Based on its relatively slim 700c x 32mm Teravail Rampart tires, it also has a steep head tube angle (71°) and comfortable geometry. Even on winding trails, it demonstrates its stable and responsive steering traction.

In addition, its Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 drivetrain allows me to experience a variety of shifts when I go on long rides. Not only that the perfect application of aerodynamics in the right riding position allows me to reduce less drag and get faster.

I think you may have noticed, as I did, that this bike does not have a shock absorber, so I was a little concerned about its shock absorption. But in practice, the light and soft Teravail Rampart tires absorbed some braking, and I must mention the 5™ VRS system for a comfortable ride over rough roads.

All things considered, the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra is a road-riding adept.

Gravel Riding

As we have seen the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra is an excellent road runner and the wide and smooth 2×11 drivetrain plays a non-negligible role in road riding.

If you think it only has this advantage on the road, you are underestimating it. I can say straight away that the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra performs equally well on gravel roads. However, some people think that the bike’s lack of a shock absorber setup is going to hinder it a bit, and I must admit that this is a fair guess.

But you might not be so worried if you saw the carbon frame, which is not only agile and functional but also features the Class 5™ VRS design to keep you smooth and calm on rough roads, so you won’t feel any significant vibration.

In addition, the lightweight and soft 700c x 32mm Teravail Rampart casing provides a comfortable ride and the vacuum tires are ready to go to reduce their weight. Not only that, but the tires are slim enough to go over bumps deftly and quickly, reducing the feeling of vibration.

All in all, I was impressed with how stable and composed the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra was descending on gravel roads on my actual rides. Its comfortable gravel riding experience allowed me to go about my riding trip with a smile on my face.

Main Features


2022 Salsa Warroad C Ultegra

Although I am satisfied with the performance of this Salsa Warroad C Ultegra in both road riding and gravel performance. But I have to say it’s a bit unconventional to have only one paint color to choose from. Although its retro dark red color is also very attractive, I still wish there were more options.

The Salsa Warroad C Ultegra, which I can lift with one hand, is a frame made of Warroad carbon, which makes it weigh only 19lb 4oz. The weight reduction is coupled with increased stiffness and the ability to absorb shock on gravel roads. In addition, the clean internal alignment makes the entire frame structure look clear.

This also makes my cleaning and maintenance easier. Not only that it has 2-3 water bottle mounting holes inside the main triangle. If you look closely enough you’ll find an accessory mount at the bottom of the downtube, so you’ll be well hydrated even on long or all-day rides. The bike also has a mudguard setup that allows it to avoid mud spots on rainy days and even muddy country trails.


Regardless of the bike, if the geometry is not comfortable enough, it will make it unbearable for me to ride for a long time. That’s why comfortable and scientific geometry is so important.

The geometry of this bike gives me the impression that it looks relatively soft if you just look at it through the naked eye, but the actual ride tells me more than that. The Salsa Warroad C Ultegra has a slight slacker head tube angle (71°) compared to road bikes, which gives it relatively good stability and is responsive enough in terms of steering response.

Also, the steep seat tube angle (73°) allows me to be able to maintain an aerodynamic position for acceleration purposes while doing road races. In addition, the proper reach (381mm) is very easy both to get on and off. The geometry of this bike is ergonomically designed to allow you to ride with comfort and ease.

Components and Specifications

Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 Drivetrain

Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 Drivetrain

The Shimano drivetrain has always been well received. So I have confidence in the Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 drivetrain, and the actual ride tells me that this is indeed the case.

Many people have said that the new ULTEGRA R8000 series is fantastic. At first, I would have thought that might be an exaggeration, but little did I know that riding it makes riding easier with its superior ergonomics.

Whether it’s on wet pavement or gravel trails, it performs control beyond the average bike. In my riding, I felt that the front chainstay improvement was real and effective. In addition, the 2×11’s multiple speed options allow me to make more speed choices. Both can handle more terrain, and the smooth shifting allows even a novice to make speed changes easily.

I have to say that the Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 is a drivetrain worth boasting about.

Shimano Ultegra 8070 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Speaking as someone with 8 years of riding experience, I am acutely aware that regularly operating the brakes on a downhill slope can cause irreparable damage to the brakes. Obviously, even better brakes will affect the braking performance.

That’s why Shimano has introduced this Ultegra 8070 disc and pad, designed to integrate seamlessly into the aerodynamics of a road bike so you can race to aerodynamic advantage. And it also provides better heat management to prevent rotor temperatures from reaching dangerous levels.

So even on long descents or difficult trails, this ensures excellent heat dissipation and consistent braking performance. In my actual riding, it worked steadily on both slippery surfaces and loose gravel.

