Is Avanti Montari 1 Worth Buying? [Avanti Montari 1 Review]

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Avanti Montari 1 Review

  • MSRP: $699.99
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Tires: 27.5×2.20 or 29×2.20″
  • Drivetrain: 3×7

What we like about it: The price at your fingertips will give you the ultimate fitness and trail riding experience, and the superb price/performance ratio makes it a great choice for newbies.

What I don’t like about it: The pursuit of speed is not its main task.

Rating (4.7/5)

Avanti Montari 1


If you’re looking for a road workout that’s a little wild but not too gentle, consider the Avanti Montari 1. Light enough for the alloy frame, with easy-to-handle geometry, and with the help of Shimano’s 21-speed components, you’ll be able to handle any complex road terrain.

I have to admit that the Avanti Montari 1 is indeed not the most perfect, but it does justify the price. It has enough performance and configuration for newbie parties and fitness people.

Here we break down the ride, key features, components, specifications, and other versions of the Avanti Montari 1.

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Cross-country Climbing

Climbing on rugged trails has always been a headache for many riders. So to evaluate the Avanti Montari 1, we went to the complicated mountain trails to do a ride test.

I have to admit that the Avanti Montari 1 still quite amazes me with its performance. When the bike was facing an aggressive and bumpy uphill, I still insisted on low gear with small gear and big gear. Yet without much effort, it was easy to take control of the Avanti Montari 1.

The wide Kenda Aptor (29×2.20″) tires give me confidence because they have great grip and I don’t have to worry about rolling over at all. At the same time, the internal brake alignment, which is so necessary for mountain sports, saved me from worrying about tangles that could lead to safety issues.

Although the SR Suntour XCE fork only has 100mm of travel, the damping effect is not very noticeable. But at least I can feel it on the way up the hill, and there is no problem of a letdown.

In fact, with a longer trip, perhaps the Avanti Montari 1 would have performed better in the mountains and given me more courage to face more challenging trails.

Overall, the uphill journey was relatively easy. Although I was impressed by the occasional bumpy jolt, I was pleased with the ease of pedaling in exchange for a long uphill distance.

General Riding

The purpose of meeting the majority of riders to buy a bike is fitness. We also specifically went to the general road to do a review.

When faced with gentler roads, the Avanti Montari 1’s advantages are obvious. First of all, the comfortable geometry makes me feel at ease, and the SR Suntour XCE (100mm) fork with Zero Zealth Sport saddle is comfortable enough. As a result, the vibration is not as pronounced as on uphill trails, and the pedaling becomes more relaxed.

Secondly, the Shimano drivetrain is also very user-friendly, and the multiple speeds for me to choose from make me feel that the ride adds more fun. In addition, the Shimano Altus M315 RapidFire Plus 21-speed shifter is easy enough to shift, allowing me to have more energy to deal with all kinds of unexpected road conditions.

Finally, the Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc is agile enough that the bike stops solidly with just a flick of the paddle, leaving me feeling confident.

To sum up, the Avanti Montari 1 is set up for road fitness and it’s too friendly for newbies.

Main Features

Frame Group

The ADT 6061 Formtech aluminum frame is a “veteran” of the Avanti Montari mountain bike series. More than a lightweight frame, the ADT 6061 Formtech is about stiffness, strength, and the ability to support the rider in challenging conditions.

The ADT 6061 Formtech aluminum frame proved to be uncompromisingly stiff and solid, even in the face of rocky mountain roads.

The SR Suntour XCE fork (with 100mm of travel) is also sufficient for general mountain sports. Because that will also mean that you can have less letdown and pedal more easily on the ride. If it’s on the road in general, it’s like having wings for the rider, which also means you’ll have a more comfortable and vibration-free riding experience. Undoubtedly, it will make you love cycling fitness exercise more.


First, the steep enough seat tube angle (73.5°) ensures that the saddle sits right on the bottom bracket, making the pedaling motion easier and more efficient. Also, the center of gravity gets shifted forward for climbing.

Secondly, the equally steep head tube angle (71°, LG code) ensures that the bike responds quickly to steering on flat roads while ensuring that the bike climbs effectively on hills as well.

Finally, the standard 433mm rear lower fork length works equally well for both 27.5″ and 29″ models. It all ensures that the bike is stable enough to handle various road conditions during travel.