Teravail Rampart Tires

The slimmer 700c x 32mm Teravail Rampart tires are stunning to see.

In my riding, it has enough grip on both flat and smooth roads and rotten and muddy trails. By looking closely we found that its center tread is relatively smooth, which makes it faster in a straight line. However, its center tread is also relatively thicker, and the durable casing can be driven for a longer period even on rough surfaces.

Notably, the 32c width fits into a modern disc geometry frame, which adds more comfort and traction.

Other Versions Of Salsa

Other Versions Of Salsa Warroad C Ultegra

We have done a systematic review of the Shimano Ultegra R8000 2×11 drivetrain, Teravail Rampart tires, Shimano Ultegra 8070 hydraulic disc brakes, and other components of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra. Additionally, to get a more comprehensive understanding of the this bike, we found the Di2 where we will make a brief distinction between these two same series.


If you look at the bikes from the outside you will see that there is little difference between the two bikes in terms of frame shape (except for the paint color), and both bikes are made of the same carbon.

The Salsa Warroad C is 0.8Ibs heavier than the Di2, but that’s a small difference, but it’s an improvement.


The Di2 has also been upgraded in the drivetrain, and it has a wider range of 2×12 drivetrain.

In addition, the addition of new technology makes it smoother and more responsive, and the wireless-controlled shifting has a technological feel and is more precise and stable in terms of shifting. But the lower-priced Salsa Warroad C Ultegra’s 2×11 drivetrain also excels in cycling.

If you want more comfort with more speed options it is also available in the optional the Di2. No matter what your needs are, salsa will give you a thoughtful choice.


Both bikes are hydraulic disc brakes and both do a good job of handling heat, but I have to admit that the Di2’s Shimano Ultegra 8170 brakes have a much better ability to handle the heat, and the consistent braking regardless of the conditions is amazing.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with the brakes on the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra. Because at a bargain price of $3400, it’s not a weak brake either, light enough in weight and with excellent leverage that allows me to brake with less force.

In short, no matter what you want, you will find the right bike for you here.

Whether it’s a high-end carbon Salsa Warroad, a regular aluminum Salsa Warroad, a trendy Salsa Warroad with new technology, or an older version of a classic Salsa Warroad, if you want to achieve great race results, you can choose a higher-end model here.

For everyday fitness or road riding, you can choose a more cost-effective model. In short, you have 9Z models to choose from.

What we like about it?

  • Lightweight carbon construction that will make you love to ride.
  • Outstanding performance on gravel, so you can fear no bumps.
  • Quality road tires with sufficient traction.
  • 2×11 drivetrain system with multiple speed options for smooth gear shifting.
  • Brakes with excellent heat dissipation capability maintain consistently strong braking power.

What don’t we like about it?

  • Too little choice for a single paint color.
  • The setup without shock absorbers can be a hindrance for some people to drive on bumpy roads (if you can try it yourself, it will surprise you).


What is the frame material of the salsa Warroad C Ultegra?

The frame material of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra is Warroad carbon.

Salsa Warroad C Size Chart

Recommended Rider Height142cm–157cm155cm–165cm162cm–173cm170cm–180cm178cm–188cm185cm–193cm190cm–UP

What is the tire size of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra?

The tire size of the Salsa Warroad C is 700c x 32 mm.


Yes, Warroad will fit up to 700c x 30mm tires or 650b x 42mm tires with fenders.

Salsa Warroad C Specs

 Salsa Warroad C Ultegra Salsa Warroad C Rival eTap AXS Salsa Warroad C Ultegra Di2 
FrameWarroad BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit
Color: Dark Red
Warroad BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit
Color: Orange / Purple Fade
Warroad BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit
Color: Gold Fade
ForkWarroad Carbon
Bottom BracketBB86 Pressfit
HeadsetCane Creek 40
StemSalsa GuideSalsa Guide -OR- Zoom TDS-D507G, ±7 degreesSalsa Guide
HandlebarZoom DR-AL-199BTFOV
SaddleWTB SL8 Medium Steel SLWTB SL8 Medium CromolyWTB SL8 Medium Cromoly
SeatpostSalsa GuideSalsa Guide Carbon -OR- Zoom SP-C255 AlloySalsa Guide Carbon
Rear DerailleurShimano Ultegra R8000SRAM Rival eTap AXS D1Shimano Ultegra R8150 Di2
Front DerailleurShimano Ultegra R8000SRAM Rival eTap AXS D1 braze-onShimano Ultegra R8150 Di2
CrankShimano Ultegra R8000, 50/34tSRAM Rival D1, 48/35tShimano Ultegra R8100, 50/34t
ShiftersShimano Ultegra R8020SRAM Rival eTap AXSShimano Ultegra R8170 Di2
CassetteShimano HG700, 11-34t, 11-speedSRAM XG-1250 D1, 10-36t, 12-speedShimano Ultegra R8100 11-34t, 12-speed
ChainShimano HG601SRAM Rival D1Shimano M7100
BrakesShimano Ultegra 8070 brakes, Shimano RT70 rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm)SRAM Rival eTap AXS brakes, SRAM Centerline rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm)Shimano Ultegra 8170 brakes, Shimano RT800 rotors (Center Lock, 160 mm)
RimsShimano RS470 12 x 100 mm hub, WTB ST Light i21 TCS 700c rim, 28hDT Swiss C 1800 12 x 100 mmDT Swiss 350 12 x 100 mm hub, Whisky No.9 50D Carbon 700c rim, 24h
TiresTeravail Rampart 700c x 32 mm, Light & Supple casing, tubeless-ready


Comparison Table

Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2x$4,5992×11 700c x 42 cShimano GRX RX810 hydraulic disc brakeClick View
Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap$4499.991×12700x40cSRAM Paceline Hydraulic Disc BrakeClick View
Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2 L $42502×11700 x 45cShimano GRX 800 hydraulic disc brakeClick View
Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1$52002×12700x40cSRAM Rival eTap AXS Hydraulic Disc BrakeClick View

Salsa Warroad C Ultegra vs Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2x

2022 Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2x

We saw that the price of both bikes was the same, and I became interested in this.

First, I saw the Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2×11 drivetrain which is the same 2×11 gear range as the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra. However, compared to the Di2 2×12, this Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2x has relatively less drivetrain speed.

Also, they are both Shimano hydraulic brakes, different models, but either one has trustworthy braking power. But it must also be honest to say that the Di2 and Salsa Warroad C Ultegra are not only strong in braking power, but the heat dissipation has also been effectively upgraded.

Their braking power is consistent, but the more expensive the Di2 is indeed a bit stronger.

Also, for the same price, the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra and the Salsa Warbird C GRX 810 2× are 2Ibs lighter in comparison, so if you need a lighter bike with longer brake life, I recommend the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra. If you have the budget for a higher-end bike, check out the Di2.

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Salsa Warroad C Ultegra vs Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap

2023 Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap

The price difference between these two bikes is not much, but the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap SRAM 1×12 drivetrain is less compared to the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra 2×11. 

While I like more gearing, the easier 1×12 speed is better suited for beginners.

Also, compared to the wider 40c tires, I prefer the slim 32mm tires of the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra in actaul riding where it feels sharper on the road. However, I would have voted for the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap in terms of paint color.

Although both are red, the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap’s more seductive Carbon Red Smoke gives it a sense of mystery to me.

Both bikes have the same hydraulic disc brakes. In terms of braking, there is not much difference between Shimano and SRAM in the same scenario.

I would prefer the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra in terms of cooling, but I have to say that the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap is a bit lighter.

But if you compare it to the Di2, the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap is 0.8Ibs heavier, so if you’re willing to invest in a bike, the Di2 may not live up to your expectations. Because it’s a better upgrade in terms of weight, drivetrain, and better Shimano brakes.

Certainly, if you just want to ride and like more speed options, you can try the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra.

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Salsa Warroad C Ultegra vs Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2 L

2022 Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2 L

It was the more elegant this bike that caught my eye, and I liked both the pearl white and the soft green paint colors. The carbon construction also makes it relatively light, the 2×11 drivetrain is equally wide, and the hydraulic disc brakes make it a relatively good bike, I think.

As nice as the Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2 L is, it makes me a little hesitant in shifting gears. 

And while the relatively sharp triangle construction would be firm, I think it would be less noticeable in terms of absorbing vibration. So I’d go for the more durable Salsa Warroad C Ultegra over the hydraulic discs which don’t have any less braking power.

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Salsa Warroad C Ultegra vs Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

2022 Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

Priced at $601 more than the Salsa Warroad C Ultegra, the Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 has a wide range of 2×12 drive speeds and hydraulic disc brakes for consistent braking in all conditions.

Although the more affordable Salsa Warroad C Ultegra has a 2×11 drivetrain, it is worthy of recognition for its smooth speed change. Also, I was impressed by the long-lasting Shimano Ultegra 8070 hydraulic disc brakes that dissipate heat.

Plus, the slimmer 700c x 32mm Teravail Rampart tires give me a sharper road ride. Also, if you want a broader 2×12 drive, the high-end Di2 will give you an unbeatable experience. Whether it’s the wider speed options, the lighter weight (the Di2 weighs 18.4Ibs), or the advanced cooling technology that allows it to brake consistently, it’ll give you more than your money’s worth.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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