So, with such an easy-to-maneuver geometry, riders are guaranteed to show off their skills whether it’s on the road fitness or mountain trail challenges.

Components and Specifications

Shimano Altus, 21-speed Drivetrain

Avanti Montari 1 Shimano Altus, 21-speed Drivetrain

The Shimano Altus shifting system has always been the first choice of the majority of riders. First of all, the 3×7 shifting system not only meets the rider’s need for such speed but also gives riders more room for choice in the face of various road conditions, increasing the fun of riding.

Secondly, the Shimano Altus M315 RapidFire Plus 21 shifter adapts to fast shift operations (three downshifts at a time). This is necessary for the Avanti Montari 1 with 3×7.

This is because the RapidFire Plus handlebar has a 2-Way Release function, which is very simple and practical, allowing gear changes to be made with a simple push-by or index finger. In other words, spending less energy on gear shifting allows the rider to focus on facing various road conditions, making the riding process safer and more reliable.

Shimano MT200 Hydraulic

Known for its simplicity and speed, the Shimano MT200 Hydraulic is an old friend of mountain biking, and the choice of the Avanti Montari 1 was an extremely wise one. As a fitness bike, whether you’re riding on the road or off-road in the mountains, braking is extremely important as it’s all about safety. Simple, agile, and durable brakes ensure a safe enough trip.

As we all know, the Shimano MT200 Hydraulic is also popular precisely because of its weather-independent and fast braking response, whether in sunny, rainy, or hail conditions. So with the Avanti Montari 1 supported by the Shimano MT200 Hydraulic, the braking process has a plus.

Kenda Aptor Tires

Avanti Montari 1 Kenda Aptor Tires

In addition to the drivetrain and braking system, the choice of tires is also crucial for a bike to perform well. Kenda Aptor tires, known for their superb load-bearing capacity, have proven in practice that the Avanti Montari 1 is excellent.

Kenda tires, which include AV inner tubes, are not only strong and durable. And they also have an extremely good grip when facing the mountains, while not lacking traction on the road.

Moreover, the wide 29×2.20″ MTB tires are passable. So whether it’s a rocky mountain or a crosswalk, it’s easy to cross.

In addition, the Weinmann XRD28 Double-wall Alloy 32H rim guarantees that the tire will roll smoothly on all kinds of complex surfaces and maintain the amount of movement for the most efficient rolling.

Other versions of Avanti Montari

ersions of Avanti Montari

The Avanti Montari 2 is a fitness bike that is extremely similar to the Avanti Montari 1, both are similar in performance. The only difference is in the choice of gearing. The Avanti Montari 2 has a lesser 2×9 drivetrain, which means that the Avanti Montari 2 is not as good as the Avanti Montari 1 in terms of speed.

If you are looking for more speed and more shifting fun, the Avanti Montari is sure to satisfy you.

There are many other styles of bikes in the Avanti Montari series, including various women’s bikes. If you want to know more, you can follow us and we will bring you more practical bike reviews.

What we like about it

  • The affordable price makes the Avanti Montari 1, a top choice for novice cycling fitness enthusiasts.
  • The Avanti Montari 1 aluminum body is extremely strong and durable.
  • The SR Suntour XCE fork comes with 100mm of travel, making off-road possible and making it easier for you to get fit on the road.
  • Shimano 21-speed groupset takes you to various roads with ease.
  • The Shimano MT200 Hydraulic lets you make responsive braking in any weather, anywhere, anytime.
  • Kenda Aptor tires are strong, durable, grippy, and passable, allowing you to fearlessly take on any road.
  • The comfortable geometry makes it easy to maneuver and easy to ride.

What we don’t like about it.

  • If you don’t have an extreme need for speed, the Avanti Montari 1 is a good choice.


  • What does the Avanti Montari 1 drivetrain look like?

The drivetrain of the Avanti Montari 1 is Shimano Altus, 3×7 speed.

  • What do the Avanti Montari 1 brakes look like?

The Avanti Montari 1 brake is a Shimano MT200 Hydraulic.

  •  What does the fork of the Avanti Montari 1 look like?

The fork of the Avanti Montari 1 is SR Suntour XCE, 100mm Travel.

  • What is the tire size of the Avanti Montari 1?

The Avanti Montari 1 is available in 27.5×2.20″ (XS, SM, MD) and 29×2.20″ (LG, XL, XXL) tire sizes.

5. What are the dimensions of Avanti Montari 1?

size Rider height
XS 158CM-167CM
SM 165CM-173CM
MD 169CM-180CM
LG 177CM-186CM
XL 183CM-191CM
XXL 186CM-194CM

Avanti Montari 1 Specs


Frame ADT 6061 Formtech Alloy, Replaceable Hanger, internal brake cable
Fork SR Suntour XCE, 100mm Travel
Bottom Bracket Cartridge
Headset Semi-Integrated Threadless 1-1/8″
Handlebar Alloy 31.8 with 9deg back sweep and 12mm rise, XS=640mm,S=660mm, M-XXL=680mm
Saddle Zero Zealth Sport
Seatpost Zero Alloy 27.2mm
Pedals Nylon platform with ball bearings
Grips Zero Strike Dual Compound


Rims Weinmann XRD28 Double-wall Alloy 32H
Spokes Stainless Steel
Front Hub Front: Shimano TX505 Alloy, Rear: TY505 Alloy Centrelock Cassette 32H
Rear Hub Front: Shimano TX505 Alloy, Rear: TY505 Alloy Centrelock Cassette 32H
Tires Kenda Aptor 27.5×2.20 or 29×2.20″ MTB tire with AV tube


Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus
Front Derailleur Shimano TY500
Crank Shimano TY301 42/34/24T
Shifters Shimano Altus M315 RapidFire Plus 21-Speed
Cassette Shimano HG200 Cassette, 12-28T 7-Speed
Chain KMC Z-7
Brakes Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc, 160mm Rotors
Brake Levers Shimano MT200 Hydraulic

Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Gear Brakes Tires Click view
Marin Fairfax ST 2 $699 2 × 8 Tektro Hydraulic 700Cx35c Click view
Specialized Sirrus 1.0 $650 2 × 7 V-brake, linear pull 700x32c Click view
Cannondale Quick 5 $735 2 × 7 Promax mechanical disc 700 x 35c Click view
Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step $699 3 × 8 Tektro 918AL, V-type 700 x 35c Click view

Marin Fairfax ST 2 vs Avanti Montari 1

Marin Fairfax ST 2

Designed for road fitness, the Marin Fairfax ST 2 is an impeccable presence in terms of speed. However, the rigid Suspension design and extremely narrow 700Cx35mm tires make mountain cross-country sports doomed with it.

If your fitness route, mostly flat roads, the Marin Fairfax ST 2 is a good choice. But if you ride roads with uncertainty, the Avanti Montari 1 for on-road fitness as well as off-road sports might be a better fit for you.

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Specialized Sirrus 1.0 vs Avanti Montari 1

Specialized Sirrus 1.0

The Specialized Sirrus 1.0, also in aluminum, has a similar geometry to the Avanti Montari 1 though and is also very fast and comfortable.

But in terms of the drivetrain and braking system, it doesn’t impress me as much as the Avanti Montari 1. Mainly, the 2×7 shifting system makes it less fun for me to ride. And the V-brake mechanical braking also makes me feel a bit hard. In contrast, the Avanti Montari 1 makes me feel happier and more relaxed.

Cannondale Quick 5 vs Avanti Montari 1

Cannondale Quick 5

The overly comfortable Cannondale Quick 5 has more functional fitness features, but it is also more expensive. And because it doesn’t have a fork in the front range, it makes it’s still limited on passing roads. Flat and smooth city roads are friendly enough for Cannondale Quick 5, but if you encounter unpaved roads Cannondale Quick 5 can only be deterred.

To be honest, Avanti Montari 1 brings a wider range of applications at a cheaper price, which makes me more attracted to it.

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Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step vs Avanti Montari 1

Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step

When it comes to fitness bikes, I can’t help but think of the Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step, which also focuses on road fitness sports.

Similar to the three bikes mentioned above, while the Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step’s drivetrain is interesting enough, it also falls short in the mountains due to the lack of fork-front travel.

Honestly, the Felt Verza Speed 50 Mid-Step is not up to the ideal standard for this price point in terms of comfort either. Therefore, the price/performance ratio is better than Avanti Montari 1.

In case, the above comments are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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